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Last night I recorded a call with Wayne Berry, one of Australia’s leading sales coaches where he revealed his brilliant “stairstep-method” for handling objections and closing the sale which is going to be a part of the June edition of my bronze newsletter which all members will receive next month.

Anyway, I finished the call with my head buzzing from all the unique information he shared (and I’ve heard a lot of sales talks over the years), thinking my wife would be in bed.

But she was glued to the TV screen, watching “The Amazing Race”… Now I’ve heard about the amazing race, never really checked it out, but I was curious.

And here’s what was interesting –

The personalities on there were all different & distinct.

They had the two hot blondes.
The father and the daughter.
The dominatrix and her partner.
The Alpha males.
The hippy hairdressers.
And so on.

There was someone everyone could connect with. And they all had their own distinct personality and positioning.

This wasn’t by chance.

The producers of this show no doubt know what they are doing.

Just as shows like Sex in the City have four different personalities to connect with the different viewers, they do the same thing on reality TV as well.

Anyway, I want you to imagine all the companies in your industry are reality TV stars.

Do any of them stick out?

Probably not.

Fact is, they’re all probably very similar.

But what if you became the Alpha Male, Hippy Hairdresser or Dominatrix of your industry! Figuratively speaking, of course.

You’d probably be the ONLY one that stood out.

You see, one of the keys to winning the business is being dramatically different.

That’s what allowed all these guys to get such exceptional results.

But how do you be different?

How do you stand out?

How do you make yourself the only possible choice…


How do you stop competing on price?

By getting your hands on this.

And then turning to page 52 where you’ll find how three of the most successful companies of all time used their “dramatic difference” to turn an ordinary business into an extraordinary business.

Followed by a quick look at page 57 where you’ll discover 27 different ways to make your business stand out and get an overwhelming advantage over your competition.

Decide to be dramatically different today. Simply click here.

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It seems counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to get better results from your ads and sales letters is to become good at losing & make lots of mistakes.

I’m not joking.


Because the more you lose… the more mistakes you make… the more you learn.

That is, providing you take the time to reflect on why something didn’t work.

For instance, if you hire a staff member and they don’t work out you need to look at why they didn’t work out…
Was it a personality fit? Was it a culture fit? What didn’t happen in the recruitment process?

You need to ask these questions.

It’s the same with anything in life, really, isn’t it?

If you run in a marathon and pull out half way through – what happened in the training process? Were you prepared? Did you have the right shoes?

You’ve got to look at the reasons why.

And because you’ve experienced the emotion of “losing” you really “get” the learning, far more than someone just telling you something or giving you advice.

The same goes with advertising.

If you run an ad and it doesn’t work, you’ve got to analyse why – what mistakes did you make?

Problem is, most people don’t have the knowledge of how advertising works – to even know why.

Just as if you look inside the bonnet of a car, without a mechanic’s knowledge you simply won’t know what’s going on…

Without advertising knowledge, you won’t know why your ad, sales letter, google campaign, web site, etc. is failing.

But you can fix that by getting this.

When you get your hands on it, turn straight to page 25 for an extremely valuable sheet which allows you to accurately track the response of every ad you run. If an ad flops, you can simply run your eyes down the 13 point checklist on pages 31-34 to see what was missing.

The key to becoming good at losing is learning from your mistakes.

But you can’t learn without tracking what happened and knowing how to fix it.

And that’s why this program is critical to anyone who spends money on advertising.

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My wife loves the TV music show, “The Voice.”

So when I got home from playing squash with my mate Glenn last night (I’ve been trying for months and I got so close to beating him 😉 there she was watching it.

Anyway, one of the things I notice which comes up on that show a lot is this whole idea of an artist having their own laneway.

What do they mean by that?

They mean the artist is different to anything else out there.

They stand out.

They’re different.

They’re not just someone doing exactly the same thing as everyone else.

Make sense?

And that’s what you’ve got to do as well.

If you’re a carpet cleaner, have you positioned yourself the same as everyone else… where you are a commodity – chosen on price – instead of a monopoly?

The same goes if you are a builder, florist, mechanic, etc…

You’ve got to find your own laneway.

You’ve got to find what makes you different.

You’ve got to be able to answer the question: why would I buy my product or service over my competitors?

No, the answer can’t be: “we offer great service” or “we’ve been around for 50 years”

You’ve got to actually prove what makes you different.

And show how you can deliver on the benefit the customer is after.

You can find out exactly how to do all that by clicking here – particularly page 52 where you’ll learn how three of the leading companies of all time used this strategy to catapult themselves to the top of their industry.

And page 57 where you’ll find 27 different “laneways” you can choose from.

This is the key to get an overwhelming advantage over your competition – and winning the business without having to haggle over prices.

Don’t miss out. Click here now.

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