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It’s Halloween today.

And from what I can see, Australia is really starting to get into the spirit with all of the pumpkins and scary faces in the supermarket.

I even attempted to create my first pumpkin this year.

It looked good and was surprisingly easier than I imagined – however for some reason (it either got wet or I didn’t scoop the insides out well enough) it died before Halloween got here – and even my 5 year old son suggested I throw it out.

Anyway, enough rambling. In true Halloween Spirit, it’s time to…


And the best way to scare anyone isn’t by using scary words. It’s by revealing little known facts that prove stuff.

For instance, if you were going to sell a home, you should just hand it over to a real estate agent, right? And trust them, because they – after all – are the experts.

Not so fast.

Let me scare you into getting educated first…

According to a book by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner called Freakomonics, an agent keeps his own house on the market for an average ten extra days, waiting for a better offer, and sells it for 3% more than your house – or $10,000 on a $300,000 house.

That means you’d lose $10K by trusting the expert.

Why would the agent do that?

It’s really quite simple.

By gaining $10,000 more for you the agent will only pocket about $150 and it’s hardly worth the effort – they are motivated to get the quick sale.

Are agents bad people?

No, I’ve spoken to plenty of real estate agents over the years and they are nice people. However, like you and I  – they are motivated by incentives.

And it’s the same with advertising. So be aware of these traps…

The newspaper you buy your advertising from is motivated by incentives. Your SEO guy is motivated by incentives. Your consultants are motivated by incentives.

Everyone is.

And that’s why just like you should understand the ins and outs of the real estate market when you sell your home.

You should understand the ins and outs of advertising if you are going to invest money into marketing your business.

This is how you avoid the traps.

It’s also why I created this program.

And if you’re spending money on advertising (or plan to in the future), you’ll lose thousands by not knowing this stuff.

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I couldn’t agree more.

Despite what members of the “get rich quick” brigade tell you, business is tough and Steve Jobs is 100% correct when he says passion is what will see you through.

I’ve been reading & listening to a lot of biographies lately from people like Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Richard Branson.

And a funny thing happens when you read them.

You get a reality check.

And you stop being affected so much by pitfalls.

You learn to expect them…

Because they are par for the course.

The key is having a big enough vision to see you through them.

Steve Jobs had a huge vision – and a massive amount of passion.

What’s your vision?

How do you want to change the world?

My vision is to give business owners the tools to live their ultimate lifestyle.

And you know why?

Because I feel the pain of business owners who get into the game with absolutely no knowledge of how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

And then they struggle… earning less money than they would in a job while working twice as hard.

I’ve been there.

But with the right knowledge there is a way out.

When you get this program, you’re not buying a course

You’re going to own the key to better health… more time with your kids… more holidays… less stress and true freedom…

Just click here.

Combine your passion with the right knowledge and… KABOOM… you’ll  become unstoppable.

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There are two words which are dangerous to your wealth. They’ll hold you back. They’ll allow you to make excuses.
They’ll stop you from getting where you want to go.

Yes, those two words are…

“If only”

If only I had more time

If only somebody would give me a break

If only everyone would realise how good I am and give me more business

If only I had more money

Truth is, these two words are dangerous.


Because they don’t exist.

You don’t have more time. People are not giving you a break. You don’t have more money.

So stop thinking that you need that to turn things around for yourself…

Stop saying “if only”…

And start looking at the resources you have now.

Then jump outside the box and ask yourself: with the resources I have now…

How can I make things happen.

One of the best ways to start doing this is to get your hands on the right tools.

Like this one which Shows you how to easily attract more customers.

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