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There’s been a cold snap in NSW.

One day it was warm. The next day it was freezing. And there’s also been a fair bit of rain – which made me think about…


What would it be like to stand on the street corner selling umbrellas…


It would be tough, right?

Compare that to selling them when there is rain.

A piece of cake – would it not?


Because they provide a solution to an immediate problem.

You have entered the conversation already going on in your customers mind.

It’s rainy. It’s cold. I don’t want to get wet. Oh, there’s an umbrella.

But this doesn’t just apply to umbrellas and rain.

Not at all.

It also applies to virtually every product, service and problem.

After someone has a baby – they have a different conversation going on in their mind. The same with after someone gets knee pain, buys a new car, takes up a new hobby… or anything else.

Want to know the easiest way to be able to tell what’s going on in someone’s mind?

Look at what they are searching for online.

If they type in “how do I get my baby to sleep” it’s a dead giveaway. Same as if they type in “How do I fix the motor on my Ford”…

And you can find out how to be at the #1 spot when people type in these terms by clicking here.

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Let’s imagine you’re at a sports event and you’re like me, a bit of a health nut.

It might be the cricket, the rugby league, the Australian rules.

You don’t want to eat a pie or hot dog.

In fact, the menu is terrible.

It’s all overpriced junk – full of sugar and toxins.

After a couple of hours, though…


Really, really, really hungry.

What are you most likely to do?

That’s right – you’re most likely to eat, despite the fact you don’t really like the food.

Now let’s say you are not hungry at all…

And you’re at a fine restaurant with beautiful food.

But you’re already stuffed full of food.

Are you going to eat?

Probably not.

Truth is, without a hungry crowd eager for what you sell, it’s tough to sell anything.

The bottom line:

There is nothing more important when selling your products than having access to a starving crowd.

You’ve got to sell something your customers are HUNGRY for.

And on pages 58-59 & 64-67 of my advertising manual I show you exactly how to target the hungriest customers and identify the “hot spots” that’ll make them even hungrier…

Including three real examples (pages 65-66) of the sort of sales copy and language to use depending on the demographics you’re targeting.

This is Gold.

And you can get it by clicking here.

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Some people get annoyed with pitchy seminars where the presenters sell stuff from the stage. And that particularly amuses me when they are seminars about sales and marketing.


Because the pitch is often the most valuable part.

I remember, about a decade ago, when I was working for a seminar company who were promoting a number of really good sales educators. These guys were masters.

But at the end of many of these presentations a number of  people were “bitching” about the fact they were selling something from stage.


I mean isn’t that the most valuable part?

Here’s another way of looking at it: These professional salespeople weren’t charging an extra cent to show you their meticulously crafted sales pitch they had no doubt tested and tested over and over again.

The funny thing about all this is that the ones people complained about the most got the most sales.

So the next time someone pitches something to you, rather than complaining…


… because they are probably revealing some of their most closely guarded secrets.

P.S. I couldn’t end this email without a pitch of my own. If you want to learn how to get the ultimate leverage of “pitching in print” take a look at this.

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