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Yesterday I received an email from a guy called Stuart Bywater from Bywater Design (no relation or connection). Here’s how it read…


Good Morning Dust Storm Survivors…

Today everything is covered in dust even inside the house,your furniture will have a thin film of dust over every horizontal surface.

Please be careful when going to clean these surfaces!

They will scratch if not careful.

If you follow our CARE PROGRAMME, your furniture will look great again in minutes!


When dusting and cleaning use a slightly damp cloth along the length of the grain; -this will pick up the dust and not spread it.

Then dry along the grain.

Clean up spillages, especially alcohol ASAP

Then apply a thin coat of wax or oil we recommend

Feed and Wax or Orange Oil.

*These wonderful products and more, can be purchased from our shop;

Lace and Bark
18 Station st Nundah   PH: 07 3266 1000

For more detailed information on furniture care, or if you would like to take advantage of our professional furniture cleaning and restoration services, please
contact us.

Have a great day.

love your furniture
Stuart Bywater
07 3256 9000

Obviously, I was very happy to receive this because it showed a great example of using recent “talking point” events to your advantage.

After emailing Stuart, he said he got the idea from my email the other day and had already had some great feedback from his email out.

Good on you Stuart.

Remember, opportunities like this are everywhere. For instance, right now you could link your advertising and marketing to…

The AFL finals
The NRL finals
The G20 Summit
The swine flu

… and anything else that’s in the news.

Stuart used this approach brilliantly in an education based promotion. And a  naturopath or doctor could do the same thing talking about dust pollution and
how to protect yourself.

Virtually any business could have an NRL or AFL special… particularly if you are located in the home suburb of one of the teams.

A therapist could write an article about bullying.

You get the picture.

Think outside the box and think about how this strategy applies to your business.

That’s what Stuart did.

Opportunities are everywhere.

Of course, to implement them properly you need to understand the fundamentals of good sales writing. And that’s why you should hop on over to and master the strategies for turning words into dollars.

And this dust form has effected everyone that’s been exposed to it, hasn’t it. I spent 20 minutes yesterday morning hosing down part of the house. My wife spent
another hour doing the same thing during the day.

Heck, a cleaner or any teenager with a bit of ambition could really take advantage of this type of situation.

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I studied marketing for years before I ever really did anything.

I was 17 when I first went into sales (and started out being terrible)… I went to my first  marketing seminar by Jay Abraham that same year… and yet it was 24 before I actually did anything in business.

That’s a lot of wasted years.

Of course, I always told myself that I knew how to create wealth despite the fact that when  it really came down to it and I started my first business… I didn’t.

You see, I fell into the trap of thinking I knew how to create wealth via marketing… how  to get into business… but it simply wasn’t true.
Because to know and not to do is not to know.

And that’s why whenever I pick up a book now, I do so with this thought in my mind: what can I do to action this asap and really internalise the learning.

The other day I was thinking of all the breakthroughs in my business.

For instance, I made a breakthrough when I started my web site in it’s current format… because I got the knowledge of how to do so from my friend, John Bertone.

I made another breakthrough when I learnt how to write emails in the correct format and studied the experts.

I made another breakthrough when I learnt how to write copy.

I made another breakthrough when I started getting the right team of people on my bus (virtualassistant, graphic designer, consultants, etc)

I made another breakthrough when I discovered that all breakthrough companies “up the ante” – I learnt this from Keith McFarland.

One thing all of these breakthroughs have in common is they all came from knowledge. That’s why  whenever I get the chance I pick up a book and start reading it.

Or listen to a CD or MP3 player.

… the key is to take the time to learn.

But don’t stop there because you won’t truly internalise your learnings until you take action.

And the world does not pay you for what you know – IT PAYS YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO.

So do whatever you can to get the knowledge. You might like to start with getting the knowledge you  need to get more customers at

But don’t stop there. Make sure you take action as well, because otherwise you’ll never really understand the information, nor will you earn any money from it.

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Why did I open up with an email about the dust storms?

For one very good reason: today thousands of people all  over the country are going to be talking about the dust storms.

How could you not notice it?
When I woke up this morning I had to walk through it… noticing everything was covered in dust… it looked like one of those “the world has ended” type movies.

So as a marketer – knowing what is at the top of everyone’s mind, you can enter that conversation and have a greater chance of getting your ad or sales letter read, your banner ad clicked on or your email opened.

Makes sense, right?

Of course, I’ve got to include some value as well otherwise you are going to get sick and tired of reading my emails
and won’t open them up in the future.

And I will have lost your attention.

Sorry to be so blunt – but in today’s busy world keeping  your customers and subscribers attention is the key to

You don’t do that with hypey sales copy.

You don’t do that by hard selling.

You do that by adding value.

So let me deliver on my promise and add some value by showing you how you can use the dust storms (or any big event) in your marketing.

– Refer to it in your emails.

– Write an ad with a “dust storm” opening. i.e. “Dust Storm Causes Local Retailer To Slash His Prices By 37%”

– Have a “dust storm” sale for your existing customers

For instance, here’s an example of a promotion a financial planner could do – just thinking on the fly…

Hi Firstname,

No doubt you noticed the ‘dust storm’ in Sydney and all over NSW, Victoria, Northern Territory and Queensland recently.
And that got me thinking about how unpredictable life is.

Anything can happen at any time.

Everything from natural disasters… earthquakes… illnesses… accidents…life is just so unpredictable.

And that’s why I’ve always been a big believer in building your nest egg so you can handle everything that happens without getting too stressed out.

So I’d like to encourage you to use these “dust storms” as a motivation to protect yourself from everything unpredictable that may happen in your life  going forward.

And to give you a little help I’d like you to take advantage of the special “dust storm” cheque attached to this letter which gives you one hour access to my services so we can look at setting you up for a prosperous future and
insulating you from potential disasters.



Of course, that little script above can be adapted for any business.

And there are dozens of other ideas for getting more customers at

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