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If you feel like you’re being commoditised and people are starting to shop you
on price, look for the gap in the market.

Think about it: if you’re the world’s best heart surgeons, people don’t question
your fee.


Because there are few of you, and lots of people who need your service.

Simple, right?

But let’s say you’re not a heart surgeon, you’re a web designer.

How do you find the gap?

Look for the bleeding neck…

What is it that is painful for your best customers, that nobody else is addressing?

How can you zig when everyone else is zagging?

How can you offer something of enormous value that very few others can offer?

Take time to really ponder this.

Write it down.

Brainstorm it.

This is how you stand out in a crowded marketplace. People will always pay a
premium to solve a big problem.

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It always pays to dissect your results.

I can remember, years ago, I ran a launch only to about 7,000 people.

I thought that was ok.

Then I discovered, of the $40,000.00 I’d generated…

About $30,000.00 of it had come from paid subscribers… a list of only
about 200 people.

Let’s break this down:

200 people = $30,000 (avg. $150 per subscriber).
6800 people = $10,000 (avg. $1.47 per subscriber).

The bottom line:

Not all names are created equal. In fact, some names on your
email list may be worth 100 times what other names are worth.

And that’s why I’ve been working with a colleague to create a new
system that allows you to dissect your email list up into all sorts of
specific little lists using a new technology called “decision trees”
that allow you to get WAY more out of your email list… without
annoying your subscribers.

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