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Find out why putting your prospects into a position of pain is so effective. Includes 3 real examples of how to use pain in your advertising message to get more customers…

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People are naturally skeptical of your ads. Here’s what you need to do to overcome the “yeah, sure” eye-rolling response…

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I was putting together a brief for a client today, and because I had already asked her a series of questions you’ll find inside this manual

I was able to really dig in and find out what the real problems were that her clients were faced with.

And because I know the “symptoms” that bother this particular client,when we write the copy it’s going to hit the prospects between the bullseye and have them say…

“Finally, someone who understands me”

Does that happen with your letters?

With your web site?

With your Facebook or Google Ads?


Coz think about it…

If you’re sitting there with a problem that you think nobody understands, like the fact  you can’t seem to drop pounds despite the fact you’ve tried everything and someone comes up to you and says…

Are you wondering what’s wrong with you?

Are you unable to drop pounds no matter how much you try?

Do you feel sluggish all the time?

Do you find yourself craving sugar even between meals?

… then you instantly think…

“Finally, someone gets me”

And if your prospects are thinking that, you’re half way to the sale.

So get inside your prospects head and start writing better ads, emails and sales letters today.

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