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When I was 20, I was living in Brisbane and had just come out of a hard-core cult.

I was still searching for the meaning of life, and it was at that time I came across this spiritual teaching called satsang.

I quit my job, jumped in my trusty-old-rustbucket of a car and headed across to the wild old town of Byron Bay.

Then one Saturday I walked into the Satsang hall.

It was completely different to the cult.

The cult was hard core – sending you off in a bus for 7 days, not knowing where you were… and then yelling and screaming at you until you broke your spirit (that kinda happens when you get 10 hours of sleep over 7 days).

Satsang was all about sitting there and talking to the guru.

But both involved giving your power away to someone else.

I fell in love for the first time while I was in the whole “satsang” space… and my partner just revelled the fat guru.

And he was fat.

He had also been a sex addict.

But that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, I digress.

Satsang turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

They believed you had no “free-will” and everyone walked around talking the same old nonsense – and not speaking from their own truth, but rather the truth of the gooroo

But there was one thing I learnt from the experience.

You see, the whole thing about Satsang was you got up on this chair and shared whatever your “story” was…

It might have been that your girlfriend had left you.

It might have been that you were depressed.

It might have been that you didn’t feel like your career was going anywhere.

And while the advice was usually pretty bad, something along the lines of…

“And who are you?”

… I did learn something powerful from watching all of this.

We’re all basically the same.

We all face the same problems.

The same challenges.

The same issues.

We all have the same desires… for a better life, more money, better sex, more happiness, a good life for our kids.

You and I aint that different.

Neither are the people in Japan, America, India, Mexico or the Maldives.

And neither are our customers.

That’s why the strategies in my advertising manual work for virtually any business.

Coz it doesn’t matter if you’re an accountant, mechanic, funeral director, florist, consultant, counsellor, retailer or any other profession…

You’re selling to human beings.

And since you’re selling to human beings, don’t you think it’s worth it to find out how to magnetise them to your products and services with simple words on a page?

It’s easy to do.

And if you click here I’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step…

Including 10 hot examples you can adapt specifically to your business on pages 169-179.

Remember, an ad (online or offline) costs you the SAME amount whether it works or not.

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It was 7am in the morning when I received the phone call from my hairdresser.

She was ranting and raving like a lunatic – they had changed the keys to our hairdressing salon and we had been…


That’s what happens when you can’t pay the rent.

Of course, I’ve done it to myself before.

Accidentally walked out of the office without a key, or my phone, and been unable to get back in for hours, even though I’ve got appointments pending.

Being locked out in either of these situations really does suck.

It still brings anxiety to the pit of my stomach when I think about it.

But what about when you want to lock someone else out?

For instance, you’ve probably seen those movies where someone is called into the office…

And demanded to leave that minute.

They take their box and walk out in a humiliating way, with their tail between their legs.

It’s terrible.

But companies must do it for a reason.

You hear about those reasons.

For instance, my dad was with me a couple of weeks ago and was telling me about someone in one company who when they were fired…

Deleted a TON of data from a company’s system.

Important data – data that would have cost the company tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s why companies do the whole “take your box and get out” approach.

In today’s day and age, more and more of us are outsourcing our work to people in other areas, other countries.

So what do you do in this situation when you want to protect your data?

Believe it or not, there are resources out there that allow you to give access to web sites to people. You can use it for email. You can use it for calendars. You can use it for sharing documents.

It’s a centralised log-in area.

And if a team member ends up moving on or something changes, you control every aspect of that…

And just like I was locked out of my salon in my early twenties… you can lock your team members out of your business with the simple switch of a password.

Want to know what that resource is?

It’s all on page 35 of Outsourcing Mastery where you’ll also learn…

Which web sites to visit to find the best source of potential team members (page 4)

When you should hire full time and when you should test

The “three lancing technique” that allows you to see if someone’s results match their resume (page 28)

The first things you should outsource (page 11)

What to do when you get a massive response to your ad? (how to create a shortlist fast – page 13)

How to know if you have an A Player (page 16)

6 powerful software devices for managing outsourcers (page 24)

Don’t complain about not having enough time.

We’ve all got the same amount.

It’s how you use it that counts. Or more importantly, how you LEVERAGE it.

And you can leverage it by hiring other people to help you do exactly that.

So if you’re ready for leverage in your business, scurry along to

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I can still remember that fateful day in December.

It was a Friday night.

I had nothing to do (pretty sad, really).

I received a phone call from a friend.

He said: come to this party at the Bridge Bar near the opera house in Sydney.

I was dead broke.

Had terrible clothes.

I think I wore sandshoes and these bone pants that were a couple of inches too short.

I almost didn’t make it because I dropped my keys between the toilet rolls and couldn’t find them.

But I did.

And when I got there, I locked eyes across the room with this hot blonde.

5 minutes later we were chatting.

30 minutes later we were drinking each other’s champagne.

And 4 hours later we were… (oops, I better not go there).

Anyway, I was interested in this hot blonde.

We went out on dates… shared coffee together… took off for a trip to Kangaroo Valley…

But I wasn’t committed.

Truth is, commitment scared the bejeezaaaasss out of me.

But I did commit eventually… several years later on our wedding day.

And even though I was scared, committing was…


Like me, your clients are probably scared of making a commitment.

Problem is, you don’t have several years to wait for them to do it.

So how do you speed it up… scientifically?

How do you scientifically tap into your customers emotions and make them naturally want to commit faster?

Most of the big companies use it.

Rihanna uses it.

Beyonce uses it.

Britney Spears uses it.

& cricket legend, Matthew Hayden uses it.

I’ll show you exactly how they use it on page 4 of the April edition of my More Time at the Beach newsletter.

Get it now for $1 (along with $371 in bonuses) by clicking here

In fact, you’ll get a 62 word “fill-in-the-blanks” template you can quickly use in your emails & facebook campaigns to move your prospective clients from interested to committed fast…

Together with a template for the exact web site to send them to.

Plus: how to follow up to quickly turn this interest into cash.

So… are you ready for more committed clients?

If you answered YES… then don’t delay, not even for a second – coz there’s only a handful of these newsletters left. And this, really is just the tiny tip of a VERY LARGE ICEBERG of all the strategies inside, including…

How to get old clients that have gone cold – BACK (follow the steps on page 3. Could be worth thousands to you with minimum effort)

How to sell online without a sales letter (the quickest, easiest way to test Product ideas – and sell new products fast. See my exact results on pages 10 & 11)

The ULTIMATE checklist for writing an About Us page or Linkedin profile page that presses all the right “trust me” buttons and buying triggers.

Need a surge of cash? Use this 3 day email campaign to quickly turn prospects into customers. Real templates for you to model. Page 9

How to make an expensive product seem cheap (use the wording on pages 11 & 12. Great way to overcome the “but it’s too expensive” objection in your customer’s mind)

How to get a meeting with a big company. Exactly what type of letter to send. How to create a presentation. How to follow up. All outlined step-by-step

PLUS: a special CD interview which shows you how to sack your web developer and save thousands of dollars on unnecessary $100+ per hour fees by doing it yourself (as long as you can use Microsoft word, you can do this) while also protecting yourself from nasty viral attacks that can sabotage your site overnight.

Remember, you can’t hit a home run unless you take a swing.

And you can’t take a swing unless you step up to the plate.

Click here to get your issue of this newsletter & step up to the plate now & I’ll show you how to swing that “marketing bat” with the precision of the baseball equivalent of a Matthew Hayden or Ricky Ponting.

But don’t hesitate – there’s not many copies left, & once they’re gone – they’re gone.

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