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Over the last couple of weeks, I sent out an email saying sales without marketing is Dumb.

And while that’s true, it’s also true that in the majority of businesses, marketing without sales is
also going to be leaving a lot of cream on the table.

In fact, I was listening to a Dan Kennedy CD recently where Dan was saying he didn’t like
telemarketing because it didn’t fit into his lifestyle…

And Ron LeGrand was saying he loved telemarketing because if he didn’t do it he would lose about 50% of his sales…

Truth is, both are important.

And just like a car needs both a motor and wheels to get anywhere, your business probably needs
marketing as well as sales.

But contrary to popular belief, the sales part of the equation doesn’t need to be hard sell.

It doesn’t need to involve asking confronting questions… bamboozling your prospect with clever
answers to their objections… and then using silence to apply pressure.

Well, not according to Wayne Berry. And he should know, he’s been in the game for 32 years and has shared the stage with Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Dr. Denis Waitley, James Rohn and many other internationally renowned speakers.

In fact, here’s what Brian Tracy had to say about Wayne…

“Wayne Berry is one of the finest sales and negotiating skills trainers in the world today. His
ideas, insights and techniques are fast acting and will enable you to achieve immediate results”

And the good news is Wayne is going to be joining me on a webinar, next Wednesday, 6th October at 12pm to show you how to get more sales in the age of integrity.

If you want to join us and have your sales questions addressed by Wayne, just go to:


I am sure you have heard of compound interest. Well, the same happens in sales and marketing.

In marketing, by making small shifts to the number of leads you generate, your conversion rate, your average sale, you can make exceptional shifts in your profit margin.

And it works the same in sales. In fact, Wayne is going to break the sales process down to several
different categories and show you how a small shift in each one of these micro areas can make a SIGNIFICANT shift to your bottom line.

Anyway, hope you can make it next Wednesdsay.

Go to now to lock in your seat as there are only 100 spots available and with Wayne’s kind of profile, I’m expecting it to fill up quickly.

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Want to get an extra 6-8 hours of productivity every day?

Then try this little trick…

Every night before you go to sleep, ask for an idea.

For instance, if you are writing an advertisement, say to yourself…

I really need an idea for this headline.

And then forget about it, turn off the light and enjoy a well earned rest.

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it.

I mean how can you do anything while you are asleep.

You’re dead to the world, right?

Well, not quite.

Your subconscious mind is actually ensuring…

Your blood is pumping
You are breathing
Your body temperature is being monitored

And dozens of other things are happening to keep you alive. So surely it can work out a headline or two for you by the morning, right?

There is a statistic quoted at some seminars that we only use 10% of our minds.

And this is a way to use more of it.

Of course, if you flood your mind with more education about how to get more customers and write winning ads then your mind will have more to draw on while you’re flat on your back and enjoying dreamland 😉

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On Saturday, I went to a bike shop with my family to purchase a new bike for my son who is now so very proud that he can ride his bike.

And loves going down hills and turning the pedals and getting his first taste of “having wheels.”

Anyway, when we got there the guy at the shop was talking to us about this brand called Giant.

Now my wife and I hadn’t heard of Giant as we are not really bike people.

So my wife was like: Who are Giant?

And that’s when the sales guy had the right answers right on the tip of his tongue to answer our objection.

But it wasn’t just answers, it was the undeniable proof which could not be argued with.

I forget the exact figures, but in a nutshell he told us…

– A high percentage of riders on the Tour De France used these bikes.

– They manufacture a high percentage of bikes across the world.

So tell me, why were we so convinced in a matter of seconds?

It’s really quite simple: He gave us COMPELLING PROOF.

Had he said…

Giant is great because each bike has 36 gears… and we sell a lot of them and I personally love them… etc, etc.

… it would have been like “so what” and felt like a hypey sales pitch.

But when you are presented with the facts… the proof… he presented us with… it’s difficult to argue with.

So my question to you is: how much research have you put into your project to get facts like this which simply sell your product or service in an instant… and overcome objections so easily?

If you haven’t, then when would now be a good time to do something about it?

You’ll find plenty of other ready-to-apply advertising tips just like this when you get your hands on

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