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Today I am going to hand you the keys to good advertising.

My wife loves those music shows like Australian Idol and X-Factor. I can take them or leave them. But I do learn something when I watch them.

And that is…

You can FEEL good music. You can tell whether music is good because it makes you feel a certain way.

This is also the key to good advertising.

And the more you read, the more you notice the difference. Yes, when you read a good ad or sales letter, it makes you feel emotions like frustration, desire, anger, guilt, pride, fear and love.

And it’s the same with music.

One of the things I notice from the judges on these shows is that the best musicians make you FEEL the music.

They connect with it. Their heart is in it.

And the best advertising does the same.

You read it and you say: I’ve got to have this.

I’ve got to learn how to get more customers because DAMN IT…


My family deserves more of my time. Life is short and I don’t want to settle for being anything less than I know I can be.

Don’t sell the product.

Sell what it gives your customer?

And do it with emotion. Show your passion.

For instance, this product is just words on paper.

But using it can change your life and…

Give you more time for your friends, families and favourite hobbies.

Allow you to spend more time working ON your business rather than in it.

Allow you to travel to amazing places like Greece, Hawaii, Fiji and Disneyland.

Reduce your stress levels and help you pay off your home faster.

Get it now.

Because once you hold the keys to good advertising in your hands, it can literally transform your income & life… faster than you ever imagined.

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As a kid, I remember going on holidays and hanging out with my parents, uncles, etc. and hearing all this stuff about rising petrol prices.

Apparently, they had risen to 49c a litre.

Now they are obviously far more than that, but I always look back at that conversation & think…


Of course, we are all guilty of it.

We all complain… bitch… whinge… gossip…

When we know we should be engaging in positive talk.

It seems that it’s just so magnetic to do so.

Even though it’s not only pointless, it actually causes our subconscious mind to work against us.

Today you hear people complaining about the cost of living… petrol prices… etc.

But why participate?

You can choose not to.

You can choose to talk about how tough things are in your industry.

Or you can choose to engage in positive talk, just get busy…

And start taking action.

You can start by getting your hands on this.

Remember, where you focus your attention…

Is where you’ll get results.

Focus on not having enough, and that will continue…

Focus on getting more customers, and you’ll attract that.

So go and check out this link now and make the decision to focus on positive talk going forward.

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Interestingly enough, after sending out yesterday’s email about long copy advertising I didn’t get any response from the “image advertising” guys. But here’s what a handful of other people had to say:

“So true long copy works image ads are like the fluff on a beer, makes the drink look good but your sure as heck can’t get pissed on it.” Peter Warde,

“Great email article! We get told our direct response ads are crap from colleagues, friends, family etc .I.E – not our customers. Our ads make money, plain and simple so that’s all that matters. The only people that get threatened by direct response ads are those who make a living from putting out branded ads that can’t be tested! Thanks again.” Nalisha Patel, Health Mastery.

Have to agree re: winning awards vs. selling product. Some years back John West ran an ad campaign for the freshness of their fish with the ‘underwater restaurant ‘theme. This campaign won awards but failed to improve sales. Where’s the sense in that?  The campaign failed! Why give it an award? If a company spends money on an advertising campaign its purpose is to sell more product not to win awards for the ad agency. These  agencies can be a self serving lot at times. Thanks.” Dan Holliday

And finally…

“I think you obviously have passion and it shows in your newsletters. And that’s what people need. PASSION. Good on you for sticking your neck out. Galileo was quartered and hung by the church because he dared to dream and be different.” Vincent Costanzo, Costanzo Brewing

Just a note on that last point from Vincent.

Galileo was quartered and hung by the church because he dared to be different.

Many people still live like that…

They live in fear.

But in the 21st Century, you can speak out… you can be different… you can make a difference… you can go against the majority… just like I’m doing with my long copy advertising debate.

Nobody is going to hang you…

Particularly if you can back yourself up with results like these.

So do the same with your marketing messages.

Speak the truth.

Challenge the status quo.

And decide now to start implementing direct response advertising into your business. You can click here to get started now for just $1 and begin attracting all the new customers you’ll ever need.

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