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Yesterday, I received an email from a good friend of mine, Peter which read…

Hey mate,

Not sure if you are aware of this, or indeed, you think I may be interested in [COMPANY NAME] Insurance,
but it is coming off your facebook somehow.

When’s a good time to chat again mate?



Apparently, I was recommending all of these companies I had never heard of. Here’s how the email read…

Scott suggested you like NAME – COMPANY NAME.

To see more details and confirm this invitation, follow the link below:

The Facebook Team

Anyway, I emailed a couple of people I know who also followed me on facebook to see if they had seen
anything and they said that “yes, they had.”

So it looks as though somebody’s hacked into my account somehow and is using me recommend all of
these products and services.

Now I love Facebook, but just like email or any technology there are going to be people who misuse it.

It’s what I would call an unethical joint venture.

The reason why they would be doing this is that having someone you know recommend you is more powerful than any other strategy.

Unfortunately, when it is done this way it p****s everyone off, particularly me. I was livid.

But the good news is you don’t need to be unethical to do joint ventures.

You just need to ask and make an attractive offer to someone.

For instance, when I had my hairdressing salon many moons ago, we had the local gym give their good
customers a gift voucher.

They would bring in a gift voucher for $50… and spend $150 on a treatment.

The customer wins.

The business owner who refers wins because they get goodwill with the customer.

And I won because I received a new customer who could potentially be worth thousands of dollars with
me without spending a cent on advertising.

The bottom line is there is no more effective way to promote your business than via ethical joint

But joint ventures are trickier to set up than you think.

Which is why lesson #2 of walks you through exactly how to do it step-by-step and gives you real samples.

And the best part is, if you order today I’ll send you lesson #2 right away so you can start making joint
ventures as soon as next week.

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My Skype speaker stopped working a week or two ago and I haven’t had a chance to rectify the situation.

So yesterday I went into an electronics store to get it fixed.

And while I was there I thought “I’ll also check out some kettles.”


Because when my wife and I were married we received as a gift (from our wedding registry) a kettle which makes so much noise
I swear one day the neighbours are going to put in a complaint.

Anyway, as I was looking at these kettles, I saw this sticker on one of the Breville kettles and it said “Shhh… noise reduction

Here’s how I made my buying decision –

Noise reduction technology – tick!
A well known brand – tick!

I’m in. I’m sold.

And now that kettle is sitting in our kitchen.

So what’s your point Bywater – why the heck do I want to know about how you bought a damn kettle.

It’s really quite simple.

Breville obviously did some research.

And the no doubt found that I am not the only person with this problem.

Perhaps they found there were a number of people who were seriously annoyed about these damn noisy kettles.

So they put that on their packaging.

And they are probably making more sales as a result.

How about you – have you done your research? Have you asked your customers the right questions? Are you targeting your
marketing based on the needs of your customers?

If not – why not?

It’s really quite simple. Just start asking your customers today about their main frustrations with products or services like yours… the main benefits they are after… etc.

Listen to their answers… find out what they want… and then master the skills in to communicate how your product or service can deliver on their needs.

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Have you ever been stuck for ideas… or felt stagnant… or not known what to do to increase your business?

I sure have.

And one of the best ways I have found to get unstuck is to either pick up a book or learning program and get ideas from it…

Or ask those around me for ideas and tips on what to do to overcome those challenges.

And that’s something we can all do, isn’t it?

Here’s a little idea you might want to implement into your business.

Get everyone from your business together and ask everyone in the room to provide three examples of how they would improve some part of your company.

They don’t have to give those answers immediately.

Give them a few minutes to think about it.

Then write those ideas down and prioritise them into action steps.

Do it yourself as well.

You’ll be amazed at what you come up with.

Of course, you could rephrase the question each week and have a weekly meeting on different aspects of your business.

You could even ask the question:

What could we do to get more customers. If I was in your company my 3 answers would be…

1. Learn and implement more than one dozen strategies in

2. Turn your sleeper ads into blockbusters by getting your hands on

3. Stop making internet mistakes and start making online profits by getting your hands on

Of course, I am biased. But with results like these – – I kind of think I have a right to be 😉

Seriously, though. Think about what would happen if in week 1 you asked everyone the question:

Week 1: What can we do to improve some aspect of our company?

Week 2: What can we do to get more customers?

Week 3: What can we do to be more productive?

Week 4: What can we do to offer better customer service?

Week 5: What can we do to follow up on leads and convert more of them into customers?

… I think you get my point. It’s really a powerful process.

And the good news is: all the ideas don’t have to come from you. You can spread the load across your entire business and everyone will appreciate being involved at a higher level.

And if you are just a one-person business, ask this question to your husband, wife or partner (as well as yourself) once a week. You may be amazed at some of the feedback you receive.

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