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Find out how thinking like an athlete can help you take your business to a whole new level…

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It might sound fluffy, but is there really any more important factor behind business success?

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The other day I got this question…

“Will Facebook ads work for a local business?”

My answer: Absolutely.

Not only will it work, it will allow you to target

Into individual categories.

Coz think about it…

If you’re a dress shop…

20 year old women want a different style to…

30 year old women…

Or 40 year old women…

Or 50 year old women…

So you can target them precisely.

Of course, hardly anyone is doing it.

Virtually nobody is breaking up their lists like

And as a result, almost everyone is leaving WAY
too much money on the table, and suffering through
the Facebook Stupidity tax.

If you want to get the most out of it, you’ve got
to zone in…

You can’t be a sloppy, piggy marketer who wants to
throw one ad out there and hope for the best.

Instead, you’ve got to tap into the deeper emotions
of your target market.

For instance, I was chatting with a franchise owner
the other day who was running “business opportunity”
type headlines.

I said plainly: It’s too vague, it doesn’t mean anything
to your target market other than “me too.”
Then we started breaking up all of the positions
People were in, within his target market and
tapping into the deeper emotions they were feeling.

Coz that’s how you sell emotionally…


And in a compelling way.

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