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What happens if you put a piece of rotten fruit in a bag with a bunch of good fruit?

It makes the other fruit rotten, that’s what?

And it’s the same with negative people…

If there are negative people anywhere in your “bag” (or circle of influence) who drain or divert your mental energy, they will disrupt your flow and ability to create wealth.

You know the ones I am talking about…

Negative people

Gloom’n’Doom people

Whiners and complainers

They may be your friends, employees, vendors, clients or customers.

For instance, I had a friend years ago who was always whining about how difficult it was to make it in the music business. He was a guitar player, but he always talked about how he couldn’t make it…

One day, I stopped him in conversation and said: “Mate, Shut up. Stop. Enough.”

Probably not the most empathetic thing to do, and it wasn’t long before he exited my life, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

You must get rid of people like this – the temporary trauma and disruption is always worth it because not only do they poison your energy, but the people around you.

It’s intangible, but we all know how much people like this can affect our life.

So what do you do if you can’t get these people out of your life?

What do you do if they are a very close relative… or the best friend of your partner… or if it’s one of the parents on your son’s sports team?

This is just one of the things Marilyn Jenett will be covering on tomorrow’s webinar, Thursday 29th September at 12pm Sydney time.

You can register here:

Once you master the skills Marilyn will be sharing on this webinar, you will clear out all of the blocks which hold you back. Dealing with negative people is one example, but there are many, many others including…

·         Overload and confusion
·         Handling setbacks
·         “Economy Thinking” Sabotage

And much more.

Find out all about them tomorrow at 12pm – and give yourself an overwhelming advantage over your competition.

Register here:

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Imagine you hop in a taxi…

And you say to the taxi driver, take me to the Blue Mountains.

Then when you are half-way to the Blue Mountains, you change your mind and say:

No, no, no… take me to Sydney City…

Then just as you were on your way to Sydney city, you again change your mind and request to be driven to Hornsby.

How efficient are you going to be?

How quickly are you going to get where you want to go?

It’s going to take forever, right?

That’s if you stop giving mixed messages.

Otherwise, it could take forever and you may never reach your destination.

Unfortunately, this is the mistake we unknowingly make every day.

And the worst part is…


So while you’re working hard to build your business and create a better life for yourself, there’s a disruptive force that’s shutting down your ability to create opportunities & wealth.

It’s called your subconscious mind.

Napoleon Hill talks about the subconscious mind in Think and Grow Rich

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about how he used his subconscious mind to win Mr. Universe.

Left to its own devices, it can cause all sorts of chaos in your life – particularly with all the fear and worry floating around in recent economic times.


If you learn how to manage it, it can help you achieve your dreams faster and more efffortlessly than you ever imagined.

And that’s why I’m running the “Progression, not Recession” webinar with Marilyn Jenett this Thursday, 29th September at 12pm Sydney time.

To register, simply hop along to:

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There are behaviours that repel wealth, and that is how most people behave. And there are ways to behave to naturally attract wealth.

If you can learn to behave in a way that’s more of the latter than the former, then you are far more magnetic to money, wealth and the lifestyle of your dreams.

It’s all about action combined with thinking.

Because think about it: even thinking is an action – because you can choose to take conscious control over it.

But most people are engaged in automatic thinking.

For instance, if you were brought up to always think you would be broke after your holidays (like me, because that’s what I was told at the end of each holiday) you may tend to avoid them at all costs, without knowing why.

That’s what I did for years – never having a real holiday between the ages of 17 and 24, when I met my wife.

Everyone has these hang-ups in one way or another.

You might have been told…

You’ll always be broke… You’ll never amount to anything… Money doesn’t grow on trees… It’s a recession and everyone loses money in a recession, etc.

This sort of automatic thinking repels wealth, stopping you from attracting opportunities or even seeing the opportunities that are staring you in the face.

And if you don’t do something about it, you’re going to end up stuck there.

These thoughts are not going to disappear by themselves – and they’ll unconsciously sabotage many of your efforts unless you create a systematic plan to clear out the cobwebs in your own brain.

So how do you change all of this?

You’ve got to take action to radically change your beliefs and behaviour, that’s what. And you can take the first step by attending my “Progression, Not Recession – Prosper in any Economy” webinar this coming Thursday, 29th September at 12pm.

Simply register here:

But before you register – I want to give you a warning.

That’s right, a warning.

A lot of what prosperity coach, Marilyn Jenett, is going to share with you will be very hard to swallow. You’ll probably be tempted to reject it, because it runs contrary to everything you have been taught about what to believe.

It will probably make you uncomfortable. And while it’s natural to simply turn off and move away from anything causing you discomfort, a great deal of discovery and progress usually starts out with discomfort.

So if you’re feeling courageous this week (and ready to let go of your automatic thinking), I urge you to register here.

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