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There seems to be an obsession with list size online…

But I believe it’s over-rated.

You see, it doesn’t really matter if you have 5,000… 10,000… 15,000… 50,000 or 500,000 people on your list…

What matters is the quality of your list.

The reality is I can get my hands on a bigger list than anyone in Australia by taking a walk down to the local post office and picking up a copy of the white pages.

But will I make any money from it?

Probably not. (unless I managed to pull up something like Gary Halbert’s old Coat of Arms system).

I know this from experience.

I’ve been recommended to lists of 3,000 people… and got better results than being emailed to 15,000 people.

It isn’t about the quantity of the list… it’s about the quality.

So the first thing you should be looking to do before doing any lead generation is working out WHO you want to target. And the best way of working out who to target is by looking at your best customers.

For instance, I know that my best customers for copywriting, consulting and coaching have a turnover of $250,000+ per year…  and spend a decent chunk of change on advertising.

Why? Because if you fall into this category you can make significant improvements in profit by just making a few minor changes.

It’s kind of like an aeroplane. It takes so much energy to get up in the air, but once it’s up there, you just have to hit the pedal on the gas to go a bit faster or a bit higher.

That’s what I help you do.

Click here for proof.

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There are thousands of cafes… thousands of people selling cars… thousands of dress shops… thousands of virtually every business you can imagine…

And really, the last thing the world needs is another “me too” business.

Let’s say you’ve got half a dozen cafes in your little area.

Does that area need another one that serves up average coffee… average service… and average experiences?


But do you know what it does need?

Do you know what would make people rave about that little coffee shop?

If it served up the best coffee on the planet from trained baristas. If it always had nice, relaxing music. If all the staff had the intention of making the customer have a better day and gave that sort of service.

That’d get everyone’s tongue wagging.

How about you?

What makes you different?

Remember… before the ipod, there were mp3 players.

But nothing quite like what Apple managed to create.

Plan to be different…

And set your business high standards…

That’s how you create magic.

That’s how you get more word of mouth.

That’s how you set the world on fire.

And make a tidy profit for yourself in return… by focusing on giving value, rather than just making money.

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It’s a good question, isn’t it?

When should you learn something yourself?

… and when should you hire an expert?

The answer is: it depends.

You see, I have a car. I could learn to fix that car. But it might break down once every couple of years and I kind of think to myself…

I’d never be able to fix that damn thing as well as a mechanic anyway.

So why would I bother, right?

Of course, if I’m worried about getting ripped off by mechanics… I might take a short course so I know the basics and can talk the talk… so I know if he’s feeding me a load of B.S.

But essentially, I work on a pretty decent hourly rate…

So I’d be better off paying the accountant his rate to do what he is a master at and charging my clients my rate for stuff I’m highly specialised in.

Make sense?

For instance, the other day we had a problem at home logging our iPad onto the internet. I fiddled around with it for 10 minutes and then said:

“Stuff it, let’s call MCT Solutions” (they’re my IT guys).

These guys fixed the problem in 10 minutes – what would have taken me hours.

The reason: specialised knowledge.

So in the majority of cases I believe you should hire an expert.

Don’t create your web site yourself. Don’t do your IT yourself. Don’t do anything yourself except the most important things.

Because when you hire an expert, particularly when it comes to marketing your business, you can get fast results like this.

BUT there is one caveat…

Experts aren’t cheap.

And experts aren’t always experts.

Nor are experts – no matter how good they are – going to be as focused on your business as you are (how could they be, you are thinking about it 24/7. It’s your passion, your livelihood).

So ideally… you should always know a few of the basics, in order to guide your expert and keep
them on track.

And when it comes to advertising, this is essential reading.

What’s more, if you’re just starting out.

If you’re on a tight budget…

Then you probably can’t afford to hire an expert until you get the cash-flow.

And if there’s one area of your business you want to master, it’s the art of getting more customers.

This little gem will help with that.

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