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Looking for social media marketing tips? Here, you’ll have an insight on what most people using Facebook, Twitter, etc are thinking when using such platforms.

Social media is all the rage at the moment. Twitter… Facebook… Youtube… everybody’s talkingabout it. Chances are, you’re here because you’re also looking for social media marketing tips to help boost your business.

But there’s a lot of myths and lies out there.

Social Media Marketing Tips: The Myths

Personally, I don’t know many people who are
profiting from it.

And I think there is a lot of “shovel
selling” happening (i.e. the people who made
all the money in the gold rush were the
people selling the shovels).

For example, with twitter everyone is following
everyone out of courtesy, not because they are
interested in what they have to sell.

And I’ve seen dozens of “how to make a profit
via twitter” notes buzzing around.

My advice is just dig in and get stuck into it.

I caught up with a friend the other night.
And he didn’t want to get involved in it
until he understood it 100%.

Fair enough.

I have a different approach: dive right in.
Otherwise known as ready… fire… aim.

Just go to facebook and set up an account…
set one up on twitter as well…
and do the same on youtube.

But the question remains: does it work?

Social Media Marketing Tips: The Truth

Personally, I cannot claim to have made a lot of money
out of social networking sites.

I know for a fact I have made some. I have used it to get
more subscribers to my web site.

I also know it can be great for increasing your
rankings on search engines. I recently did an
interview with search engine marketing expert,
Niro Thambipillay for my
members and he explained the fact if you
linked to your site from some of
the major social networking sites,
it actually improved your
rankings in the search engines.

I thought that was interesting.

So one way you could use it is by having a blog. And then
writing comments on facebook which link directly to that
blog to automatically drive your search engine rankings up
and drive people to your site.

I have also read an interesting book about social networking
by Jeff Jarvis. It’s called “What would google do” and is
an interesting read which talks about how big companies are
using social media to manage relationships and turn profits.

The reality is I think the key to social networking is building
relationships. This may be the best among the social media marketing tips you’ll get in the internet.

Social Media Marketing Tips: The Lies

And there will be spammers…
get rich quick scammers…
and a range of different people trying
to take advantage of this medium.

After all, it doesn’t cost anything.

I came across an interesting report on the
subject today from a guy all the gurus are
saying knows what he’s talking about.

If nothing else, it’s an interesting read
about how to monetise social media without
pissing people off.

You can check it out by clicking here

The guy claims to have devoted his life to learning about
social media. He also claims you can get $1 per month per
follower you get via social media.

It’s worth a read. It may have social media marketing tips that will work best for you and your business. After all, social media is only likely to get bigger and bigger in the months ahead.

All for now,

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My wife just emailed me a question which someone sent through from one of my ongoing
questionnairre programs.
And it reads: What are the first things that a motivated, intelligent, successful and driven person
does everyday before they start work?
Now to say I am all of the above would be a touch arrogant and put me into the guru box.
And I am so not a guru. You’ll find out why in another email.
However I can claim to have learnt from a range of people who would fit into all of
those categories.
And here’s what I have learnt and now follow…
Wake up early: you only have so many hours in the day… and sleeping in is NOT going
to do you any favours.
If you wake up half an hour earlier everyday you will fit in an extra 100 hours throughout
the work year. That converts to a lot of money.
I try and sneak out of the bedroom before my wife wakes up which is a tough ask as
she is an incredibly light sleeper and we have floorboards.
Get into the habit of having rituals when you wake up: Here’s what I do. I wake up
(usually right away, but sometimes hit the snooze button a few times – which is evidently
not what you should do) then I go to the toilet… wash my hands and straight into the kitchen.
While I’m in the kitchen I take my vitamins which include… barley green, nuferm, fish oil and
this oxygen stuff recommended by Ed McCabe.
Apparrently no disease can exist in the presence of oxygen.
I do this as a ritual – which is something i learnt from Tony Schwartz.
Then I pack my lunch, make sure I have had my two glasses of water, grab a piece of fruit and
walk to work.
On the way to work, I listen to audio recordings of marketing stuff.
Think about it: 15 minutes a day (that’s how long it takes me to walk to work) multiplied by 250
days a year makes 3750 minutes a year. That’s 60 hours of education walking to and from work.
I walk to work which gets me some exercise.
When I get into work, I sit down and have breakfast and all going well, read through my diary
and prioritise for the day.
Of course, I try not to look at my emails and get side tracked (but sometimes give in and do) –
the aim is to start working on the most important things first.
I think Brian Tracy called it “Eat That Frog!”
Anyway, that’s what I do. And I try to read something too. Although that’s sometimes left
for my mid morning break.
The bottom line is doing the same thing every morning ensures I get about 7 days worth of education
a year on the way to work… maintain my health by eating right and getting all the goodies… and get
an extra 2 1/2 work weeks in every single year.
Remember, it’s the little things which make a difference 😉
All for now,
Scott Bywater

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Hiring The Right People - Get the Ideal People on Your Bus

Photo Credits to Fotolia & Microsoft Office

Hiring people is such a time-consuming task for both new and experienced business owners. The staff members you have will determine failure or business success. And it is for this very reason why hiring the right people is very important.

I’m reading an interesting book at the moment by Jack Collins. It’s called Good To Great:
Why some companies make the leap and others don’t.

Basically, what this guy and his team of researchers did was studied the companies who
made leaps to sustained greatness over a period of time versus those who didn’t.

And here’s what’s interesting.

The great companies didn’t start out with a big vision… a massive goal… or anything like

They focused on hiring the right people first.

Not just ordinary people – great people who could deliver.

And then those people didn’t need motivation.

They were already motivated.

Isn’t that interesting?

Now if you’re a small business, how does this apply?

Hiring the Right People if You’re a Small Business

Well, one thing you should be focusing on is hiring the right people to outsource to.
For instance, when would now be a good time to look for a great…

virtual assistant

web site designer




… I think you get my drift.

And not only that, but you are the number one person you need to work on. Are you the
right person for your bus? Are you the person who can take your bus to the income levels
you truly desired?

Interesting question, isn’t it?

Obviously, the number one skill you can posess to be the right person for your bus is the
right attitude. After all, that helps you overcome virtually everything.

And the second most important thing you can have is the right education.

And personally, I don’t think there’s any more important information you could have than
knowing how to attract more customers, including all of the strategies you’ll learn at

So take a moment now to assess.

Who do I need to get on my bus? How do I know that I am hiring the right people for my business? And how can I upskill myself and improve my attitude
to ensure I am the right person to make my business great.

All for now,

Scott Bywater

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