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It doesn’t matter where you advertise…

Google Adwords
Newspaper Advertising
TV advertising
Banner ads
Junk Mail
Fax Marketing

I often hear business owners say…

“My customers are just focused on price”

But one of the biggest reasons that’s the case is because
you fail to educate your clients.

Think about it.

If you’re concerned about health and I put two apples in
front of you that look the same and say one costs $80c
and the other costs $2… which one are you going to choose?

The 80c one, right?

But how about if I educate you and explain that the more
expensive apple is organic and therefore…

Has more antioxidant compounds linked to better health.
(19% – 69% higher)

And has 53% less chemical residues than the other apple
(that can poison you)

I bet I could convince you to consider buying the $2 apple.

It’s the same with any product or service. Which mechanic do you want…
the one with zero experience who’s just finished his apprenticeship,
or the one with 20 years of experience specifically working with
the type of car you drive?

Even if he charges 50% more, who would you choose?

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I always find it funny when people talk about a marketing “budget” – like 10% of revenue or something. Forget that, here’s a better way…

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When most people go to write an ad…

On Facebook
For Print
For Direct Mail
For Google Adwords
For letterboxes

(It really doesn’t matter)

… they usually don’t know what to write to
get the attention of their target audience.

They get stuck.

What do I do?

How do I angle it?

How do I get started?

There are no ideas coming at them.

So they stare at a blank screen, and just
get annoyed.

Sound familiar?

There is a better way…

You can use Google to virtually write the ad for

To come up with the angle…

To find out who to target…

Even give you ideas for headlines…

Calls to action…

And offer ideas…

Yes, Google is a powerful tool.

And if you know how to use it, it can turn you
into a powerful wordsmith.

A writing strategist.

Giving you all the ideas you need to get on the
right track and punch out an ad that’s virtually
impossible for your potential clients to resist.

Want to know exactly how to do this?

It’s simple.

Go to Google images.

Search for something like carpet cleaning ads.

Check out the samples.

Then go to the Google search tool.

And see what people are looking up in regards
to your niche.

This gives you both template ads, together with
great ideas for who to target.

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