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90 minutes with this man could be worth thousands!

Sounds like hype, doesn’t it?

But that’s only because you haven’t met Scott Hallman, the guy who has shared the stage with Michael Basch (Co-Founder of Federal Express), Brian Tracy, Chet Homes, Jay Conrad Levinson, Jay Abraham and Anthony Robbins.

Anyway, I’ve gotten to know Scott while working on a project this year – and several months ago I asked him for a favour. I asked him if he would share the same breakthrough profit generating system he has only shared at $10,000 per person events and to the exclusive SANG group of 200 top business trainers and authors… with my subscribers.

The good news is he agreed. He even agreed to open the doors on his all new Hourglass Profit Acceleration System that his team has invested months successfully field testing with over 20 companies ranging from $100,000 to $50 million in

Nobody breaks marketing down to the kind of specific details that Scott does. And when you follow his recommendations, one thing is for sure – you’ll enjoy rapid, predictable profits.

Interested to know more? Then block out your diary for 11:30am, Thursday December 9th, (Sydney AEST time)  because leading strategist, Gilbert Francois, will be interviewing Scott Hallman on a FREE 90-minute profit acceleration webinar  where they guarantee to show you how to make a minimum of $10,000 in additional profits to your business
– with little extra money, time, risk or effort.

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The best part is there’s ZERO SELLING

That’s right. Only subscribers to my newsletter will be on this webinar. It’s a pre-launch beta test and therefore Scott and Gilbert won’t be selling anything. Instead, they’ll be sharing the latest strategies they have used to help thousands of clients around the world identify instantaneous profit opportunities they can easily implement to produce measurable results.


To give you an idea of the power of what you’re about to learn, Scott was recently the featured speaker at two major high profile business growth seminars where attendees paid $10,000 for him to share with them this exact same information he is
offering you for free.

At the end of each of those 2 (Workshop Style Presentations), Scott asked the participants to conservatively estimate the financial impact the strategies would have on their businesses the very moment they applied them. 980 participants
responded and said they uncovered over $80 million dollars in new profit streams. And these were profits they could instantly generate WITHOUT making any significant changes to their businesses.

The strategies Scott gave them simply optimised what they were already doing (or overlooking) within their businesses! $80 million dollars equates to more than $81,000 for each attendee!!

He will personally guarantee that you too have an untapped fortune sitting in your business right now. Unfortunately for you, every day that goes by means that you’re losing a portion of that hidden fortune… and it’s a portion you can never recover…
EVER! But Scott and Gilbert can show you how to discover it in less than 90 minutes.

To ensure you don’t get locked out, click here now to register.

PS. 91% of participants find a MINIMUM of $10,000 in pure, low hanging fruit profit from this Webinar… and the average is $81,000. So at the minimum $10,000, that means you “earn” $6,667 an hour for being on this 90 minute call!!!

PPS. This Webinar is a “sneak preview” and this VIP invitation is only going to business owners and CEOs on our list. Register NOW to reserve your spot.

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There’s a term which salespeople go by these days. It’s called a sales ‘professional.’

But my experience with watching salespeople over the years is this term is used very loosely.

Let me explain: If you look at cricket professionals like Ricky Ponting, Mike Hussey or Michael Clarke.

… or Rugby League professionals like Mark Gasnier, Johnathon Thurston or Benji Marshall…

… you will find that they train hard. They go back and watch their plays… they study their competition and they take time to practice,  practice, practice…

But how many salespeople do that?

My bet is it would be less than 10%, probably less than 5% and ultimately less than 1% who do it properly.

I believe we as business owners can learn a lot from sports professionals.

For instance, if you are a salesperson (and we all are at one level or another) how much time do you invest…

Reading sales books

Practicing and rehearsing your presentation

Recording your presentations and reflecting on how you could handle them better

Setting up systems to develop stronger relationships


If you aren’t doing these things. If you don’t have a plan in place to make yourself better in all of the different areas of sales and
marketing,  then I don’t think you can consider yourself a professional.

It’s amateurs who train once a week, then rock up for the game and hope for the best.

Not professionals.

But there’s some good news in all of this.

If you’re not yet a professional and are doing okay right now, what would happen if you turned pro?

Now that’s a thought to ponder.

And the first thing you can do right now to turn pro is to work out how to get your clients chasing you rather than you chasing them…

And you’ll learn how to do that in the first lesson of

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Want to know how to double your sales?

It’s really quite easy. Think about it: what creates sales?

Spending more time in front of people who can actually buy, right?

So breaking it down to the ridiculous, the best way to double your sales is to spend double the time in front of people who can say yes to you.

But how do you do that?

It’s really quite simple –

There are two things you can do.

Firstly, outsource everything you can which doesn’t involve sales and marketing – sending invoices, running around doing busy work, making pointless phone calls, etc.

Second, get systems in place which do all the grunt work for you. So rather than you making cold calls, get people to call you. Then get them to qualify themselves. Then make them jump through an additional hoop before they can meet with you.

That way you are only speaking to serious people.

And the more serious people you speak to the more you will make.

It’s all basic mathematics, really.

Why don’t most people do it?

Because they are either cheap… they would prefer to do it themselves than back themselves and hire someone to do all the things in their business which aren’t sales and marketing related.

Or because they don’t have the systems in place to attract readers to them magnetically. But now there’s no excuse because you can get a step-by-step template ad which will attract the right type of clients to you right now by hopping along to

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