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I was playing soccer with my son in the backyard yesterday when all of a sudden my left foot was in pain.

I could barely walk on it, unless I stood on my front toes.

Anyway, I went inside.

But then my son came out and said “Dad, I don’t know where the ball is.”

So I went out in the backyard to see if I could find the ball, hobbling like an 80 year old, when I…


I was in agony.

And there I was…

Crawling on all fours in my backyard to get inside so I can lie on the couch.

It was like it was from some sit-com or something.

Anyway, when I got inside I looked at my ankle to see if I could perhaps see anything.

But all I saw was an ankle.

Then I thought…

I wonder what a physio or podiatrist would see if they looked at my ankle.

They’d probably see a lot of things. The angle of the ankle. The muscles surrounding the ankle, and how they all interrelated.


Because they are trained.

It’s second nature to them. And they could therefore take the necessary steps to fix it.

When a mechanic looks inside a car, it’s the same thing. I see a motor and chords.

He sees the interrelationship between all of these things and can spot the problem in an instant… that I couldn’t spot in hours.

It’s probably much the same when you look at an advertisement.

You see: an advertisement.

But when I look at an advertisement, I can see things in 10 seconds which you probably couldn’t see in an hour.


Because I’ve invested over 10,000 hours studying this stuff. And I’ve generated results like this for dozens of customers.

Imagine if I had a detailed look at your advertising campaign.

Believe me, I can uncover some things that’ll transform your business.

Just as I did for Julie Carter in September last year. Here’s what she had to say…

In about late September last year, I spoke with you on a 30-minute session to establish the content of an initial email I wanted to send out as a cold lead to sell advertising to wedding suppliers, for a new wedding magazine we were thinking of publishing. I just wondered if you’d be interested in how we went, as we have just gone to print with the magazine, having gained a positive response from more than 230 businesses from our original target of 2200. I actually don’t know of this is within the usual percentage, but it means we sold to around 10% of our targeted audience, and we were really happy with that, especially considering we are completely new to the field of weddings and nobody we contacted had ever heard of us before!

I used the email as the initial contact and followed it up with two printed items as a blanket approach, then a phone call. If the business was interested, a sample magazine (since this was our first mag we were selling for, we had nothing tangible to send them) was sent and then we continued with further phone calls or emails. The interesting thing was that although the vast majority of businesses had opened our email (we teased them with the subject line) it wasn’t until we sent them actual printed items that they responded to us. I think this is probably because many businesses are moving away from actually printing and sending things because of the cost, so when you do it, it sets you apart. Just my theory!

I also used one of your suggested flyers from the October ‘More Time at the Beach’ newsletters and amended it for our other magazine on antiques, and mailed it to 770 people that I know buy books on antiques, but that weren’t subscribers to our magazine. We received a response of 8% new subscribers, and once again I have no idea if that’s’ good or not, but in terms of creating cash flow it was very helpful, and we made a profit of around $1300 which was nice!

Want to get results like Julie?

Then click here.

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When I first began my marketing business it was tough.

After starting a business with virtually no money, and then cutting our teeth on hiring staff with a few “untasteful experiences”  with hairdressers in a salon…

We eventually shut up shop.

I was living in a half-way house with some rather unsavoury folks and wondering what on earth I was going to do just to pay the rent.

That was when I placed an ad.

It cost $18.

I didn’t have to pay for it until a week after it ran in the newspaper.

And the first ad made me over $3,000.00.

I kept running that ad for months.

And I recommend that people who are just starting out (or have a tight budget) today use this same strategy.

The ads take just minutes to write.

And they work like a treat.

On pages 5 & 6 of the first lesson of this program I give you 9 examples of how to write them in minutes.

Then on pages 7-9 I show you how to make this strategy work on a larger scale with six more real examples you can use as a guide.

Here’s what most people don’t realise: contrary to popular belief advertising doesn’t need to be risky. And one of the most important keys to success is testing small.

Testing with small investments. Small dollars.

That way, if it flops it doesn’t break the bank.

But if it’s a winner you can replicate it over and over.

That’s how small businesses get big… FAST.

And it’s how you can too.

But you’ve got to know what you’re doing.

And you’ve got to have the right tools.

And this is the perfect hammer to start building your business into the enterprise you want it to be.

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There are three factors which are super-critical when it comes to getting more customers.

The first one is making sure you have a very clear benefit.

The second is being dramatically different to everyone else.

And the third is making a compelling offer.

Most people make really weak offers… like 10%off.

How excited do you think that makes their prospective customers?

Not very.

Should you be more generous?


In fact, you can make offers TEN TIMES better than your competitions and still make a very handsome profit.

You’ve just got to make the offer to the right customers.

And you’ve got to understand a very critical number.

Once you understand this number, you’ll be able to make compelling offers with confidence.

And that compelling offer will make people respond in droves to your ads.

It will help you get an overwhelming advantage over your competition.

And your competition will be unlikely to copy you.

In fact, they’ll be in a state of shock – a real tizzie…

…  shaking their head in amazement wondering how you do it.

To identify this critical number for your business, get your hands on this

… then turn to page 133 where you’ll find the exact formula for working it out.

Just enter a few figures and it will spit out a number which tells you exactly how much you can invest to make it absolutely irresistible for your customer to say no… and still make you a tidy profit.

This is a game-changer.

Remember: Your goal is to make the first purchase so attractive that prospects find it more difficult to say no, than to say yes –


I show you how to do that for eight different industries on pages 135-136…

And on page 137 you’ll also get a template you can use to get customers coming in the door right away.

It’s easy to get more customers when you make the right offer.

And you’ll find all the secrets for making the perfect, profitable offer that doesn’t break the bank when you get your hands on this

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