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Here’s something to think about if you have a website. People go to it for one of three reasons:

To learn something

To buy something

To be entertained

And that’s about it.

So take a moment to print out this email now and then open up your web site as you go through the rest of the content.

And as you are loking at your web site, ask yourself:

Does my web site teach anything?

If not, why not add a blog and give away information. Or get a team of people who can work with you to provide
information your target market wants.

If you’re a mechanic, teach people about how to do an oil change,  how to choose a mechanic, 7 things you need to do
to keep your car in order, etc.

If you’re a doctor, have tips for keeping your immune system in check.

YOu get the picture.

Throw some teleseminars up there. Or some videos.

To buy something.

If you check out my blog at you’ll notice I’m NOT doing this.

Yes, just like every other “expert” on the planet, I’m not perfect. And I don’t always do what I should.

But I’ve got that as my number one priority. Heck, if you’re providing great content, you’ve got to sell something too.

Keep an eye on that site over the next couple of weeks and you’ll notice the change 😉

To be entertained.

If you can make people laugh or give them some interesting facts, then they will come back for more.

Now I don’t do that on my web site, but if you go to my twitter account at you’ll
notice that every fourth post or so in recent times is an interesting fact, like:

Did you know in Japan, mobile phone companies text users earthquake warnings – free of charge?


Did you know the first VCR, in 1956, was the size of a piano?

I also give a bundle of copywriting headline templates and tips as well, all designed to get readers coming back for more.

Anyway, take a close look at your web site right now and ask yourself:

How can I better entertain my readers. How can I better educate my readers. And if you want to know how to sell your
readers better, you really should check out

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I have been holding off on redesigning my office for weeks now and I have finally worked out what’s been stopping me.
The evil of procrastination.

But what causes procrastination?

In my view, it all boils down to trying to do things perfectly.

It doesn’t matter if it’s…

writing a book
writing an email
writing a sales letter
writing an advertisement
making an important phone call

… if you demand perfection from yourself, you’ll probably never get around to it.

So give yourself a break and in the words of Nike:

“Just do it”

Whatever you’ve been putting off, just grab the bull by the horns and make it happen.

Well, in most cases anyway.

The one time when you should procrastinate is when you’re truly not sure – in your gut – if it’s the right way to go.

For instance, you’re not sure whether to take on a client because you get a bad gut feeling. Or you’re not sure whether to hire a new staff member because something just doesn’t feel right.

The key to making the right decision, in my view, boils down to feeling in your gut the difference between
intuition and perfection.

So take a moment now to think of the things you have been putting off. And then ask the question:

Am I putting this off because I don’t think I am doing it perfectly?

And if you answer yes, schedule some time in NOW to make it happen.

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When I was seventeen I remember doing a program called Discovery.

I think I was the only teenager who paid for half the fee and begged and pleaded their parents to
let them go.

Basically, it was a course which taught a lot of life skills from motivation to how to deal with conflict… kind of like an Anthony Robbins for teenagers.

Anyway, I remember them doing this exercise at the course where they talked about how when a plane flies from Sydney to New York, it is off course for about 97% of the flight.

But it always reaches its destination.

And there’s a very simple reason for this. The pilot knows where he is going. The pilot has a flight plan. And the pilot knows how to get back on track.

And if the pilot isn’t paying attention, the auto-pilot adjusts the plane automatically.

Pretty cool, huh.

And here’s the thing: when you are clear on your goals and where you are going, you have your own
automatic pilot which keeps you on course.

For instance, if you’re a real estate agent and know you want to double your income by the end of the year and have that goal in mind, then you are unlikely to be pulled off course by…

negative thinking

the latest business idea

avoiding the hard yards such as making the phone calls or distributing the letters and thank you cards etc.

NO, you’re going to be focused on where you want to go. And your unconscious mind is going to be working with you instead of against you, sort of like your own personal co-pilot.

So do yourself a favour and set some goals today.

And then break them down into…

12 month goals

12 week goals

12 day goals

12 hour goals

It’s certainly worth doing.

Just take a look at this story I first heard from motivational speaker, Brian Tracy…

In 1953, researchers surveyed Yale’s graduating seniors to determine how many of them had specific, written goals for their future.

The answer: 3%.

Twenty years later, researchers polled the surviving members of the Class of 1953 — and found that the 3% with goals had accumulated more personal financial wealth than the other 97% of the class combined.

So make the decision to write down your goals today.

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