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Imagine yourself as a car.

If you don’t look after it.

If you put the wrong fuel in it…

If you overwork it…

It will fail you.

So will your body.

So take the time to look after yourself.


Eat well.

Don’t work too hard.

I’ve been through this battle over the past
6 months…

I pushed myself too hard…

And I’ve been ok, but operating at below my

But I’m too busy, you might say…

Too busy to look after myself…

Too busy to meditate…

Too busy to exercise…

Please don’t make the mistake of giving up
your health to create wealth.

Do that, and later on…

You’ll give up your wealth to try and restore
your health.

The idea came to me today, that I’ve got to
treat sleep like a drug.

And start to measure how much I’m getting
of it.

Think about it.

All athletes measure.

I was chatting with a guy yesterday who has a son
that does go-karting, and he makes phenomenal efforts
to measure his progress.

Why not do the same in business?

Measure your sleep.

Measure how many steps you take each day.

Measure what you eat.

Because really, YOU are the greatest asset to your business.

So look after your body, like you would a million dollar sports

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To avoid being bitten in the butt by the “commodity” trap, every business owner should schedule a 15 minute meeting with
themselves once a quarter to ask the good old SWOT analysis questions…

• What are my strengths?
• What are my weaknesses?
• What are my opportunities?
• What are the threats on the horizon?

Because sometimes threats come up when you least expect them to and BOOM!

For example, some people were winning heaps of clients advertising in the yellow pages. If they hadn’t made the move online in time, they’d be in big trouble today.

Likewise, if you’re relying on Google search traffic and they change the algorithm… BOOM.

Same goes if Google slaps your Adwords campaigns.

Likewise with social media… if all of a sudden there are 100 people your prospects can choose from, and those people are
and comparable to you… who do you think they’re going to choose?

Ok, so let’s say that happens.

Let’s say the competitive landscape changes. You’re a retailer and online shops come in and eat your lunch, or the equivalent?

It’s a no brainer, isn’t it?

And if you’re the first…

Well, you could sell up shop and get out of business.

That’s what a chemist I met in Orlando did when he saw that the laws were about to change in the industry.

He says since he sold, resale prices had dropped by over 50%.

Talk about the difference in timing making a huge difference.

Or if you don’t want to sell up, you can change the game, and think creatively about how to differentiate yourself.

That’s why you should get your hands on the latest edition of the More Time at the Beach Newsletter.

I give you 9 examples of how to do that for conventional businesses.

Get your hands on it for $1 at:

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It never ceases to amaze me how retailers get angry about
the online businesses eating their lunch…

I mean, the world changes.

And with Uber hitting the country soon, Taxi drivers are going
to feel the same thing.

Whenever a better, cheaper way comes along… it’s only natural
for humans to latch onto it.

Remember this: the tree that stays stiff breaks.

But the tree that bends survives.

If social media, the web or some other threat has changed the
nature of your business in recent years…

You’ve got to bend to survive.

You have no other choice.

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