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It was just before Christmas that I met my wife.

She said I was a terrible dancer (I was also a terrible dresser, but let’s not go there) and she knew she loved me because she overlooked both of these facts.

But I’ve got into my groove over the years and can dance with the best of them.

To celebrate Christmas, I’ve put on a little show for you. Check out this video…

And watch me rock down the house.

Have a great Christmas, an awesome new year… and let’s use this time to celebrate what matters most… family and friends.

And make plans to run our business more efficiently in 2012, so we can make more money in less time… and spend more time with those that truly matter.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my “magical moves” by clicking here.
See you next year 😉

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Xmas is only days away… as is the New Year. What will make your 2012 better than 2011?

There’s one thing which really made a difference for me this year.

It reduced my stress levels.

It helped me get perspective.

It inspired me.

It gave me mentors.

Want to have a guess what it was?

It was reading biographies.

When you read biographies, you begin to discover that success takes effort… and you begin to expect challenges.

You become more resilient.

Because you begin to see that everyone…

From Steve Jobs to Walt Disney to Richard Branson (a few of the guys I have learnt from this year)…

Experiences their fair share of struggles.

Everyone goes through heartache.

And the primary difference between those who succeed and those who fail
is resilience.

It’s one thing to hear it… it’s another thing to read their stories.

So this Christmas…

Curl up with a good book (or download an audiobook to your smart-phone or MP3 player)

Read biographies and learn from the masters.

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How do you make better marketing decisions?

You need the right information.

For instance, I’ve always been a big cricket fan (and still am, despite Australia’s recent form ;-(

… and I was thinking the other day rather than giving batsmen one average in one day cricket, they should give them a few.

Let me explain: if a batsman comes in with less than 10 overs to play, he is under more pressure. He has to do the big hits.

He has to play a different game…

Than if he comes in to bat with 25 or 30 overs to play.

And his results should be measured accordingly.

His strike rate (speed) and average (runs) should be based on this.

What would this tell the coaches and selectors?

It would give them the data they need to make better decisions.

For instance, there may be players in the team who can score brilliantly under pressure… while others play much better when they are given more time… and cave in when they only have 5 overs to bowl.

The general rule is: the more specific the measurement… the better.

And the same goes with advertising.

Rather than just measuring the average value of your client (which most people don’t even do)

You should measure the average return on each ad you run.

You could then dig deeper and measure the average value of a client from each ad you run.

And then work out which one pays better.

On page 25 of Cashflow Advertising I’ll give you a sheet which you should use to measure EVERY single ad you run.

You should get it and photocopy it dozens of times.

It will help you make your ads SCIENTIFIC… instead of based on pot luck.

Combine that with all the strategies you’ll get (including 10 examples of winning ads based on my formula and my 13 advertising detective super questions) and you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.

Isn’t that worth risking $17 for?

And what better time than now… with the Christmas Holidays approaching.

Get it now.

And make 2012 the year you turn it all around.

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