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Want to know when my eyes light up?

It’s when I see a poorly written ad… that’s profitable.


Because I know that somebody is sitting on a goldmine.

A client says something along the lines of…

“I’ve got this ad and it cost me $500 to run… but I only get $950 back every time I run it.”

That’s pure music to my ears because I know that there are several ways I can slice & dice that ad to make it work better.

If you have an ad like that…

Firstly, you should be running it more (wouldn’t you put more money into a poker machine if you knew it would consistently pay you $950 for every $500 you put into it?)

Second, you should be looking at how to upsell & get a better return.

And third, you should consider how to make that ad even better – by playing around with the big 3… headline, offer and placement.

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On Wednesday, I sent an email which showed 93% of Aussies are searching for products and services on Google.

But it’s no enough to just be on Google – you’ve got to be at the top because… 84% of people never look passed the first page (the first 10 search results). So you need to be on page 1. Actually, you really need your ads to appear in one of the top 3 spots to get the biggest bang for your buck…


Easier said than done, right?

But here’s the thing…

According to Google expert, Mike Rhodes, only 3% of Google Advertisers even know what they’re doing.

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Here’s a good question to ponder sometime…

Why do I do all of the things I do?

To me, at this stage of my life… it’s all about my son.

I want to be a good dad. I want to provide him with a good life. I want to give him awesome holidays. I want to send him to the best schools. I want to be a good role model.

And an interesting thing happened when I asked this question a couple of weeks ago.

I thought to myself…

If my #1 priority is for my son, and that’s one of the reasons I work so hard…

Then I better make sure I don’t come home grumpy. I better make sure I don’t give everything to my work. I better put my family at the top of my list.

Sure, I need to work hard to give him all that… but it won’t mean anything unless I am present with him.

It’s a small distinction.

But if we don’t keep in mind why we are doing things, we can let the things that matter most to us suffer.

So ask yourself the question today…

Why do I do what I do?

Why am I working so hard?

What really matters most?

Then instead of getting lost in the day to day “bizziness”… design your life with that in mind.

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