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One of the things I have noticed over the years is that nobody… and I mean nobody… has ever said to me after I quoted a price…

“Scott, you are worth far more than that. Let me pay you 20% more”

How about you?

Ever had that happen?

How about the other way around? Ever had someone try and knock down your price.

This of course… happens all the time… and is just a part of business.

I can’t say I have ever suggested to someone I paid that they should raise their rates either.

So while there are commercial realities to business.

And while nobody is ever going to pay you $500 an hour to do a $20 an hour job…

The key to getting what you are worth is working like crazy to get really, really good at what you do…

Or create the best products possible…

to truly know the value you provide…

And then raise your rates accordingly.
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After all, nobody is going to ever give you permission.

You must do it for yourself.
I can remember the time I asked for $38 an hour when I had previously only been paid $15 an hour.

I felt like a fraud.

I felt like I was going to be found out.

But I wasn’t.

I had just been devaluing my services and skills up to that point.

And nobody ever complained.
And now, I look back and wouldn’t get out of bed for the amount I thought I wasn’t good enough to earn.

Of course, you cannot do this without substance.

Nobody is going to pay $200 for toilet paper they can buy from woolworths for $5.
And there is an “apprentice” stage with every profession.

But if you can deliver something unique… if  you can deliver something which truly holds value… if you can deliver something very few people can deliver…

Then don’t fall into the trap of devaluing what you’re worth.
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Of course, the main reason people do this is because they don’t know how to get enough customers…

So they accept the crumbs others are willing to throw them…

Rather than demanding the gold.

How about you? Do you feel you are getting what you are worth for your products and services?

If not, it’s time to master another craft.

The craft of getting more customers which you can find out all about at:

Remember, supply and demand determines the value  of everything.

So make sure you develop skills which have little  supply and lots of demand.

And then lift your self-esteem up a notch and charge what you are worth.

Because nobody else is going to give you permission other than yourself.

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Before I get started on today’s rant, you should know that as a result of the success of last weeksteleseminar…
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I am going to be holding another one next week.

The topic: How to get more traffic and customers via internet marketing.

The guy I’ll be interviewing: James Schramko.

Why I’m interviewing him: I spent an hour on the phone with him last Friday and he gave me an idea which I believe will quite literally change my business life forever and put hundreds of thousands of dollars in my pocket.
Believe me, this guy is no pretend expert – he really knows his stuff.

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Anyway, back to my rant…

There are business owners out there who treat their suppliers like sh**

And there are business owners who treat their suppliers with the utmost respect.

Let me explain why I think the latter is far better than the former.

Not only is it the right thing to do, but when you treat your suppliers well, you will get more out of them.

I myself am a supplier to many business owners. So let me give you an example from my own experience.
When I first started my business, things were far from easy.

And while many of the people I met were tough on me because I was in a desperate state at the business start up

There was one guy – Ray Milton from M & M Pest Control – who saw my potential, trusted my advice and gave me a shot.
He treated me well. And we got some exceptional results.

And even though it often takes me days to get back to people these days due to my busy schedule I’ll always make time for Ray.

And one of the things I have found over the years is most consultants who are worth their salt get busier and busier and busier.

But they always make time for the clients who treat them right.

And the clients who treat their suppliers right generally get better results, too.

In the book I am reading by Steven Scott right now, he talks about the time when their business almost went under.

And guess who helped pull them out of it?

Their suppliers who they had supported over the years.

Why did they do it?

Because they treated them like princes rather than like slaves.

These days I have many suppliers myself.

And while I don’t always have a lot of time to chat, I know the key to a successful business is toget the right people on your bus.
And that’s why when I fight the right people, I do what I can to be fair & reasonable in order to keep them and make it a pleasant working relationship.
Of course, I am far from perfect. I am busy. I often don’t have much time.
But over the years I have realised one thing: you can’t get to the top on your own. We all need the help of a team to assist us in getting there.
It goes without saying that you should treat your clients well.
But if you also treat your suppliers like princes rather than slaves, I think you’ll be well rewarded.

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I am reading a book by Steven Scott at the moment.
For the record, this guy has probably written more infomercials than anyone on the planet.

Anyway, I was laughing my head off yesterday when he was talking about how conventional ad agencies make their decisions about advertising.

They rely on market research, focus groups and surveys.

Now listen to what Steven Scott has to say about this:

“Those results are about as accurate and projectable as trying to hit a three-foot target from twenty thousand feet with a paper airplane.”

He continues:

“No wonder they are wrong more often than they are right. In my opinion,  most of the time that they are right, it’s because of the broken clock theory. (You know: even a broken clock is right twice a day)”

Now I found Steven’s candidness very entertaining.
(by the way the books name is a Millionaire’s notebook) and while I am by no means an expert in market research and I am sure it has its place (I have a relative who does it for a living who will probably disagree with me) I will say this:

Nothing can ever beat testing.

And whenever anyone argues with me about anything when it comes to advertising, my answer is always:


But what about this?


But that won’t work.


But I think you are full of S**T


Because at the end of the day you can do all the market research you want… all the surveys you want… and have all the opinions you want.

But the only thing which matters is…

When you have written and run that ad, does it make the phone ring?

Because that’s when the customer votes with their wallet.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am a massive fan of research.

In fact, I always do a significant amount of research before writing an advertisement.

And wherever there is market research available, I would pay attention to it.

But what a lot of companies do is spend so much time and money on creating this whiz bang campaign.

And they think they know it all.

So they think they don’t have to test.

But remember this:

Testing is the GOD of direct mail.

Not market research, surveys or anything else.

Because the bottom line of advertising is: when you run it, will it make you money?

Here’s what I recommend you do instead of spending thousands of dollars on market research…

Learn how to write advertising by getting your hands on my step-by-step guide at

Ask your target market a few research questions to get inside their heads

Write 6 ads

Test those ads spending the least amount possible Run with the one which works best.

This isn’t brain science, guys.

And it isn’t reserved for those super smart marketing guys in big  corporations.

It’s just a simple, logical process which has been proven to work over and over and over again.

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