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Unique Business Strategies: Dare to be the Duck and quacks like an eagle

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Are you looking for unique business strategies? Are you looking for ways to boost your business? Do you want to know how to be the DUCK in your industry who breaks the mould, “quacks like an eagle”?

Try these Unique Business Strategies.

All of those motivational plaques you see on the walls of corporate offices tell us we should soar like an eagle.

But I reckon we should all start quacking like eagles instead.

What do I mean by that?

Over the years, I’ve met with hundreds of business owners. And it’s very unusual to meet someone who is willing to break the mould (the ones who do are usually quite wealthy) – most prefer to copy what everyone else in their industry is doing.

They are afraid to break away from their industry’s “pack of ducks” for fear they will look silly. So they all quack like ducks because…

They are scared of putting a compelling headline on top of their advertisement.

They are scared of writing a long copy advertisement

They are scared of trying a bundle of different unique business strategies instead of just following along like a flock of ducks as all their competitors do.

That’s why getting together with people in your industry at meetings and events isn’t always the best use of your time. You always end up going over the same business strategies because in most cases, almost everyone is doing the same thing.

Idea: what would happen if you got together with the leading entrepreneurs from different fields and exchanged ideas? Wouldn’t that be more productive?

Could you find a unique business strategies, which would work for you. Trust me, your business isn’t really that different – you’re all selling to human beings with the same needs, wants and desires!

In a nutshell, they are scared of doing new things. Many years ago, when I was about 18 I picked up a book from a bookshop in Melbourne called “Jonathon Livingston Seagull.” It was a lovely story about a REBEL seagull who dared to step outside the mould and live his life to the fullest.

Rather than scavenging from the beach and just focusing on survival, he decided he wanted to explore the world and see all the wonders it had to offer. He was rejected by his clan and labelled an outcast. But from memory, he ended up being a big hero and a leader.

It’s a great book if you ever get the chance to read it. Anyway, I don’t think any business owner is a natural eagle. At the end of the day, we all start out as ducks.

Most of us are scared out of our mind of making a mistake… breaking the mould and doing something different.

So when it comes to advertising, we ask everyone’s opinion about which ad is the best. And that’s a BIG MISTAKE because everyone will tell you the ad they like is the one with the shortest copy that looks the prettiest.

But that’s not true. In fact, in one of Peter Sun’s books, he gives an example of two advertisements. Almost everyone – I think it was over 80% picked the ad which ended up receiving 2 calls versus the one which resulted in 11 jobs in the same time period. And the ads were right next to each other in the phone directory.

So DARE TO BE THE DUCK in your industry who breaks the mould, “quacks like an eagle” and does something different. Create your own set of unique business strategies. You can start by getting your hands on my More Customers Made Easy program.

Quack like an eagle, apply what you learn and eventually (just like Jonathon Livingston Seagull) you could end up being the leader in your industry too.


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Smart Goal Setting: Running from the hungry lion

photo credit to Stig Nygaard” flickr

Smart Goal Setting: Becoming a Mighty Lion or a Swift Gazelle

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up knowing it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.

Every morning a lion wakes up knowing it must outwit and outrun (at least) the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you’d better start running.

It’s not a pretty vision, but that little saying pretty much sums up the world of business, doesn’t it?

Thousands of businesses in Australia die every year. And with the state of the current economy, the bloodbath is sure to continue.

But in my experience most people don’t start the day running. They get up… shower… shave and prepare for their day which is fine. But the first thing they do when they get to work is CHECK THEIR EMAIL.

And that’s a big no-no in my books. Why? Simply because you start the day by answering to everyone elses demands rather than focusing on what you need to do to grow your business.

Checking your email is not really important. And in 9 cases out of 10 it’s not urgent. Truth is, in the first 15 minutes you start work, it’s critical you take control of your day.

Otherwise you end up getting caught up and letting the day run you. Other people’s needs become more important than your own.

Smart goal setting can help you get everything in order. You can immediately address the urgent aspects of your business, and get to the less important ones. More importantly, smart goal setting can help you move your business to the next level.

Here’s my smart goal setting that I do every morning. I am by no means perfect, but I am getting closer to living by these rules:

    1. A quick meditation and visualization of my goals
    2. Plan out my day, smart goal setting by prioritizing the top 6 things in order
    3. Get to work

And only after I’ve done a couple of hours of work do I resort to clicking that send/receive button on my email to see what the rest of the world wants.

In short, I start my day running.  I start my day in smart goal setting and focus on the most important priorities which will get me from where I am to where I want to go. That’s how you become the metaphorical lion who catches the gazelle (goals).

I remember back when I was an employee (before I used to affirm to myself on a daily basis “I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever work for somebody else again – and I never have since”) I knew these sales guys who said to get to work half an hour late, have a coffee and a chat for half an hour and then get to work.

I didn’t dislike them, but if I was their boss I would have fired them. Because at the end of the day, they were lazy gazelles, who the lion would eventually eat for lunch.

That’s one way of starting the day slow and it requires enforcing the habit of discipline.

But there’s another way of losing the game… even if you wake up at 4:30am and don’t start running until 8pm.

I know a guy who does this. Works three jobs. Doesn’t see his kids all that much. And doesn’t earn a heck of a lot of money.

Why? Because he doesn’t have the right tools. He hasn’t taken the time to fill his mind with the sort of education which turns to gold.

You see, a doctor can earn far more than a tradesperson because he has filled his mind with the right information.

And the same applies to the world of business – a business person with the right tools can get twelve hours out of an eight hour day and make more money than someone who works from dawn to dusk, by simply furnishing himself with the right education and tools.

Survival of the fittest” used to be based on physical strength. Today it is based on personal discipline combined with getting the leverage you require through specialized knowledge. And you can get that specialized knowledge you need to get more customers and be the gazelle who outruns the lion (recession) by clicking here.


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Strategic Buisness Plan

photo credit to Rae Allen” flickr

Do you have an ironclad strategic business plan? Have you ever thought about the advertising techniques or strategies you’re going to use for your business? Do you have any marketing methods in mind? If you don’t then, you may be in for a lot of problems and worries.

Learn your strategic business plan because playing safe can be risky for your business

Last night I watched Australia show South Africa who was BOSS in the 20 / 20 cricket match at the Gabba.

I like to rub this in because I received a number of ‘tongue in cheek’ comments from some of the South African members of my list following my previous email.

And it seems as if we have finally ironed out who is REALLY the best team

But seriously – there was one comment I heard from Shane Warne at the end of the match when they were discussing the game strategy of the 20 /20 game.

He’s done a study of the game and concluded the following – the team that attacks in the field… the team that attacks with the bat… the team that has an attacking attitude all over is the team that normally wins.

And that’s where the South African’s failed themselves in that match… in my opinion anyway. They played it safe and took too long to get started.

But this isn’t just a cricket problem… this is a problem people have in strategic business plan… in life… and all over… THEY PLAY IT SAFE with thinking like this –

I won’t spend the money to send out these letters because it may not work. I won’t buy that new course because I want to keep my money safe. The economy is tough you know. Let’s wait off a little. Let’s play it safe.

Of course, there is a time for playing it safe – which Shane Warne touched on. Heck, if you lose a few wickets early on you might pull back a little.

But here’s the problem as I see it – a business owner plays it safe, luck of strategic business plan and doesn’t try new things, follows the Jones’ within their industry and this causes their business to fall into a lull… whereby they get into a situation where they play it even safer. It’s a downward spiral.

I was a huge cricket fan when I was a kid, and my cousin, Sean,  once wrote in my autograph book “Scott, it’s just not cricket.” I still haven’t worked out what he meant by that, but the truth is many of the principles which apply to 20 / 20 cricket also apply to business.

And it’s my experience those business owners who are constantly on the attack… attacking opportunities like a tiger on a mission… are the winners. They are the type of people who build million dollar companies… enjoy luxury holidays and can afford all the good things life has to offer.

But make sure you attack with the right weapons at your disposal. Having strategic business plan that you thoroughly researched will plan a vital role in your business. Build a strategic business plan with marketing and advertising techniques that will work for you. You’ll certainly increase your odds if you have a gun in your hand when the bear in the forest comes charging towards you with a hungry look in his eyes.

And you’ll have far more success if you use proven weapons to get new customers too – such as those you’ll find at


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