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Did I get your attention?


Well, I’m not going to answer the promise in the subject line… but I am going to show you why it’s such an effective one…

By dissecting a famous headline from Boardroom.

It is…

What never… ever to eat on an airplane.

Why did this grab so much attention?

One of the first copywriting principles I ever learnt about headlines was the 4 U’s.

Useful, Urgent, Ultra Specific. Unique.

Let’s see if this covers them…

Is it useful? Yes. I want to know what to eat, after all it could poison me.

Is it urgent? It certainly is if you’re planning to fly in the next few months.

Is it ultra specific? You bet it is, it’s promise is to tell us exactly what not to eat.

And it is unique? Not too many times I’ve seen a headline like that, so yeah it is. It’s certainly not boring.

Think of the 4 U’s whenever you write a headline for your business.

And think about how you could apply this headline itself
to your business.

What never ever to put on a Linkedin Post (Yet Almost Everyone
Does This)

What Never, Ever to Eat for Breakfast

What Never, Ever to Do Before Visiting Your Mechanic

What Never, Ever to Put on Your Skin Before 10am

I could go on and on.

There’s a lot of gold in old headlines.

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A Linkedin profile isn’t about what you do, it’s about WHO you
want to attract.

Here’s proof: recently I picked up my IDEAL prospect as a result
of a Linkedin strategy I’m using.

And it was ONLY because I focused on one very clear objective
that was a bleeding neck for my client…

He read my profile. And then he reached out.

If I had tried to appeal to everyone, it wouldn’t have happened.

My advice: get clear on your target market first.

Who are you trying to attract.

Build the list.

Then create a profile for that list.

Then start reaching out and connecting.

It’s all about message to market match, and setting things
up so that when your message hits…

It’s like a flame dropping on a haystack lit with kerosene.

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As a general rule, you should never just send out a brochure
by itself via direct mail.

The letter does the main job…

It’s highly intimate and personal…

And can get your message deep into your prospects emotional

But the brochure can be handy too?

It’s the second member of the sales team.

It backs up the letter.

It’s kind of like having two salespeople.

The guy who appeals to the emotions and then the technical guy
who says:

“See, everything John says is true. Here are the facts to back it up.”

And then he shows and explains the features of the product with
Photos and drawings, charts, graphs, etc.

Oh, and by the way… I know direct mail isn’t sexy.

But many of the BIGGEST companies are still using it?

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