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Before I get started on today’s rant, I just wanted to give you a heads up that Scott Hallman’s “Speed 2 Profits” webinar will be taken down at midnight tonight.

If you haven’t seen it or downloaded it to your ipod yet, you can do so by hopping along to

And as of now, there’s only 2 coaching spots left for the offer made on the call so if you’re interested, try and watch it sooner rather than later as they’ll probably be gone by this afternoon.

Ok, back to my rant (and how I love ranting)…

Today I want to talk about this TV series my wife got me into earlier this year.

It’s called True  Blood and it’s a vampire show which has won a number of awards.

Now I’ve never been into vampire shows. They have just never appealed to me. But this one was really well written and directed – and I got hooked.

A good thing too – because getting into a book or movie or something like that allows me to switch off at night rather than obsessing about work… work… work.

Anyway, today I would like the “real” type of Vampires.

Vampires in our world which suck the life out of us…

There are time vampires who will chew up your most valuable resource and leave you wondering where all your time went.

There is fast food which sucks all the goodness out of your cells and leaves you undernourished with cancer, type II diabetes or some sort of man-made disease.

There are people who when you finish a conversation with you simply feel drained and like crap.

And there is excess stress which sucks the life out of you and causes all sorts of emotional and physical problems.

Yes, there are enough real vampires out there to not have to worry about the pretend ones.

My advice – avoid them whenever possible. You can choose healthier food. You can choose better friends and colleagues. You can choose how you invest your time.

But most people in business are so desperate to get the sale they spend time with “time vampires” who are not qualified and simply chew up their time without giving them any rewards.

Let me explain: when I started out I used to cold call. I would jump on the phone and call people, get an appointment and then go and meet face-to-face, one-to-one…

Only to deal with someone who was sceptical and didn’t know me from a bar of soap, was sceptical and sometimes negative – making my conversion rate quite low.

Today things are different…

People contact me… they are pre-qualified… pay for my time… and then a large percentage (rather than a small percentage) turn into sales.

It’s a much better way of doing business.

But you can’t do it without the right systems. The good news is I’ll walk you through the systems you need to get prospects to contact you so you can develop a strong relationship before you meet with them when you get your hands on

That way you won’t feel like you are being sucked dry by a vampire. You’ll instead be dealing with someone who likes you, trusts you and wants to buy from you.

And that’s better for both you and your customers.

P.S. Today is my last official day of work. I finish off at 3pm  and am off to the coast for a couple of weeks. I may send a few updates while I’m away, however if you don’t hear from me I’d like to wish you a fantastic time over the holiday season and a happy new year.

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Back when I was a Byron Bay Hippie, I used to drive this beat up rust-bucket of a car which had a sticker on it which said “You are that” or something of the sort…

Anyway, for some reason I couldn’t quite work out at the time I would always seem to be getting pulled over by the police.

Once when I was driving through Grafton and the muffler had fallen off making my car sound like a  Formula One super Machine (until you saw it)…

And another time I can remember was just when I was driving out of Byron Bay going from a 60 to an 80 zone…

When I saw those blue lights and was pulled up for speeding.

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Anyway, in my youth I had received a handful of fines for doing U-Turns in the wrong places and stuff like that…

But my father (who was a good driver and never got any fines) had written a letter several months before where the fine was reversed.

Now I must have had a copywriters brain in my head back then as well because I adapted his letter for
myself and got off that fine as well.

And saved myself a few hundred dollars.

A few months later after receiving another fine (yes, interestingly enough I had 2 points left on my licence until I met my wife. Since then I haven’t had a fine for about 8 years. But that’s another story) I decided to try the letter out again.

Did it work?


I received the rejection letter and had to pay it.

So what’s the lesson in this.

There are two:

Firstly, you might be able to fool someone once by writing great copy but then not having the goods…

But you won’t be able to play the same trick again.

Webinar Recording available until midnight tomorrow: Join Scott Hallman and Gilbert Francois to learn how to make a minimum of $10,000 in additional profits in your business – with little extra money, time, risk  or effort. Watch or listen to it now at:

It amazes me that some companies create great advertising and go to all the efforts to get someone into their shop or business.

And then don’t deliver a stellar service.

After all, the purpose of a sale is not so much to get the income in the bank… it’s to win a lifelong client.

But if you offer a shoddy product, the customer might be fooled once.

But they won’t be fooled again.

The second message is that modeling other writing that works can both save and make you money.

And that’s why I’ve included a bundle of examples in my step-by-step program for writing a killer ad
or sales letter available at

Get this program, put together an advertising system which works and offer a great product or service and you simply cannot lose.

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If you weren’t able to make last Thursday’s LIVE webinar with Scott Hallman, I have some good news for you.

You can check it out by hopping along to

I know you’re probably very busy in the lead up to Christmas, but this information is life-changing.

In fact, on this webinar Scott and Gilbert will show you how to make a minimum of $10,000 in additional profits in your business with little extra, money, time, risk or effort.

I’m not kidding. By making just tiny 3% shifts within certain aspects of your business, Scott will show you how to add significant dollars to your bottom line..

Without spending more on advertising
Without doing a pay per click campaign
Without hiring additional staff

… through his Hourglass Profit Acceleration System which his team has invested months successfully
field testing with over 20 companies ranging from $20,000 to $50 million in revenue.

You’ll just love how he breaks down all those marketing ideas you’ve heard into doable, specific
chunks which can actually be implemented in a systematic way.

Anyway, I’ll have the webinar up for the next 48 hours or so at

And you can either watch it online or download it to your ipod.

One more thing – it’s important. Scott Hallman rarely does webinars.  And as someone who has shared the stage with Michael Basch (Co-Founder of Federal Express), Brian Tracy, Chet Homes, Jay Conrad Levinson, Jay Abraham he certainly knows what he’s talking about.

In fact, he shares this kind of information at Anthony Robbins Business Mastery event and Eben Pagan’s Altitude seminar. If you want to get it all without charge, simply hop along to

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