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I was on the phone the other day with a client who was pondering what
marketing really is…

I said…

“Ha ha, most marketers don’t know what marketing is”

I mean think about it, it covers so many things…

Lead Scoring
Google Adwords
Facebook Ads
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Customer Service
Lead Generation
Email Marketing
Direct Mail

I could go on and on.

But when I really think about it…

I think marketing is TRUST.

Trust and awareness.

Every single thing we do as marketers is about educating our clients in some
way so they trust us, enough to buy from us.

A Facebook ad might give us awareness, but then we have emails to follow them
up to get them to buy.

We might win the business once, but then not follow up effectively and lose the
business for the second time.

So #1, our customers need to know who we are.

We can’t be hiding.

But #2, they must trust us.

And that is done by delivery, by education, by sharing stories and case studies – all
of the above.

So the question to ask yourself this week is:

What am I doing to build awareness?

What am I doing to build trust?

Work on both of those areas, and you’re heading in the right direction 😊

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Want to know something about how Facebook started, and what gave them traction?

Well, early on their team worked out if a Facebook user generated 7 friends in 10 days,
they were far more likely to stick with the program.

As a result, they made this a core focus.

How about you? What’s yours?

If I look at mine, I quickly worked out early in the piece larger clients were more valuable
and I’d be crazy not to focus on them.

I also worked out, when I ran a subscription newsletter business, that if someone stayed
past 3 months, they were far more valuable.

How about you?

Maybe you run a painting business, and you’ve worked out clients in certain suburbs are
far more likely to spend twice as much – and you should advertise there.

Or perhaps you run an online education business and you’ve worked out if a student logs
in twice within the first week, they tend to stick around.

Whatever business you run, there’s an AHA moment in there somewhere.

Find out what it is, and like Facebook, leverage it.

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The other day I talked about the concept of optionality, and the fact not
everything works the first time.

If you want any proof of that, read a startup book.

The other day I stumbled onto the book, The Startup J-Curve and he
was referring to the fact virtually all start ups (and a new marketing
campaign is like a startup – even if it’s occurring within an established

Start like a J…

And a J goes down initially, and that’s the learning stage of a start-up.

As for me, when I get a client who says I have to create a campaign
and it has to work…

I will rarely take it on these days.



If I could make everything work first go, all the time, I’d be wealthier
than Bill Gates and Richard Branson combined.

I can’t. I’m not. Nobody can. It’s impossible.

Instead, you want to put optionality on your side. So let’s say you need
leads to sell a bunch of properties and you’re in the real estate game.

You don’t just run an ad, and put all your bets on that.

You go on Facebook, and you test dozens of different ads to different

You set up a Google Adwords campaign.

You send out flyers.

You get a stand at a trade show.

You send out direct marketing letters.

You establish joint venture partners.

Some of these things might succeed, some might fail.

But essentially, you’ve got a lot more odds of hitting the jackpot if
you’re covering 34 numbers on the roulette board, than if you’ve
got all your bets resting on 1.

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