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If you look at Olympic Athletes or anyone who is at the top of their game… you can learn a lot.


Because you’re studying people who are the best in the world at what they do.

And it doesn’t matter who I watch… Roger Federer, Sally Pearson, Usain Bolt – I can’t seem to find any of them checking their email in between points or races.

They’re not stuffing around on social media while they are training.

They are training.

Working to be their best.

Playing the game.

Michael Clarke isn’t checking his Facebook updates while he’s out in the field. Or in-between balls. He is focused at the task on hand.


Because if he wasn’t… he wouldn’t be able to perform at his peak.

Why should you and I be any different when we’re working on our business?

To get optimum results – like these – you need to focus like a professional Athlete. You need to eat foods that make you feel good… not like going to sleep. You need to play the game to win.

So do that today… and notice how much more productive you are.

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If you’ve been reading my emails for awhile, you know I was involved in a cult (or two) in my journey to “find myself”  from the ages of about 17-24.

And here’s something interesting I found out about the group dynamic towards the guru – almost anything they did was seen as profound.

So if the guru gets annoyed that people aren’t putting enough money into his coffers, there’s some deep spiritual reason behind it. If he drops his fork, there must be a message he’s trying to get across.

Heck, even if he farts at the dinner table, everyone analyses the reason behind his action… whereas if you or I did it, everyone would think we were PIGS.

You think I’m joking… but I’m not.

I had an ex-girlfriend who was so besotted by her guru, I had to leave her.

It was the guru said this, the guru said that, etc.

But here’s the thing: we do the same thing on a daily basis to one degree or another with whoever we perceive to be experts – including media commentators, psychotherapists, successful business people, etc.

It’s part of the human condition.

My wife often complains she’ll be telling me something for years. And then I read the same thing in some book written by a “guru” business expert… and I suddenly start spouting the same thing.

Are you starting to see where I am heading here?

What you say and the advice you give all boils down to the context of which it is received.

So if you get advice from the guy next to you in the bus about your business, you dismiss it.

But if that person took his disguise off, and revealed that he was actually Richard Branson… you’d hang off his every word.

So how do you position yourself and your business so other people listen?

It’s simple.

You create a system which sets up the context… so your prospects naturally see you as the expert.

Want to know how to do that for just $1 in the next 10 minutes?

You can…

Because I show you exactly how to do this in part #1 of this program.

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Heard of Finding Nemo? Toy Story? Up?

Would you like to get some advice from the founders?

Here’s how Ed Catmull, the guy who manages the entire creative process at Pixar (which was also owned by Steve Jobs before he passed away) sums up the creative process…

He describes it as going from suck to nonsuck.

The films begin on rough storyboards that suck until they work through thousands of problems to take the films from suck to nonsuck.

The end result looks simple.

It looks amazing.

It creates best-selling movies.

But the process of starting out with something that sucks, and then making it unsuck, comes from systematically learning from your failures… and tweaking, tweaking, tweaking.

Creating an ad for your business is no different.

Virtually every first draft sucks.

But then you refine, refine, refine… until you get it right.

You test it. Measure it.

And refine, refine, refine again.

You can learn how the entire process works in this manual.

… where you’ll also find a fast-start checklist on page 167 which will allow you to shortcut the entire process and whack a powerful ad together faster than you ever dreamed possible.

And 10 hot examples of hot copy written by yours truly on pages 168-179

And over 100 of the best headlines ever written on pages 97 – 105

A great phone directory ad on page 43

An ad I used to generate leads for my own business on page 78

And an awesome lead generation ad for business to business on pages 39-41.

All these advertising tips and tricks are available to you simply by clicking here.

Sounds like too much hard work?

Then click here for a faster, easier option.

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