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Every successful person I know has been through some tough times.
Personally, I can remember getting started in business. I had been to a few seminars, read a few books and thought it would be a piece of cake.

Boy, was I wrong.

I started a hair salon with virtually no money… took over a lease… tore my hair out trying to deal with hairdressers… worked far too many hours and eventually went broke and were virtually forced to give the business away.

But during that time I learnt a thing or two about marketing. I actually implemented a strategy and it worked.

So I figured since I was good at marketing, I would try my hand at it.

I placed a classified ad in the paper.

I thought people would love my ideas. After all, they were just plain common sense to me.

Wrong again.

Business owners were skeptical. They wanted to know my track record (which at that time wasn’t to pretty. I certainly
didn’t have testimonials like I do now: )

It was tough.

I remember sitting in my car crying to my mother.
I remember going to an Indian Restaurant and practically inviting myself to dinner afterwards because I couldn’t afford to eat. I remember calling up a friend to make rent money for the week, not knowing how I would pay him back.

They were probably my toughest times ever. Tougher than the bullying I experienced at school. Tougher than falling sick with glandular fever twice as I was growing up. Tougher than my time in the cults.

Heck, even tougher than a  meditation course I went on once when I was 17, where I had to wake up at 4:30am and meditate virtually every day until 8pm.

Like you, I have had a lot of tough times.

I think it’s something we all share as a part of the human race.

But when you look back, you can see that you have past them.

There’s a saying I remember from that meditation program:


… and from memory it means everything is changing and this too will pass.

So keep that in mind next time you are going through a tough time.

After all, it happens in business, doesn’t it?

Things can get pretty tough.

But you know what else…

When your bank account is looking healthy, you can deal with most of the tough things which come your way.

You can deal with the headaches of doing your taxes… difficult  customers… etc.

And there’s no better way of ensuring you have more in your bank account than having more customers paying you what you are worth.

That’s why I created in
the first place.

If you want to get through tough times in business with the least possible stress, you simply must master this skill.

Without it, you are at the mercy of the environment, customers who try and knock down your prices, etc.

With it, nobody will be able to step on you.

In fact, if you’ve got any problem in your business right now, you might want to get your hands on
and keep this quote in mind by the late Gary Halbert:

“There is no problem to which a great sales letter isn’t the answer”And it’s not limited to business problems. Gary Halberteven took out a full page ad in the newspaper to attract anew woman into his life. He was quite a guy!

Anyway, let’s get some work done.

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Today is a really, really important email,  particularly if you are in the business of giving advice.

And it’s all based around a quote I saw recently in one of Dan Kennedy’s books from one of his early mentors,  James Tolleson:

“Only when a person needs, wants, accepts, values and appreciates your help you can you help that person.”

It has certainly been my experience.

And that is why positioning yourself is so important.

Because the bottom line is…

It doesn’t matter how good you are at your craft.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at accounting, information technology, coaching or whatever… if you don’t position yourself to be the expert…

you’re not going to be able to help the person sitting in front of you…

and you’re not going to get paid…

So how do you get someone to appreciate what you have to offer?

You don’t use outdated methods like cold-calling, that’s for sure.

I can remember getting a nasty email a few years ago from someone who said I shouldn’t knock cold-calling.

Truth is, I believe in cold calling.

I started out cold calling when I was just 17 years old.

I am very, very, very good at cold calling.

I used to coach people how to do cold calling.

But the other truth is…

It is not the most effective way to do things.


Because rather than being a welcome guest, you end up as an unwanted pest.

And when you make that phone call…

The person doesn’t need your help

They don’t want your help

They don’t appreciate what you have to say

They don’t value you

And they don’t accept your word as truth

It’s the same, in a way, when you advertise.

A flyer or ad in the paper hasn’t convinced anyone you are the person they should be dealing with.

But I’ll tell you what does work…

When you have educated your prospect.

When they call you rather than you calling them.

When in their mind, they recognise you as an authority on your field.

How do you achieve all that?

Well, funny you should ask, because I show you exactly how to do it… along with real examples… in my first lesson of

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Over the weekend, I started watching the movie, Up.

And there was one extraordinary scene at the beginning of that movie, where they show what happens in life…

Starting from birth…

Getting married…

Buying a house…

Having dreams…

etc. etc.

You’ve just got to watch it. Nothing I can say or do can do it justice.

But there was something really sad about that scene. I can’t tell youwhat it is… you’ll have to watch the movie for that… but it involved not having enough finances to live a dream they had held onto since childhood.

They put together a savings account for it… they held onto that dream… but every time they got close to doing it… another expense popped up.

The roof caved in or some other emergency happened and they had to fix it.

It was really, really sad.

Why? Because before you knew it, they were old and time had passed.

This motivated me.


Because I thought to myself…

I don’t want to look back at life with regrets.

And we only have a limited amount of time left.

But every day we procrastinate on something, we really are letting our dreams slip by, aren’t we?

And one of the biggest things which forces us to procrastinate on our dreams is those green and gold dollars.

Without the green and gold, we cannot travel… we cannot take our kids on holidays… we cannot get that renovation we are looking for … we cannot send our kids to private schools.

It stops us from moving forward.

But if we remove the bottlenecks and can create the income we need,  that all changes.

Of course, muney isn’t everything.

But when you watch the scene from the movie, UP, that I am referring to, you will realise that it makes a big difference.

So make the decision now to enjoy a life without regrets.

Take action. Take risks.

Get your hands on and write a killer ad.

Or hop on over to and uncover over a dozen ways of getting new business both online and offline.

And if you want a little added motivation, go to your local video shop tonight and get out the movie, Up.

You’ll be glad you did.

Aside from that scene, it’s an awesome, inspiring and heartful movie.

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