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The phone rang at about 8:30am in the morning.

It was from one of my staff members ranting, raving and screaming down the phone about the fact centre management had changed the keys and our business was under LOCK DOWN.

We had spoken to them the week before, but not been able to come up with a solution for the fact we could not front up with the rent money.

Basically my first real business had failed and I felt like a loser. And I was in a BIG SPIN about it and didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

As the old saying goes (well, it was my saying at the time anyway 😉 when all else fails, turn to your mother.

And that’s exactly what I did.

My mother came up with several thousand dollars and we were back in business. That lasted a few weeks before we were out of business once again.

But we managed to offload the lease and even get a few thousand dollars for it.

What a disaster. I was on the verge of depression and felt like a loser.

But I decided to fight on.

While my business partner took a safer (and what would be considered a more sensible) route of getting a job and paying back his debts (although incredibly slowly) I figured it would take years to get back to square one if I followed the conventional method of get a job… save 10% of your income… pay off your debts at 10%… etc.

So while I thought about getting a job, I picked up a book by Robert Kiyosaki called “”Retire Young. Retire Rich”” which talked about how he had been in a similar situation but by toughing it out and fighting through the pain he made far, far more as a business owner than he ever would have as an employee.

So today’s email is written for anyone who is worried about the economy and thinking of quitting… who feels the pain… and has thought about throwing in the towel.

I urge you instead to reflect on these facts…

Bill Gates and Paul Allen began Microsoft’s journey towards dominating the computer marketplace during a recession.

Jeff Bezos started Amazon – initially called something which was virtually impossible to spell – during a recession.

Walt Disney started “”Disney”” just as the Great Depression was about to begin.

I could go on and on. But I think I’ve made my point: we can all enjoy incredible success despite all the fear in the marketplace.

So take a moment to reflect on this quote by the great cyclist, Lance Armstrong, for a bit of inspiration:

“”Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.””

… and then watch the don’t quit poem here (by the way, this is not an affiliate link, nor am I being paid a commission – I just think it’s inspiring)

However while inspiration is a critical part of the “”success equation”” without correct action it is a waste.

And while I managed to get back on my feet again as a result of hard work… lots of hard knocks and struggle, I wish at the time I started out with all the secrets revealed in more customers made easy – – it would have
made my journey a heck of a lot easier.

Reflecting on the “”sharpening the saw”” metaphor, what you learn in this program will simply make your actions far more precise and effective, and get you from where you are to where you want to be faster than you ever dreamed possible.

All for now,

Scott Bywater

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Last weekend my wife had some friends down and was over at my sister in law’s house having dinner. I was at home flicking channels and watching television. A number of things were on… football… some horror movie about a crocodile in the Northern Territory (a place I lived for almost a decade growing up – and no, I never saw a crocodile ambling down the main street, however I did see quite a few buffaloes – true)…and other stuff including one of my favorite movies… Dead Poets Society I love this movie for a few reasons.

Namely, the teacher – Keating – is just a brilliantly unconventional educator. Geez I wish I had a teacher like that when I was at school. I particularly love the part where he gets all his students to rip out the opening paragraph of their poetry books.

Anyway, there is a scene in that movie where he asks one of the boys, Todd Anderson, a question. And Todd doesn’t have much to say.

Then Keating talks about the fact Todd doesn’t believe he has anything useful to say or offer. He follows this by asking him to stand in front of the room… stare at a photo… close his eyes… and pushes him to the next level.

It’s at this moment, he starts sharing some of the most passionate and moving poetry… far beyond anything he ever imagined he could.

The class applauded and he looked Anderson into the eye and said “”Don’t you forget this.””

I can certainly relate to this feeling of not having anything to offer – and today, like Keating, I’d like to encourage you to speak up and find your writing voice.

Sometimes we feel as if we don’t have anything valuable to share. I felt like that for years. In fact, probably from the ages of 13-21 I had huge troubles in standing up for myself and speaking out.

But we all have our own unique experience of life. And each one of us has a valuable gift to share with the world. This has everything to do with copywriting and advertising, because if you take a moment to share your experiences… your thoughts… your feedback… on a regular basis with your customers and prospects, then they will respond.

You can do it through writing an email… an offline newsletter… a sales letter… a teleseminar… a free report or running a seminar.

And no matter what field you are in, you are sure to have knowledge that people want to share. It doesn’t matter if you are a real estate agent… a plumber… a mechanic… an online marketer… a air conditioning mechanic… a printer… a hairdresser…or whatever… you will be surprised at the useful information you know that you think is ordinary that other people are fascinated in.Be sure to share it. And while you’re at it, take the time to put passion and personality into your writing. Because that’s what’s missing in most letters today. Let’s face it, most writing puts you to sleep.

Write with passion. Write with depth. Write from your heart.

It might get on some people’s nerves. You might even annoy some people.

In fact, yesterday I received a call from a lovely guy (he was calling me for a job, interestingly enough) who
told me my writing was too strong.

Well, that’s interesting. But I’m not going to take it to heart, because I also receive calls and get emails from people who absolutely love what I do and I’m not going to stop being myself for anyone. Why? Because in the words of Bill Cosby… “”I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody””Believe in yourself and write with passion.

See ya,

Scott Bywater

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Want to get your hands on effective money making tips? Well, here’s one for you. Here you’ll get effective rituals you can do to help you with your daily business routines.

Nobody has enough time these days. Everyone is busy… busy… busy making money.

I myself used to always complain that there’s never enough time to action all of the money making ideas bouncing around
in my head.

And that’s why we have to prioritise. Obviously, that’s time management 101.

Money Making Rituals to Help You Get New Customers

But let’s take it a step further by making it a ritual to focusing on getting new customers every single day by
doing things to make something happen. For instance…

-You could make a ritual of posting on facebook or twitter on a daily basis. I do it here and have linked
it into my face book account

-You could make money if you make a ritual of calling three of your past customers every day

-Another money making ritual you can do is working an hour a day into implementing the strategies you learn here

-You could make a ritual of contacting five potential joint venture partners every day.

-You could set up a blog like this one and make a ritual out of sending out a blog post on a daily basis.

By making it a ritual, you ensure that it gets done. Think about it. There are certain things in your business which if you did on a daily basis, the results would accumulate over time and become extremely significant.

Personally, I send an email like this almost every day. When it comes to money making, for me, it’s a must – kind of like brushing your teeth.

No, make it like going to the toilet – that way you make sure it gets done without question 😉

Think about what you could be doing?

Why don’t you start by writing down this quote by Jim Rohn and pinning it on your wall…

“”Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going””

And remember, there’s no more powerful habit you can get into than the habit of taking a step every day to get more customers. But don’t reinvent the wheel – you can find money making tips and everything you need by clicking here

All for now,

Scott Bywater

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