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When talking about sales and lead generation,
I must have heard this hundreds of times over
the years: “”It’s not what you know, it’s who
you know.””

And while there may an element of truth to
this, it seems like a damn fine excuse for anyone
who isn’t born into the right social circle…

“”It’s not my fault I can’t get ahead. I just don’t
have the right contacts””

“”John is so lucky. But he did have the contacts,
after all, didn’t he””

“”What do you expect? I wasn’t born with a silver
spoon in my mouth””

… of course, there are a million different
‘excuse variations’, but they all have one thing
in common.

They hold you back.

Don’t get me wrong. Some people do get luckier than
others in terms of sales and lead generation.
For instance, I know someone who was handed
a business from a family member… got free rent for
months… and had dozens upon dozens of pre-qualified
clients sent his way.

No prospecting… no lead generation strategies…
no hard knocks… just hang out
your shingle and you’re on your way.

But most of us don’t have it quite that easy.

You and I have to hustle. You and I have to work
hard. You and I have to put in the hours to get ahead.
You and I have to think hard on a daily basis.
You and I have to think about our lead generation
advertising techniques and marketing strategy.

But you and I should not EVER fall into the victim
thinking that we can’t succeed because we’re not
in the right social circle.

There is another way.

I call it the “”What you know determines who you
know”” philosophy.

Lead Generation Tip: What You Know Dertermines
Who You Know

And it’s worked for me.

Here’s what I mean: the contacts you make are determined
by what you know.

For instance, as a copywriter, I now have many well
known friends and acquaintances in the direct marketing

And the reason we make time for each other is because
we both know something which can help each other out.

But the truth is “”If I didn’t know anything about direct
response marketing, I wouldn’t have that relationship
with them.””

If all I wanted to do was call up and chat with them
about nothing or TAKE… TAKE… TAKE… and not give
anything in return, obviously they wouldn’t return my
calls and the relationship would not be there.

And when you consider there are six degrees of separation
between you and anyone else on the planet, once you
have a handful of contacts, it’s not hard to get in
touch with virtually anyone… if you really set your
mind to it.

And that’s why WHAT you know determines WHO you know.

But I’m not just talking so much about university education
that everyone else knows. I am also referring to getting
information nobody else knows. I am talking about being
able to add so much value to other people that they
want to keep you in their “”inner circle”” of contacts.

Because we’re all busy. And successful people are even
busier. Therefore if you want to know them and get all
of the advantages of being in the “”inner circle”” you
need to know stuff other people don’t know.

Stuff which you can find at this web site (or this one )
which not 1 in 100 business owners truly understands.
But these are very important if you want to create
effective lead generation, advertising techniques
and marketing strategies for your business.

Anyway, this is an important point we all must keep in
mind for the rest of our lives:

What we know determines who we know.

Print it out and tape it up on the wall next to your
computer for a month if you want to ensure you don’t
forget it. It will surely help you with lead generation,
sales and your marketing strategy.

All for now,
Scott Bywater

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“Are you an advertising victim?

Have you thrown good money after bad as a result of
advertising disinformation & falsehoods which have
robbed you blind?

I’ve spoken to plenty of people who have.

Business owners who didn’t know any better. Business
owners who took the advice of their sales rep on
good merit. Business owners who hadn’t listened to
the suggestions in my newsletter.

Usually their story goes something like this…

They get a redundancy from their job (or just get
fed up) and think let’s start a business. Usually
they know nothing or very little about marketing,
(hey, we’re not taught this stuff at school) so by
the time there business has opened, they are
expecting everyone to be flocking into it.

But nothing happens. And they start to worry.

Of course, most people aren’t proactive, so the
next thing that happens is they receive a knock
on the door from their local advertising sales

“”The reason why you are not getting customers is
because you need to advertise”” they are told. Which
in a sense is true. But only half true.

The real truth is if you want more customers, you need to:

Advertise in the right place with the right message… the
right headline and the right offer. And you need to have
a follow up campaign to ensure you get those customers
to come back once they have bought once… to refer their
friends and family to you… and to capture the ones who
don’t buy and turn them into customers too.

But of course the people selling you the advertising
don’t get paid to tell you that. So you never hear it. Nor
do you get told to test your advertising message to see
if it works before rolling out a big campaign.

Instead you get told something like this: if you would
just advertise for 26 or 52 weeks, you’ll get your name
out there and everything will be hunky dory… in fact,
your customers will be lining up and practically begging
you to take their money.

Yeah, right. And pigs might fly too!

But if you haven’t been educated, then you don’t know that.

So you end up spending $300 a week on an ad for 52 weeks ($15,600) to find out an advertisement won’t work… when
you could have done a small test and found that out
for $600.

There are three messages here:

Don’t be an advertising victim. Don’t trust anyone for advertising advice.

Educate yourself to ensure you don’t get ripped off.

Test everything in a small way first (before rolling out
a larger campaign)

Nobody cares about your business as much as you do.

It’s comparable to robbery… the way good, honest, decent
business owners are misinformed about these things year
in and year out.

But if you’ve fallen for these dirty little tricks – it’s
not your fault. You’ve just never been shown the way
advertising works.

However if you place an advertisement or run a campaign

without checking out this site or this site
then you’ve only got yourself to blame.

Remember, if you take the gold out of your pockets and
put it into your mind, your mind will fill your pockets
with gold.

All for now,
Scott Bywater

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Is your email campaign doing great? Are you looking
for an effective email marketing campaign to help
boost your business? If yes, then here are some for you.

To start with…

Email Campaign 101: Do you over-analyze your email content?

Have you ever wondered why… even though many
people call me Australia’s leading copywriter, I make
a number of many sphelliinge mistakes in my emails?

You wouldn’t be the first. Every couple of weeks, I
receive an email from someone pointing one out to me.

Well, there’s a few reasons.

Firstly, my writing is designed to sell. That’s my
number one priority. And I have found even if there
are spellying mistakes within my email campaign copy…

…it’s far more important to be able to SELL than
it is to be able to SPELL.

Of course, that depends on what your objective is. If
you are planning to impress your English teacher, then
that’s not true.

But if you want to make more muney, then there’s
absolutely no doubt about it.

Secondly, it makes me seem human. Far too many of
the gurus are set on being perfect… presenting
a perfect front… hiding behind their copy and
so forth.

I am the first to admit that I am far from perfect. I
am lazy around the home. I am a terrible handyman. I
can be extremely vague at times. And…


But who really cares. Truth is, I’ve always been a
pretty good speller. And when I send copy back to a client
it’s always pretty much on the ball.

But I write these email campaign copies at light speed
– direct from the gut – and often I’ll punch
them out without editing.


Because money is attracted to SPEED.

And if you want more of it… you need to get through
the important activities which will send more of it
in your direction… faster.

Think about it: creating anything is really very

Step 1: You get an idea (i.e. I want more customers)

Step 2: You acquire the knowledge to execute your
plans. Perhaps you could get this knowledge from here – what a concept 😉

Step 3: You get everything you need to implement and
follow through (people, resources, whatever)

Step 4: You FIRE (and do it fast… then fire again
and again and again)

Step 5: You get feedback from the results of your
actions; your email campaign, content and article campaigns.
It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative,
the important thing is you’ve tested something.

Step 6: You re-evaluate your actions… get back on
target and fire again.

The key to massive success is fast implementation. The
person who jumps on the horse and gallops off quickly
towards his goals creates results fast… then
re-evaluates… and may have tried four or five different
things before the average person has finished implementing
his first content and email campaign strategy.

That’s the reason why some people achieve success so
rapidly… it’s because they take FAST action… don’t overanalyse things… worry less and don’t get stuck in
a rut.

Heck, why you’ve been sitting there receiving my email campaigns
about  More Customers Made Easy over the
last few months, Julie McGaw has been taking fast-action
and getting results…

I’m a subscriber to the More Customers Made Easy mailout
and I have to say, it’s working for me. I began applying
the information from Lesson 4 – Boost Response from
your Mailings – in late November and so far it’s brought
in $1210 against just $110 from my previous method of
just one mailout of a free magazine to prospective
customers. I’ve also devised a 6 month plan to use
Lesson 4 with prospective advertisers, so it will be
interesting to see how it goes! And having included
your really simple idea of creating a Bonus Voucher
so that people can easily see what they’re getting
has increased responses to our reminder letters to
expired subscribers by more than 60%.

Thank you very much!

Julie McGaw
Speedie Graphics

Nothing beats fast action – especially when you couple
it with over a dozen easy to implement email campaign
strategies and examples such as those you’ll find here

Anyway, I’ve said enough. Time to put my butt into gear
and get another customer-generating email campaign strategy
happening that I’ll tell you about in the future.

All for now,
Scott Bywater

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