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Did you know Australia’s spending on poker machines increased to $2.9 billion up from $2.1 billion earlier in the year, for the August 2012 quarter.

Crazy, isn’t it?

Aussies are putting more and more money into those little money-sucking machines, despite knowing that the odds are completely against them.

But I guess everything is a gamble.

Everything requires some risk.

Placing an ad certainly does… whether it’s in a newspaper, a magazine, online, a letterbox drop, etc.

You’re always risking something.

But there’s a difference: when you gamble using the methodology I teach…


For instance, when I started up my business I gambled $18.

That $18 got me $3000.

And then I kept betting little amounts from there as my business progressed.

You see, the difference with gambling in business is that once you hit a winner… you can leverage off it over and over again.

An ad doesn’t work. You cut your losses.

An ad does work. You let it roll, and you keep winning.

You can’t do that on the poker machines.

But you can when you get your hands on this.

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Right now, I’m typing on a typewriter which is obsolete.

It’s true.

Back in the 1870’s one of the leading manufacturers of typewriters received a ton of complaints about the keys sticking together.

In response, the engineers found a way to slow the typewriters down.

Yet despite the fact, our computers today can type at rapid speeds we are still using these same S-L-O-W typewriters.

Interesting, isn’t it?

We tend to get into a habit, stuck on certain ways of doing things – and then keep doing them because that’s the way they have already been done.

Think about how you’re doing that in your life, in your business…

For instance, why do you wake up at a certain time… why do you start and finish work when you do… why do you listen to the music you listen to… why do you dress in the clothes you do… and why do you advertise in certain media?

Is it because it’s the best way? Or is it because it’s the way you’ve always done it?

I find there are always a few “sacred cows” every business owner hangs onto.

Something which worked once, but no longer serves us… but we keep on doing it because that’s the way it’s always been done.

Advertising can be like that. I recently had a client try a new medium and it overperformed the strategy they had been relying on for years.

Internet marketing is the same.

We find something that works and we stick to it because it’s easy… it’s comfortable.

Sometimes you need some ideas to come along and whack you across the forehead to get you to think differently.

You’ll find those ideas here.

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I’ve been writing some sales copy about maths recently, and it’s brought back some memories.

When I was a kid there was a lot of things I wasn’t good at, but I was really good at maths. If you gave me a quiz like 26 x 13, I could multiply it and come back to you with a figure within seconds.

But then I changed schools around year 11.

I stopped focusing for a couple of months.

And I had a teacher that didn’t believe in me.

Before I knew it, I had dropped to the very bottom class.

Sure, I scored well in that class and could practically do it with my eyes closed… but it was a real kick in the guts from where my abilities were.

Why did it happen?

Well, there’s two reasons.

As I’m learning, maths is a subject which you can’t get “lost” in because one learning builds upon another.

But there’s another reason…

I lost…


The same thing happened in the opposite direction when I met my wife.

I was living in this pay-by-the-week half-way house. I had my own room, but it was share showers and there were all sorts of interesting characters living there.

I had very little money. I was struggling.

But my wife believed in me. She encouraged me to get out. To get my own office. To go after bigger clients, etc.

Notice the common theme here…


Life isn’t just about ability.

Neither is business.

It’s about confidence.

So let me ask you a question…

Where are you not believing in yourself today?

And is there someone in your life, who, if you truly believed in them… you could change their destiny?

Worth thinking about, isn’t it?

And if you combine confidence in your business ability with this roadmap


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