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Take a moment to check out the video above.

Watch the video with an open mind, noticing all the copywriting lessons that are contained therein.

Here’s an infomercial review of all the things you can learn from this video.

·         You’ll notice Mr. T is an interesting character with a difference.

·         You’ll notice there’s a study audience clapping all the time (social proof).

·         You’ll notice it’s entertaining and fun.

·         You’ll notice it brings up the objections nicely – and covers them.

·         You’ll notice it brings up the benefits – compact, convenience, fast – in a conversational way.

·         You’ll notice the specifics – cooks in 16 minutes.

·         You’ll notice the unique terminology – tornado like air-flow.

So next time you can’t sleep – make use of your time with a free copywriting lesson on TV – and do your own infomercial review.

Of course, to find out over a dozen ways to implement these psychological triggers using specific strategies within your business – you might like to check out

All for now,

Scott Bywater

P.S. What else did you notice? Leave your comments below and let’s learn from each other…

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I was at one of my son’s friend’s birthday parties last year – and chatting with one of the fathers about the movie about Mark Zuckenberg and Facebook.

And he said…

I think everyone gets that one magic idea in their life that could make them a millionaire.

And the thought that came to my mind was: he thinks there’s just one idea?

Truth is, there is far more than one idea – and that sort of thinking can really hold you back.


Because in my experience and from reading dozens of success stories, I have realised most people don’t understand the qualities of an entrepreneur that are required…

With each and every one of those who achieved exceptional success…

If they hadn’t have become successful with that idea – Would have probably made it some other way.

It isn’t the magic idea we need to be looking for.

It’s the magic attitude. The magic way of thinking. The magic determination. The magic of understanding who you are and how to best utilise your talents.

Those are the qualities of an entrepreneurs we must all harness.

I am going to be covering this in more detail – the power of our thinking and how to manage it – in a webinar that I’ll be holding in a few weeks with a guest expert.

But for now, just ask yourself:

Am I the right person to create wealth?

Because before you can have the money…


That’s right, first you must be the person who is magnetised to opportunity with the right attitude and thinking. Then you must do the right things to attract wealth (such as educating yourself, waking up early, managing your time, etc) before you can have what you want.

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