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heartstringphoto credits to the green gables

Today I’m going to be talking about kinaesthetic…

Or feeling.

So let’s take that basic headline concept again…

“How to shed pounds”

And apply some feeling…

Starting with energy levels…

“I’ve got double the energy, and people tell me I look better too”
[with a before and after image]

How about feeling in terms of the relationship…

“It’s amazing what shedding 15 kilos can do for your relationship”

This could then talk about it wasn’t just losing the kilos, but the fact the
person now feels better about themselves, etc. and has more self esteem,
more energy, etc.

I could go on and on.

But I think you get the picture.

Ok, let’s fire off one more while I’m in the flow…

How about tapping into the self-esteem issue…

“I never imagined I’d look this pretty again, I’m so stoked”

& then continuing on with a story tapping into the self esteem issues that
held that person back, their past experiences, and how the program helped
overcome them and get results.

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Ok, so in yesterday’s post we were thinking visual…

Today we’re moving to auditory…


So let’s take that same starter headline again…

“How to shed pounds”

How can we apply audio to it?

Well, what would people say if you suddenly shed
a whole bundle of kilos?

Three years ago she called me fat…
But She Gasped When She Saw Me at the Supermarket Checkout

How’s that for a bit of “bight”…

Taps into the emotions (jealousy, anger, revenge, etc).

And very different to some vanilla ad about shedding
pounds, slimming your waistline, etc.

Ok, another idea…

Let’s apply this to a school reunion…

I was the fat guy at school, but not anymore…
How PRODUCT NAME made me the talk of the town at my school reunion

Again, see how these ideas simply “popped” by thinking

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If you get stuck writing a headline, here’s a little trick…

Think Visual

i.e. let’s say you’ve got a headline along the lines of:

“How to shed pounds”

Think Visual:

Visual Trick
photo credits to TipsTimesAdmin

You could have an image of someone who’s shed pounds
and show an image from them.

You could show an image of a pound of fat and say something
like “how to shed 6 of these in a week.”

You could show an image of the scales, before or after.

You could say, toss your scales in the trash and show an image
of someone doing that.

You could use a headline like…

“My Husband Finally SEES Me Again”

The options are endless.

But notice how just by thinking visual, you can come up with
dozens of ideas.

Just from the above we could come up with headlines like:

1.    My Husband Finally SEES Me Again
2.    He’s So Much Thinner, She’s Thrown Out Her Old Jeans
3.    His Scales Almost Had a Heart Attack After He Started Following
This Plan

Notice how they are original and edgy?

How can you think visual in your marketing and come up with better ideas?

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