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Are you looking affordable ways to advertise your business? Well, finding affordable advertising can be difficult these days. However, it doesn’t mean that affordable advertising services don’t exist.

I remember…

“Several years ago, I was sitting in my car in Surry Hills when I received a call from a guy named Theo. I didn’t have a pen on me at the time (big mistake) and as a result, he said he would call back in an hour –
which he did.

He came into my office and I could tell right away that
this guy was a PLAYER… not a PRETENDER.

He had all the characteristics.

He was a doer.

He was a fast action taker.

And he wasn’t afraid to put his money on the line to get a result.

I wrote an ad for him to get a new staff member. He paid right away, the ad got a swarm of calls and he found his person.

A few weeks later I wrote five newspaper ads and a special report. He generated several hundred thousands of dollars very quickly and over 500 calls in one week. (you can read all about his story in one of the yellow
boxes here )

Anyway, the next thing I knew Theo wanted to start up this business called DLook – an online advertising directory for business owners. At the time, I wasn’t so sure it was a winning concept. I thought there was too much competition. I thought it wasn’t niched enough. I was wrong. Because several years have passed since Theo started dLook and it’s still going strong.

You don’t last in the advertising industry unless you’re making the phone ring for your clients.

I figured there must be something behind Theo’s success, so a couple of weeks ago I jumped on the ‘blower’ and asked him:

“”What’s happening Theo””

… and he told me about all the “”behind the scenes”” work he had done to make dLook a success. And exactly how it is helping thousands of business owners all over Australia display on Google, Yahoo and MSN ORGANICALLY so that you don’t have to pay for every click.

Affordable Advertising: Theo’s Secret to Success

The good news is unlike so many ads and promotional mediums, he’s not charging a fortune. In fact, this is some of the most affordable advertising space I’ve ever seen and it’s certainly worth checking out.

Click here for more information about affordable advertising

One more thing – it’s important. You may have heard me talk about the fact the most dangerous number in business is one. That you should have two… three… four… five or more marketing mediums in order to ensure the security of your business.

That’s why I’m telling you about DLook. It provides affordable advertising… specifically designed for the Australian marketplace… and could be that extra income stream you’re looking for. Make sure you take a few moments to find out more by clicking here

Worst case scenario is you lose a couple of hundred bucks. Best case scenario is you find a new advertising medium which could add thousands and thousands of dollars to your bottom line every year…

Scott Bywater
Copywriting That SELLS
For more affordable advertising tips, please feel free to browse through our website.

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How to Run a Business - Lessons from Queenslads Triumph

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“How to run a business?” This question has been bugging both inexperienced and experienced business owners. From an outsider’s point of view, running a business may be easy, but for someone who’s actually running the business, it can be very tricky, time-consuming and down right difficult.

Anyway, before giving you tips on how to run a business…

Anyone watch the state of origin last night?

It was a great game. And I think, in all honesty, Queensland was the better team on
the night and deserved to walk away with the honours.

But this isn’t an email about sport – it’s an email about business.

How to Run a Business: Lessons from Origin

So let’s look at what one can learn from last night’s game about how to run a business…

How to Run a Business Lesson #1: Getting of to a Flying Start

Queensland won because they got off to a flying start. And that’s
what we as business owners need to do in our own day. Get yourself a ritual
of doing the most important things first.

Do your planning. Prioritise. And then get stuck into it. That’s the key to being
a winner in life because you get a head start on everyone else, who (like NSW)
is still sitting on the fences at 10am after you’ve just made a dozen marketing
calls… or written a new advertisement… or used the step-by-step templates at
http://www. to come up with a new fax stream,
joint venture or press release.

How to Run a Business Lesson #2: Get the Momentum Working

Get momentum working for you rather than against you
In the second half, at 18 points behind, NSW didn’t look a chance. Then they scored
a try and all of a sudden there was a spring in their step. They looked the part…
and what do you know… they scored another try and looked like they could
quite easily snatch the game from Queensland.

In running a business, we often undervalue the power of momentum. I can remember
when I was getting started… things were tough… I wondered how I’d ever
get a break and get the ball rolling. But I kept going, trying different things
and eventually I’d crunch a sale, get a few powerful testimonials, find out
how to put together a marketing campaign and everything started to come
together. One sale gave me more confidence which lead to the next sale
and so on.

Confidence is everything and when you are on a roll, you need to go even
harder and make hay while the sun shines. So after you make a sale, don’t
sit back and relax. Get right back on there on the phone… or write an ad…
or do whatever and capitalize on it. Because when your confidence is up,
just like NSW, the tide turns in your favour.

Tune into my “jam session” with Shaun Stenning as we reveal our internet marketing and advertising secrets – blog/

How to Run a Business Lesson #3: Statistics on Your Side

If the statistics are on your side, you will probably win. NSW could
have won last night, but the better team ended up taking the game on the day.

That team was Queensland and they deserved the win.
Same in business. If you make one phone call or send out a few letters,
you might get lucky and crunch a few sales.

But if you do the right things consistently. If you send out more “seeds”
the odds are good that more will germinate into plants. And over the long
term, you will win when you do the right things.
You just need to do more… be more… make things happen and…

How to Run a Business Lesson #4: Jumping on Opportunities

Jump on opportunities I heard the commentators say more
than once last night that Queensland was jumping on every ball that went
to ground even though NSW could have gotten to it.

They were more desperate and more committed. And that’s one of the reasons
why they won.

What opportunities are you not jumping on? I know I’ve missed plenty over
the years. But you must get ready for that metaphorical ball to bounce on
business, jump on it and claim the opportunity as your own.
There’s nobody stopping us but ourselves.

Tune into my “jam session” with Shaun Stenning as we reveal our internet
marketing and advertising secrets – blog/

How to Run a Business Lesson #5: Play Until the End

Play until the end
In the dying minutes, Queensland crunched a brilliant try in the corner. They
could have just said “Aaaahh, the games nearly over. Who can be bothered”
but they didn’t.

They kept playing and turned it from a 6 point win to a 10 point win. And
that’s the way it works in real life too.

You might think the sale is over, but there’s a chance for an upsell. Or you might
decide to make one more call… or write a quick ad using the secrets you learn
at http://www. cashflow … or do one more thing
before you leave for the day… and that one thing is what gets you the extra sales.
One extra step can make all the difference.

Ok, that’s it for my “State Of Origin” email.

Let’s see what happens in the next one. My prediction is a more desperate NSW
who wins by less than 10 points. Always keep my tips on how to run a business.. apply these to your business.. see the results.. and never give up..

All for now,

Scott Bywater
Copywriting That SELLS
http://www. quote scottbywater/ (facebook)

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Nobody has enough time these days. Everyone is busy… busy… busy.

I myself used to always complain that there’s never enough time to action all of the ideas bouncing around in my head.

And that’s why we have to prioritise. Obviously, that’s time management 101.

But let’s take it a step further by making it a ritual to focusing on getting new customers every single day by
doing things to make something happen. For instance…

-You could make a ritual of posting on facebook or twitter on a daily basis. I do it here with twitter and have linked it into my face book account

-You could make a ritual of calling three of your past customers every day

-You could make a ritual of working an hour a day into implementing the strategies you learn here

-You could make a ritual of contacting five potential joint venture partners every day.

-You could set up a blog like the one you’re reading right now and make a ritual out of sending out a blog post on a daily basis.

By making it a ritual, you ensure that it gets done. Think about it. There are certain things in your business which if you did on a daily basis, the results would accumulate over time and become extremely significant.

Personally, I send an email like this almost every day. It’s a must – kind of like brushing your teeth.

No, make it like going to the toilet – that way you make sure it gets done without question 😉

Think about what you could be doing?

Why don’t you start by writing down this quote by Jim Rohn and pinning it on your wall…

“”Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going””

And remember, there’s no more powerful habit you can get into than the habit of taking a step every day to get more customers. But don’t reinvent the wheel – you can find everything you need here

All for now,

Scott Bywater
Copywriting That SELLS

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