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Let me ask you a question…

If a farmer plants half as many seeds, how big will his crop be when it comes time to harvest?

Half as big, right?

If he plants a quarter of the seeds, it will be a quarter of the size.

And if he plants no seeds, he’ll get nothing.

Of course, he’d never do that – that would be crazy. He’d end up going broke very, very quickly.

You’re probably thinking…

DUH… Bywater… tell me something I don’t know.

But you’d be amazed at how many business owners don’t apply this same concept.

Just like a farmer, if you do something to promote yourself today…

Send a letter
Send traffic to a squeeze page
Set up a relationship with a joint venture
Send an email to your database

You’ll reap your harvest a week from now, a month from now or some time down the track.

Every day you should be planting and planting… harvesting and harvesting.

Not sure what seeds to plant.

You can get 26 little beauties here.

So plant the seeds every day…

And get ready to enjoy the rich harvest you deserve.

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This is the way most business plans work.

Everyone comes up with assumptions & predictions that sound logical.

Followed by all these impressive forecasts predicting 12 months into the future with fancy spreadsheets.

But then…

Their rational assumptions fail to work.

The problem is they’ve already committed $50,000 into an advertising campaign by that stage.

Created an expensive product.

… and unnecessarily lost a LOT of money.

Here’s the bottom line when it comes to marketing:

People and markets are so complex it’s beyond the capacity of our minds to comprehend all the variables.

So don’t try to.

Test small first.

Prove your assumptions are correct.

Then make your forecasts – based on a degree of fact, instead of pure fantasy.

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Oh yes they are… and you better believe it.

If you doubt me, try writing a hate letter to someone and see what happens to that relationship.

Alternatively, write a thank you letter to someone else and watch what happens.

Truth is, words are the most important weapons we have in business… as we are all dependent of others to get what we want.

My question to you is…

What weapon are you using?

Are you entering the battle with a ball point pen in your hand…

Or do you have an AK-47?

Most business owners have the ball-point pen.

So when they advertise, it flat out doesn’t work.

And they blame the advertising.

But it’s not the advertising – that’s just the battleground…

It’s the weapons (words) they are using when they go into battle.

Now let me ask you a question…

If all your competitors go into the battle with a ball point pen – and you walk into with an AK-47… who do you think is going to win?

That’s right.

It’ll be a bloodbath…

And you’ll walk away with a big “V” for victory on your chest.

Want to know where to get that AK-47?

Then click here.

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