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Here’s a simple way to highjack your competitors on Instagram.

Simply add a hashtag with your competitors name on it.

That way, whenever someone does a search for your competitor…

Up you pop!

Try it.

Remember, according to eMarketer, Instagram is the fastest
growing platform on the internet.

Dismiss it at your own risk.

Want to see what I’m doing on Instagram?

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You may have noticed I’ve been mentioning my Facebook Group in my emails
over the past week or two…

And there’s a good reason for this.

Facebook groups are a great way to build community and demonstrate your authority
in real time.

In fact, there are over a billion groups on Facebook.

So should you create a group of your own?

I think so.

It will take about 5 minutes, and could add another layer of engagement to your business.

So how do you do it?

It’s simple.

Just go to the top right of your Facebook page, and click on the triangle on the far right. Then scroll down to create group.

From there, simply choose the type of group, fill out your group name, and you’re good to go…

Now make sure you choose a closed group. That way you won’t
get spammers entering.

And also, it makes it exclusive.

You can create a group for anything.

For instance, let’s say you run a pet shop.

Why not create a group for Pet Owners in your suburb?

If you sell property, you could have a property investment group.

If you’re a real estate agent, you could have a group for what’s my
SUBURB property worth?

You get the picture.

So why not create one for your business today?

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I was asked the other day, which social media platforms should I focus
my time, money and attention on.

And I answered the question on this video:

In fact, I actually show you exactly what to do to focus on the platforms
most likely to put you in touch with your BEST potential customers.

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