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One of the most famous ads ever written was for Rolls Royce, by
David Ogilvy…

And it read…

“At 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in this new Rolls Royce comes
from the electric clock.”

He could have said…

The new Rolls Royce is really, really quiet.

But instead, he chose to compare it to something that’s super quiet.

I saw this done recently by a burger store. When referring to its low carb
burgers they said…

Less carbs than a sushi roll.

Anyone can do this with a little bit of creativity.

Brainstorm a few ways you can apply this to your business.

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Marketing positioning and marketing strategy - segmentation targeting and positioning. Visualization of marketing marketing positioning.

Peter Drucker has this quote that I love…

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently
that which should not be done at all”

And that’s certainly the truth with marketing.

The real art to marketing is not writing the letter,
not fixing up the web site, not creating a new

It’s 80/20’ing your business and working out
WHETHER you should focus in that area at all.

There’s never a shortage of things to do.

But it’s not about being busy.

It’s about being busy doing things that will
have a noticeable impact on your bottom

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Account team meeting. Photo young business crew working with new startup project.Notebook on wood table. Idea presentation, analyze marketing plans. Coworking process.

I caught up with a potential client last week who
me to rewrite a document for him.

It was a sizeable job.

Probably $20 or $30,000 in total.

But I said no.


Because I couldn’t see how it was going to add to
his bottom line.

Likewise, a potential client wanted me to rewrite
the services page of her web site the other day.

Again, I said no.

Not until she did a questionnaire and worked out
what the biggest challenges were. And took a closer look at her analytics.

Remember this whenever you rewrite anything
yourself or pay someone to do it for you…

There is never a lack of things to rewrite or do.

The real skill isn’t just in rewriting something.

It’s working out what to rewrite…

The 80/20 activities…

Which will have a sizeable income on your bottom

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