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When you’re in business to business, your main marketing aim should really be to move as many people as possible into that “90 day” buy cycle… Not to get the sale.

Simple – you can’t control how many sales you make, but you can control putting people into that 90 day buy cycle…

Where you know, they are possibilities of investing with you in the next 90 days.

Once they are in that “buy cycle” then the sales process takes over.

But in the meantime, you network and market your business not to make sales…

But to add people to your funnel.

And you wear two hats, your marketing hat – to put people in the 90 day buy cycle. And your sales hat, to nurture and close the sale.

Now all of this sounds like common sense, but you’d be amazed at the people I’ve met over the years who have no idea how many people are in their 90 day buy cycle.

No idea at all.

Right now, I’ve got my sales pipeline in a Trello board.

There are 9 people in the 30 day sales cycle.

There are 18 people in the 90 day cycle.

And I’m constantly doing things to push more people into this process.

How about you? How many are in yours?

If you don’t know… when would now be a good time to document this 🙂


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Ok, so when I built up my business originally I did it via Google Adwords and email.

I advertised on Adwords when it was cheap, gained subscribers and then followed
up with regular emails to build trust.

I’ve started doing the same thing on Linkedin, to see how it goes.

Here’s my results so far:

Monday video: 322 views
Tuesday video: 490 views
Wednesday video: 91 views
Thursday video: 242 views
Friday video: 390 views

That’s 1467 views in total, or an average of 293.4 views per post.

Not bad for something which takes about 10 minutes to do.

Of course, one could say they are vanity metrics. After all, they are views. Not sales.

And there’s some truth to that.

But if you think about it, all sales start from awareness.

First someone has to know you exist before they buy from you.

Then they slowly build trust, etc. etc.

I will keep you posted with how it goes over the coming months, as I create strategies
to refine the process and see if I can move people into the middle and bottom of the

In the meantime, why not start creating videos yourself – and getting the awareness
out there about your business.

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Sometimes we think we are doing well because the sales are rolling in.

And while there may be some truth to that, its’ not a good gauge of your business.


Well, you have three layers of your business:

The top of the funnel (how many people are seeing your content?

The middle of the funnel (how many ‘shy yes’s’ or leads are you collecting?

And the bottom of your funnel (how many appointments are you setting?

Of course, this varies slightly from industry to industry.

If you’re in ecommerce you’re not having appointments, for instance.

But the same principle applies.

So set yourself up a dashboard – and track this data.

Because awarness drives leads. Leads drive appointments. And appointments drive sales.

LIke I said in an email recently, a goalie doesn’t kick goals.

And sales don’t happen instantly.

It’s a process, and we should always be tracking how we are going at each stage of the process.

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