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What do most people think when they don’t win the quote?

You meet with the client.

Get on with them.

Give a price.

And then they come back to you – or don’t come back to you – and say…

“Sorry mate, we went with someone else”

Most people think it’s just price.

But is it really?

There’s a simple question which answers this…

“Do you own the cheapest car?”

And the next quesiton is “why not?”

The answer is simple.

Other things are more important to you than price.

Perhaps safety?
Perhaps prestige?
Perhaps something else?

That means… something is more valuable to you than price.

Do you think your clients might be the same?

You bet.

So next time you don’t win the quote, write your potential client an email along the lines of…


Thanks for letting me know. So I can win more jobs going forward, can you let me know what it was that made you choose the other company over me?”

The answer may surprise you.

In any case, winning more quotes can make a massive difference to your bottom line.

Think about it, if you currently convert 1 in 5, and can change that to 2 in 5…

And are presently earning $100,000.00 a year…

That means you would all of a sudden be earning $200,000.00…

Without spending a cent on advertising.

It can be done, make no mistake about it.

In fact, you can more than double your conversion rate.

At least, one of my client’s did.

You can read all about his story by clicking here.

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Yesterday morning, my wife and son were out shopping & I had a shower. When I got out, there was this old man at the door. I opened it and he said…

“Would you like to donate some money to the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal?”

Almost automatically, I said…

“I’ll just see if I’ve got some change”

Went to my wallet…

And handed some money over.

Afterwards, I sat down and had a cup of tea and did a little meditation in that rare moment you get to yourself after you have kids…

And I got to thinking…

What if that guy was from the “Oober Doober Association”

Or the “Woddy Doddy Company”

Would I have so readily donated money?

The answer:



Because I’d have never heard of that organisation, and would be highly sceptical.

So Bywater, I thought you said branding was no good, that you shouldn’t do it, that you should stick with direct response ads and sales letters.

Are you going back on your word?

Have I proven myself wrong?

That brings me to an interesting point… the matter of “confirmation bias” which is when you believe in something so much, you’ll do anything to keep that belief no matter the evidence to the contrary.

You see this in the medical profession… with people choosing to believe drugs are the answer, although when you dig a little deeper you find they are very often the source of the problem.

Or with food – looks like good old Australia is following after the yanks in choosing to accept genetically modified foods, despite the horrific evidence to the contrary (& this is really scary. My advice: buy organic).

But this is not the case here, unless you are ALREADY a big brand name.

You see, the reason I gave money to the Salvos was trust. Trust developed over decades and decades and decades. The Salvos is a household name.

In all likelihood, that’s not going to happen to you.

Unless you have a million dollar marketing budget, you’re not going to be able to build trust with the entire country.


You can build trust with the people that matter.

You can run ads that get people to put their hands up and say…


And then you can communicate, through direct mail, email and other communication to build a brand with a small number of people that matter.

And that small number of people will pay you hundreds of thousands – even millions of dollars…


And that’s why direct response advertising is the secret to branding for the small business.

Why don’t you try it for yourself?

In the first lesson of this program I’ll show you how to write your first ad (including several templates you can use as a model) and a trick for creating the “lead magnet” in less than an hour.

So stop struggling to build trust with your prospects. Stop chasing customers…


I’ll show you how for $1 – just click here.

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Some people think their businesses are boring. They read my stuff and say…

“Well, that may work for you Bywater”

Your business is different. You’re in advertising. You can be creative, but my business is boring. I’m a…

Chicken Shop
Insert Your Excuse Here

“I’m different. None of this stuff will work for me”

But truth be told, when you know how to bring your business to life through your marketing…


For instance, I received this email the other day (my response to follow)…

Hi Scott, I have been a Professional Painter for 25 yrs.

I`m a Painter & Decorator that was taught in  Sydney`s Eastern Suburbs and do very high quality work being clean & tidy. I want to work consistently for myself instead of  on & off helping others when I don`t have work.

I want to target the affluent areas that would want this service.

I will like to know what is the most effective way to get leads that I could go and give them a free quote?

You probably have helped a painter in the past to get more painting jobs so you would know strategies that work.
I have letterbox dropped about 2000 business cards 7 that didn’t get a good response. Only 2 calls & 1 job so that does not work well. Obviously business card needs rewriting. Maybe a flyer that has the right message?

Let me know your thoughts.

There’s two important points here: firstly, if you drop 2,000 business ards and receive 1 job… you’re probably profitable. Cost to distribute 2,000 flyers = about $400, and the job is probably going to be worth more than $400 (since affluent areas are being targeted, which is a great idea), plus you may have an ongoing client.

But of course, the response could be improved – significantly.

The problem is, most people don’t know what to do. They don’t have the “creativity triggers” that make turning a “boring” industry like painting into something really exciting… so that your customers can’t help but be rattled out of their boring day and say…

“I’ve got to sit up and listen to this guy”

And once they do that…


Your phone is going to go ring, ring, ring…

Even though your “uncreative” competitor is whingeing about the bad economy.

Don’t let him in on it though.

When you talk to your competitor, just nod your head and agree with him that the economy is bad, it’s tough out there, etc.

He’ll work out what’s happening soon enough… when he sees you going on holidays to Fiji, taking trips to Europe, sending your kids to a private school, getting a brand new BMW & moving into a bigger house in a nicer area.

But by that time you’ll be so far ahead of the game it’ll be impossible for him to catch up.

So how do you do this?

How do you make your ads go KABOOM, KAPOW & send “zings” through your customers blood vessels that make it almost impossible for them to ignore?

It’s simple.

You use the 39 “trigger words” on page 13 of this month’s More Time at the Beach newsletter. You’ll need to be quick though – there’s just 4 left in the warehouse and I’m going to show you “real time”, how to take these words and virtually force your brain to generate million dollar advertising ideas.

I’ll show you real time, how I used these words to generate 9 different “advertising left hooks” in just 15 minutes so you can see exactly how to do it for your business… and I’ll show you how to turn these “hooks” into an ad with a real example. Just swipe these concepts, apply them to your business and rather than having to advertise like this…

CALL 0000 0000

… you can start advertising in a way that makes customers jump over 20 foot walls to reach you because they as the only option.

Ok, enough rambling Bywater (& boy don’t I love to ramble)… how do I get the goods?

It’s simple.

Just click here

When you do, you’ll not only get all of these secrets, and $371 in bonuses, you’ll also be treated to an entire smorgasbord of other tasty little goodies delivered to your mailbox, including…

  • The magical “ice-berg” concept that makes your customers VALUE you (and be willing to pay you more, instead of seeing you as just like your competitors. Pages 1 & 2)
  • Got mums as clients? Use the 20 point checklist & sample copy on page 4 to instantly build rapport and win them over (remember, mums make up to 91% of the buying decisions in a family)
  • Get writers block? Not sure what to write? On page 5, you’ll get the exact email which makes writing copy with laser like accuracy as easy as falling off a log
  • Don’t focus on your product when you write ad… focus on THIS. Here’s 8 questions that’ll really get your customers over the line. Page 6.
  • Get more sales by making your customers frustrated, angry and agitated (it goes against conventional “happy man” wisdom, but it works like a treat. Page 5)
  • A simple way to write a powerful story that sells. Just think of these two words and watch the magic that flows from your keyboard

PLUS: Over 17 samples of template ads, emails and copy snippets to show exactly how these concepts work (so you can apply them to your business right away).

AND: a special CD I recorded yesterday called “Little Bets, Big Profits” that walks you through exactly what you need to do to crush your competition by learning and growing 12 times as fast… how to make sure you get the most important things done… a s12-step process to becoming a marketing genius.. why most business plans are stupid… which prospects to focus the majority of your attention on (they are 70x more valuable) and much, much more.

But who knows how long these last 4 “customer magnet packs” will last for – if you want your copy, don’t delay, not even for a second… whack on your running shoes and sprint like Usain Bolt right on over to

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