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Today, try doing this little exercise.

Go to your local post office or newsagency, put your hand in your pocket and hand over 60 cents for a postage stamp.

Look at it closely.

Take it back to your office.

Give it a great big, wet lick.

And then stick it somewhere you’ll see it every day… perhaps on your computer or your keyboard.

Come on Bywater… HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND. Why on earth would I do that with a postage stamp… I’M BUSY.

For one reason: as a daily reminder of what the postage stamp teaches us.

You see, when you place a postage stamp on a letter…

It doesn’t jump onto the next letter.

It doesn’t look for greener pastures.

It knows its destination.

And it sticks with it until it gets there.

If we look at the number one talent of all successful people, it’s the ability to “stick to something” until they get where you want to go.

So use the postage stamp as a daily reminder of this.

And of course, if you want to fly “express post” you might want to get your hands on this.

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While I was super-tired yesterday and didn’t get a chance to catch the Australian Open Tennis Final…

And probably missed out on one of the best games ever…

I just love this time of the year for all the great sport on offer. And that includes the Cricket.
An interesting introduction this year has been the “Big Bash” … which is essentially state one-dayers played in previous years…

With the introduction of a few “celebrity players” and former Australian players on each team.

Warnie… Hayden… Chris Gayle… Brett Lee… Collingwood… etc.

The 20-20 format and a whole lot of promotion. Plus the memorable name of “Big Bash”

As a result…

It’s been a HUGE SUCCESS.

Could you do the same?

Could you take an ordinary product… add a bit of “celebrity factor” and boost your sales.

You bet you could.

A restaurant could get a local celebrity to speak and use them in their advertising, charging $40 a head and gaining some great exposure.

A security company could get a “tough” football player and pay him a fee to be featured in their ad.

Big companies have been doing this for years.

And there’s no reason why you can’t do it too.

Combine it with the advertising skills you’ll learn here.

… and you, too, could transform an average selling product or service to a best seller.

Just like the BIG BASH did in 2012.

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There are three stages of learning:

1.       Insight

2.       Action

3.       Transformation

Most people get stuck in stage 1… They get some insight and say “that sounds interesting”…

But they don’t actually act. And if you don’t act, you’ll never truly internalise the learning.

For instance, you’ve probably heard me say…

You should have multiple streams of generating customers. Not just one. Otherwise you rely on Google. Or telemarketing. Or phone directories, until you get…

And when you hear it again, you think… Bywater you fruitcake… I already know that.

But do you really?

Not if you haven’t DONE IT…

Because knowing and not doing is not knowing. When you truly learn something, you TRANSFORM. Your self-image changes.

And as Einstein says:
“A mind that has been stretched will never return to its original dimension”

So find out how to do what you know. Get your hands on this and learn how to turn your knowledge into action in 2012… to make your business AS SOLID AS A ROCK.


Just do it!

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