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Interesting subject line from a guy like me, don’t you think.

Especially given that I sell products like this one.

But let me explain by reflecting back on my hippy days in Byron Bay when I tried to take up surfing. It kind of went like this…

I was in the sun one day when one of the guys I was living with came down for a surf. I said to him: “Can you show me how to surf?”

He showed me a few things and then I decided to give it a go…

I got out there for about 3 minutes… And then being a lazy hippy, thought…

Stuff this – I can’t be bothered.

It kind of reminds me of an email I received from a guy several months ago.

He had created some ads and they didn’t work – invested $200 on them and was wondering why. Heck,
he had even used the free report strategy I recommend.

But it was comparable to a surfing instructor asking you to stand one way…

And then getting a few of the key components wrong. Standing in the wrong place, etc.

Here’s the thing: If you want to be a great surfer, you need to model the surfing instructor closely. You can’t do it “approximately” – you need to do it exactly.

And it’s the same with advertising. You’ve got to advertise to the right market.

You’ve got to have a great headline. You’ve got to have a great offer. Get any one of these components wrong and you are going to nosedive into the water, wondering what happened.

But here’s what some people do in advertising: they blame the instructor (oh, that Bywater is full of ****)
Or they say – heck, surfing doesn’t work.

Of course, this isn’t true.

If that was the case, then nobody would be able to surf. And nobody would be advertising week in and week out. Nor would any my clients be getting results like this.

When anything doesn’t work – it is usually because of something we are doing. And the key is to analyse what we are doing, look at why it’s not working –

And then CHANGE IT.

That’s how you get the sort of results you’ll find at

But you’ve got to understand the basics first.

So decide today to gain mastery of the basics of what makes advertising work, by clicking here.

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Think about this for a moment: what’s the key to success in marketing?

It’s getting noticed, right?

And what’s the key to getting noticed?

It’s being interesting.

Now a tough question for you: how interesting are you?

Are you running for President like Donald Trump? Are you taking trips around the world on your helicopter like Dick Smith? Are you taking impossible trips on a hot air balloon like Richard Branson?

As business owners, many of us won’t do this…

But we can still be interesting.

We can send out interesting newsletters to our subscribers and clients… we can write interesting press releases… we can keep in touch with our top clients with interesting information. And we can…


Pick up a newspaper when you get a chance and look at the ads: they all look pretty, they all look the same… they all look pretty damn boring, don’t they?

They have big, pretty logos. A few things about what they do. A few pretty pictures – and that’s about it.

And if you write them, guess who will like them – your mum, your dad, your friends, and you. But your customers sure won’t.

If you use these strategies your mum, your dad, your friends and you will probably hate the look of your ad…

Even your customers might.

But they will respond because your ad will be interesting and appeal to their needs.

Think about it like this – who do you notice when you walk down a busy street?

The guy in the suit like everyone else? Or the person that dresses differently.

It’s  your choice.

Be boring and be poor. Or be different and get rich.

One things for sure, you don’t get results like these by doing the same boring thing as everybody else.

If you’re okay with being different… okay with having your friends and family hate your ads while you bank the green stuff, then check this out.

If you’re not, then go and pick up a boring rehashed advertising book which will tell you what you want to hear – written by one of those stuffy Madison Avenue types – from your local bookshop.

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There are plenty of ways to market your business.

Think about it: social media, Google Adwords, Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing,  Direct Mail – the list goes on.

But despite everything you know and have tried, do you still find you have poor lead response rates, poor sales conversion, lack of client loyalty, and poor profitability?

Are you spending too much time working IN your business, and not enough time working ON your business? Do your advertising dollars dribble out low quality leads?

And do you find it tough to gain your prospects trust, as they continue to purchase from competitors selling inferior products?

Then I want you to pay close attention to a seminar called the Speed 2 Profits Immersion Workshop that’s coming to Australia from the 22nd to 24th July. You can find out more & get your early bird gifts by clicking here.

And let me tell you why you should: I used to think I knew a lot about marketing and running a business. I had read all the books… been to all of the seminars.

But my business had been stagnant.

That’s when I met Scott Hallman.

What makes him different is he breaks everything down into step-by-step pieces and shows you how you can double your business by making tiny little one and two percent changes in key areas – without spending an additional cent on advertising.

It’s all proven. He’s field tested the Speed2Profits system with companies in over 30 industries, including Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes companies, and conducting live 90 minute workshops and on one occasion for 980 business owners, who collectively found over $80M in new, low hanging fruit profit streams.

The only problem is his strategies are boring. He’s not going to talk about all the hot and shiny topics like social media or try to get you to change what you are doing now. In fact, he’s going to show you exactly why you can double your profits…

Without spending thousands of dollars on advertising to generate new leads Without having to start a new  pay-per click or direct mail campaign or any new marketing channel And without putting on extra staff

And he’s going to prove it to you for FREE.

That’s right, when you click here you’re going to get a series of videos from his presentation at Eben Pagan’s  $10,000 a head “Get Altitude” event where he explains his approach in detail (yes, you  get the full unedited video).

And guess what?

Over 90% of the attendees agreed that by following Scott’s Profit Generating presentation, they would add an additional profit stream of at least $10,000 to their business … and many $50,000, $100,000 and even $1M – without spending an extra cent on marketing.

I know you’re probably sceptical. But just consider this – Scott has already built companies that have twice been named in the prestigious Inc 500 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies (#59 & #106) and took a start up businesses from $0 to $85M in 21 months (worth a whopping $1 Billion)…

And hundreds of business owners have used his powerful “field-tested” strategies which are applicable to EVERY company, regardless of size (his clients range from start ups to $6B) or industry (he’s worked with over 237different industries – B2B, Internet, B2C, Dr’s, industrial, retail, service, etc, from all over the world).

Anyway, you can’t register for the event just yet… That’s because  The Australian Institute of Success and Scott Hallman want you to come for free. How? by helping you generate the enrolment fee (and all travel costs) in advance, before you even get there.

I highly recommend you get your hands on Scott’s free gift by clicking here.

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