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You hear business owners say it like it’s a badge of honour…

“I don’t advertise”


“I haven’t had to advertise for 30 years”

… or words to that effect.

When I hear that, I think…

Are you crazy?

Of course, it’s okay if you want to stay small… if you’re happy with your income… your lifestyle… you love what you do, etc.

After all… who am I to judge.


If you offer a good enough service to get repeat business and you want more money, a more prosperous business and a better quality of life…

Then you’re a blind man sittin’ on a goldmine.

Of course, the real reasons why many people “don’t advertise”

They’re in a comfort zone and are too scared to break out of it (watch out for that one, it will leap up on you and bite you on the bum when you’re sitting in your rocking chair at the age of 80 reflecting back on your life).


They don’t think it will work.

And they only reason they don’t think it will work is because…

They don’t understand it.

And anything we don’t understand… we fear.

Ready to stop playing small… and start getting rich?

Ready to get out of your fear?

Ready to set the business world on fire?

Ready to be the best example to your kids you can be?

Ready to go on holidays, have more free time, buy more cool things… spend more time on your hobbies and have more fun.



… by clicking here.

Advertising and marketing can give you almost anything you want in life.

So stop fearing it. Stop making excuses. And start understanding and profiting from it.

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Most people freak out at the thought of emailing daily.

But I can tell you from experience it’s one of the most effective things I have ever done.

Sure, some people don’t like it and they opt out of my email list.

It’s not a high number, but every time I email somebody does opt-out as a result.

My thinking on that: big deal.

With the extra money I make from sending regular emails, I can always find more people.

In fact, I’d prefer to have less people on my list who really, really, really want to hear from me…

Than a ton of people who don’t really care.

What I’m looking for (and you should be too) are the gems.

You see, what you want to do with your marketing is…


Some won’t like hearing from you…

And that’s okay.

But others will LOVE it.

And who are the most likely people to become your clients?

Those that love hearing from you… because you’re breaking the mould, sharing something different… and not spouting the same old horse crap everyone else in your industry is talking about.

So if you’re an accountant, go out and share your wealth of information with the world.

Same as if you’re a mechanic, pest controller, travel agent or anything else.

Don’t be scared.

Don’t think…

Oh no, I can only communicate with my clients once every month or three… I can’t express my personality or share anything about myself… and I have to be professional.

That’s crazy.

And let’s face it…

Who likes “professional” people that are too scared to share anything about themselves?

I used to be a lot like that, still can be out of habit… and believe me it doesn’t endear you to anyone.

The lesson:

Be yourself.

Communicate often.

And in the words of Gary Halbert, don’t worry about upsetting a few dogs if you’re trying to sell to the foxes. (at least, I’m pretty sure that’s what he said).

By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about e-mail marketing, having sent out an email a day for as long as I can remember – plus having created hundreds of email campaigns for clients…

I don’t think there’s anyone in the country with the experience to show you how to do it for yourself.

And I’m considering holding an email marketing seminar next year where I’ll be sharing all my closely guarded secrets.

It won’t be cheap. I’m expecting it will be several thousand dollars to ensure we get a serious crowd. And the dates I have in mind would range somewhere between March and September.

Anyway, it might not happen, depending on the interest…

But if the concept appeals to you, simply reply to this email with the words…

“Bywater, I want to learn email marketing – Me Bucko” (that’s Pirate language 😉

… with your name, email address, phone number & quick paragraph about what you’d like to get out of the program.

If I get a high enough level of interest, I’ll get to work on compiling the hottest content you’re ever likely to be exposed to.

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Most business owners who fail in advertising do so not because advertising doesn’t work, but because…


Let me explain:

When a plane crashes.

Do you say…

“Flying doesn’t work”

“You can’t fly”

… etc.

Or do you look at the reasons behind it?

Do you look at whether the pilot followed the checklist? Do you look at whether the engine was running properly? Do you find out what happened before it crashed (the conversation) so you can work out what actually went wrong?

Of course, you do all that and more.

Sadly, with advertising most business owners have one or two bad experiences and say…

Advertising doesn’t work.
Or Search Engine Optimisation doesn’t work.
Or Google Adwords doesn’t work.
Or direct mail doesn’t work.

It’s the same as saying flying doesn’t work.

It defies belief…

Just as thousands of planes are flying every day successfully, thousands of business owners are making money from their advertising every day.

If your advertising isn’t work, it’s not the advertising medium you’re using, it’s because…


And just like when you’re baking a cake, if you leave one ingredient in the recipe out of it…

The Dinner Party Can Be a Disaster

You’ve got to get the ingredients. You’ve got to master the recipe. And you’ve got to follow it step-by-step.

It’s simple when you know how.

And you can learn how to do it by getting your hands on this.

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