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The fear of making a bad decision can be a strong one.

I know I’ve suffered from this fear in my life: should I take on this client or not? Should I spend money on this advertising campaign or not? Should I do this product launch or not? Should I invest energy in this relationship or not?

Tough decisions are everywhere.

Life aint easy, porcupine.

But really, most of the decisions you and I make are no big deal.

Nobody’s life is at risk. And even though I can sometimes send myself into a “tizzy” over them, in most cases they’re not worth fretting about in the scheme of things.

Compare that to a pilot.

One bad mistake: 100 people die.

But there is a common saying among pilots: Flying is a continuous string of decisions, most of them bad ones that must be corrected.

In training they are told to simply keep on making decisions – and pretty soon they will get it right.

Maybe there’s something we can learn from this?

Maybe the key to being an effective decision maker is to simply keep making the next decision… and the next one… and the next one.

And if you make a bad one… learn from it and follow it up with a better one, realising you are only one good decision away from getting back in the game.

Here’s a decision you might want to consider right now.

The chances of it being a bad one are very, very low (you’re only risking $1)…

And it could end up putting thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Click here to check it out.

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One of my GOLD Coaching Members runs a party shop.

And like all of us, he was looking to increase his business.

He already gets a fair bit of traffic into his shop, so I was looking for ways he could get more business without having to spend money on advertising.

Once I asked him a few questions, it seemed pretty obvious.

If he could get each person to spend more money in his shop every time they came in… he would put money in his pocket without spending a cent on advertising.

So we implemented this “checklist” strategy… and he immediately started generating a 22% increase in sales.

Given that my coaching program is only $497 a month, he’s paid for the entire coaching program – forever – with this one simple concept… because he’s added well in excess of that amount to his bottom line on a monthly basis.

Here’s the thing: it’s not just about getting more customers.

There are a LOT of ways you can tweak your marketing system to create additional revenue.

So come up with a list now of strategies you can use to extract more money out of each customer – by adding greater value to the experience you offer them.

If you need some help, then join me at the next GOLD coaching Seminar in Sydney on Wednesday, 31st October… where you’ll get the opportunity to brainstorm for ideas and also learn how this “checklist” strategy may apply to your business.

Find out more about my GOLD program at:

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Life’s kind of weird.

When you need something, you push it away.

When you don’t need it, it’s magnetically attracted to you.

And it’s the same when you’re trying to sell something – if you NEED it, people smell it. And they use that to their advantage… pressing you for lower prices and to compromise in negotiations.

Or they ask themselves… why does he need this sale so much and run for the hills.

So today… get rid of your neediness.

Easier said than done, right?

Particularly if you’re struggling to pay the bills.

The solution: DEAL FLOW.

When you have money in the bank and more deals than you know what to do with… YOU’RE NOT NEEDY.

(you might still want the deal, but want is very different to need – you want a private yacht, too, right. But you don’t need it 😉

People feel it, and you are more likely to close the sale.

So how do you get more deal flow?

You create magnetic marketing pieces that get people to call you.

I show you how to do that inside this little gem.

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