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One of the biggest problems people have with their web sites is getting traffic to it. After all, a web site without traffic is like having a shop in the middle of the dessert. It simply isn’t going to make you any money.

And what’s the key to getting more traffic?

It’s really quite simple.

The majority of people search the web via search engines such as yahoo and google. And what does everyone punch into the search engines?


So all you’ve got to do is pick the most popular keywords and you’ll be swimming in a sea of traffic, right?


The problem is some keywords have so much competition that it’s virtually impossible to get to the top unless you want to make it a full time job.

Other keywords just don’t get enough traffic to make it worth targeting.

For instance, let’s say you have a florist and want to target the word florist.

Now that’s a popular word which may be very difficult to reach the top of.

However there are a number of other words such as flowers, roses, chrystanemum’s etc. which could get you far more traffic with less effort.

And that’s the key: picking the low hanging fruit and getting the maximum possible result with the least possible return on investment.

Thankfully you don’t need to work all of this out for yourself because next Thursday, 5th November at 11:30am I’m going to be holding a free webinar with my friend Ben Stickland on a new piece of software which does it all for you.

All of the top internet marketers are doing it. But they’re keeping it a secret.

And I’m asking for 3 lucky people to be guinea pigs for this call. That means you’ll get all the keywords you need to know to get a swarm of traffic to your web site.

Here’s what you need to do to take part. Just click here to register for this very special event. And if you’re brave enough to be a guinea pig enter your web site address at the bottom of the form because we’ll be randomly selecting three web sites to review live on the webinar.

Whether you send in your details or just want to be a spectator and see this fascinating technology in action, you’ll want to click here to register:

Anyway, hope you can make it.

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Over the years, as a copywriter, I’ve spoken to a number of business people who really get riled up about their competitors.

Sometimes it’s based on jealousy… sometimes they don’t like their ethics… and sometimes they just don’t like the fact that they are taking some of their clients.

For instance, I was chatting with a cafe owner several months ago and he was talking about the fact the competitors across the road wouldn’t talk to them.

Well, they were probably annoyed because they had taken a lot of their market share.

But let’s face it, getting upset with your competitors isn’t going to generate any more business.

A smarter idea for that cafe owner would have been to…

– start distributing flyers around the entire local area offering free coffees for a limited time.

– collecting the email addresses of their customers and sending them special offers.

– Having a special “customer only” day.

– Improving the quality and servings of their meals.

– Collecting their customers birthdays and sending them birthday cards

– Doing joint ventures with nearby business owners.

– conducting fax streams in the local area with special offers.

– Holding a “Tuesday Specials” for their slow days.

– Giving out complimentary movie passes to every hundredth customer

And getting their hands on which shows any business dozens of different ways to get more customers.

The bottom line is it’s pointless getting angry at your competitors. And if we as business people took the energy we give to being angry or annoyed at our competitors and invested that energy into developing strategies to growing our business… our competitors could just become our best friends… because they force us to grow to the next level.

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Years ago, when I was in my teens I flicked through a book by Stephen Covey that you have probably heard of.

It’s called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

That was a long time ago and I must go and revisit that book.

However there is one idea I learnt that I believe applies to virtually every business.

The best way to learn something is to teach something.

Unfortunately, most people don’t start teaching anything until they believe they are an expert. As a result, they hinder their progress.

So why does the concept of “teach to learn” work so well.

It’s really quite simple.

When you teach, you are forced to think about what you know… to crystallize your knowledge… to answer your unanswered questions.

You get questions thrown back at you… and this really internalizes the knowledge.

So let’s see how this could apply to the average person in business.

For instance, if you’re a chiropractor or health practitioner.

Here’s what I would do to implement the “teach to learn” concept and turn it into a profit.

I’d start a regular newsletter.

An offline newsletter once a month and an online newsletter once a month so your readers end up with a newsletter every couple of weeks.

And as a part of that newsletter I would include research and information on how chiropractic has been able to help with a number of ailments.

Everything from back pain to headaches to the common cold.

In doing so, I would dig up information on that topic… I would be forced to think about what really matters to my readers… and it would give me time to internalize what I knew and how I could better help my patients.

It would also put money in the bank.

Think about it: you would be “in the face” of your most interested prospects – your clients – encouraging them to come into your practice more and more often.

This would also stimulate more referrals.

The newsletter would be passed around (mail) or forwarded on (email).

You could use that content and throw it up on a blog somewhere to encourage traffic from the search engines.

And you’d learn a heck of a lot at the same time.

So if you want to learn more – teach more.

If you want to be respected as an authority in your field and have prospective customers chasing you rather than the other way around – teach more.

And if you want to make greater profits – then teach more.

Now there is no easier way than creating more customers from your teachings than learning how to create killer emails. And that’s the topic I cover on lesson #18 of

I show you how to write them… which auto responders to look at… how to get more names onto your list… and much, much more.

And if you order in the next 48 hours, I am going to send you this lesson immediately (normally you would have to wait months) so you can start profiting from the “teaching to learn” concept right away.

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