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Ok, so I sent out an email on Friday about negative visualisation and gratitude – one of the first emails I got back was…

“Dude, Today is the End of the World”

But guess what: Although I wrote this just after I got the email and pre-scheduled it you’re still reading it so…


(and if he wasn’t, well – the world’s ended so who cares, nobody will know I was wrong – right. HA HA 😉

But seriously, how many “end of the world” predictions have there been over the years?

Anyway, there were some people who also thought it was metaphorical…

“An explosion of consciousness” said one grey hair hippie in California (where else, huh 😉  on the ABC’s web site.

That could be true – if you compare now to the 1950’s, we’re certainly a more open minded culture from what I can see.

Anyway, enough of my rambling (gee, I wish I kept some of my hippie Byron Bay photos from back in the day so I could shock you ;-).

To celebrate the fact we’re all still alive and the END OF THE WORLD didn’t happen (heck isn’t that something to be grateful for 😉

I’m holding one “Last Minute Larry” pre-xmas special…

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So Christmas is only days away.

Today will be (hopefully) my last day in the office… I’m off until the 14th
January, but will still be sending emails while I’m away as I believe now
is probably the best time, while we have time to reflect – to be planning,
learning and scheduling for 2013.

Here’s a thought many of us don’t think about much…

While Christmas is a happy time for most, knowing a few counsellors and
psychologists (my office is surrounded by them – handy, huh 😉 it’s also
one of the busiest times of the year for them.

Some people get really sad around Xmas. It reminds them of their childhood.
Or they compare themselves to others… there’s a lot of “emotion” (not to
mention family arguments) around this time.

I want to take a moment to ponder that, because in many ways we create our
own heaven or our own hell… not through our external circumstances… but
because of what one of my clients refers to as “the 6 inches between our

Here’s what I noticed recently…

In many ways, I’m already living the dream – 10 years ago I could not have
imagined earning the income I earn now, having the lifestyle, the family,
etc. (Most of us are in the same boat. We’ve turned many desires we once
had into reality.)

But despite this, I’m not always happy. I still get grumpy, anxious, etc.

Here’s a technique I learnt which is slowly changing that.

Whenever I get angry about something… frustrated… annoyed… etc, I imagine
my situation being even worse.

So let’s say I’m annoyed at the fact I don’t have enough time for myself… I
imagine that I’m in one of those factory jobs where I never even have time
to think.

Let’s say I get annoyed at a friend… I imagine what it would be like if I
didn’t have a friend to get annoyed at.

Let’s say I get angry at the state of my car… I imagine myself not having a

Let’s say I start thinking my house isn’t good enough… I imagine myself
living in a shanty town in South Africa.

It’s called Negative Visualisation.

It might sound kind of simplistic, even negative.

But believe me, once you start doing it, it’s the most positive thing you
can ever do.

And it makes you incredibly grateful for what you have.

For instance, let’s say you get really annoyed at your kids over Xmas. Take
a moment after that to imagine your kids were no longer with you tomorrow.

You’ll start to appreciate them like nothing else.

One of the things we can tend to do in this reflection time is compare our
lives to others who are more successful than us. But please, avoid doing

If anything, imagine all the most treasured things you have were ripped
away from you.

Your family. Your friends. Your house. Your possessions.

Doing this virtually forces us to be grateful.

And it’s true…

We’re on this planet for a short time. And at any given moment, these
things could be ripped away from us… so take some time over the next week
or three to be thankful for all the gifts we’ve been given.

Ok, that’s enough of the deeeeeeeppppp stuff. (hopefully I haven’t lost you
in the quicksand ;-).

Thanks for tuning into my rants this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. And
if you have a moment (send me a comment), I’d love to hear
any thoughts on what you liked, what you think I could improve, what sucked
and any other thoughts that could allow me to add more value to your
business in 2013.

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One of the biggest problems many business owners have is winning
the battle against their competition.

For instance, some industries are so competitive that when people buy
a product or service they’ll always go out and get three or more quotes.

They’ll then compare the quotes.

And you have a 33% chance of securing the business – probably less
than that because a percentage of the people you deal with don’t end
up going ahead in any case.

What’s more, unless you have a way of separating yourself from your
competition… you’ll be competing on price.

That sucks.

So what do you do if you’re in this situation… where you’re converting
less than a third of the people you meet into clients?

You could start by improving your proposals – one of my clients, Tim
Pringle, a wedding singer just north of Sydney did that and boosted his
profits by 500%.

You’ll hear more about Tim’s story next year – and believe me, what
you put in that proposal can have a massive impact on your results.
(Hint: Tim went from a 1 page proposal to a 7 page proposal everyone
told him people wouldn’t have the time to read).

But what if you could set up the game where you were the only logical

What if you could set up the game where your clients were happy to
pay a premium for your product or service?

For instance, let’s imagine you’re a photographer in a city with hundreds
of other photographers…

Your customers are constantly price shopping you, seeing you as another
commodity in a sea of choices.

Your margins are squeezed. You’re spending a lot of time on meetings
and quotes with very little to show for it.

But then you make this switch, and all of a sudden…


They want you. They’ll pay more for you. All of a sudden, they’re begging
you to do business with them, rather than the other way around.

It can be done, make no mistake about it.

In fact, I show you exactly how to do this on page 15 of the December issue
of the More Time at the Beach Newsletter

What’s more, if you’re in the service industry I’m going to show you how
you can get out of the “proposal game” altogether and start productising
your service in order to make more money… run a simpler, more scalable
business… and actually build an asset you can SELL, that doesn’t rely on

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. For just $1, you’ll also get over $371
worth of bonuses for simply putting it to the test, including…

* Samsung’s “Zig-Zag Strategy” – how they used it to overcome Apple and
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iPhones (don’t bang your head against a brick wall, use this strategy to
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Adapt them to your business within minutes

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offline ads absolutely irresistible (dead-easy to do once you know

* How to get ideas delivered to you on a plate – daily, that your
salespeople can use to get more sales… you can use to send out
interesting newsletters… create masterful press releases… and write
ads that are so good they frustrate the heck out of your competition

* The 5 minute daily ritual that will help you develop deep
relationships and trust with your top customers  (the more your
customers like and trust you, the more they’ll spend. This one idea
alone could easily pay for your subscription)

* I Hate Facebook Marketing, but this online to offline approach is
“relationship magic” (use it to discover a secret your customers
want you to know that will help you strengthen the relationship)

* What top sales performers spend 80% of their time doing (hint:
contrary to popular belief, it’s not prospecting or “closing the sale”)

* When to sell cheap (and when not to – plus 3 examples of  “cheap
ads” you can use to lower all barriers and get your customers to
put you to the test

Plus, a remarkable interview on CD about “how to unleash your creativity
and uncover million dollar ideas” with a simple ritual that takes just 20

This is GOLD.

Remember, in the “knowledge economy” (which is what we’re in right now)
the smartest minds win.

And right now, there’s no excuses for not getting these ideas into your
head and taking your business to the next level.

You can’t say you don’t have the time – unless you’re a massive workaholic,
you’ll get some time over the Xmas break.

And since it’s just $1 to roll the dice on this newsletter, don’t you think
it’s the best bet you’ll ever make – there’s a massive upside and very
little downside. So place the bet now, and make 2013 a year you’ll never
forget by hopping along to

But you’ll need to be quick – the package has already been mailed and there
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has your name on it.

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