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Why all leads are not created equal (& how to find the ones that are up to 16x more valuable)

The quick review which will allow you to identify your ideal target market

The 5 questions you must know about your customers before even running a lead generation ad

Why advertising online can be a mistake for many businesses

And much more.

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Unblock Profits in Your Business

Unblock Profits in Your Business

I’ve got a friend who lived in an apartment for several years, and the pipes in the shower sucked.

(What has this got to to with ‘Unblock Profits‘ – read on – you may be surprised!)

The water virtually drizzled out of them

He’s in the city, and just figured it was a problem with the pipes in the building.

He did nothing about it.

It was his apartment, but he wanted to move to a bigger house.

So he did.

And his niece and her partner moved in.

They had the same problem.

But one day, the water pressure got really bad.

So the niece’s partner, who’s a tradesman, thought:

“I’ll just take off the showerhead and take a look.”

Guess what happened?

The showerhead was blocked.

He cleaned it out.

It took minutes.

And now the water is flowing through the showerhead like a dream.

They have great showers. Hot showers. Comfortable showers.

I don’t know about you, but I love that story.

Firstly, because I love hot showers (I can be in them for 20 minutes

And second, because it reinforces a valid point.

Here Is How To Unblock Profits In Your Business

In many cases, a blockage in your business can be fixed in minutes.

For example, Chris Elmore from Guitar tips had a web site for years.

He thought the copy was good.

Then I rewrote it.

As a result of the rewrite, sales increased instantly by $6,000 – $7,000
a month.

You can check out his story by clicking here
(It’s the 11th box down)

Yes, just like Chris…

Your ad

Your sales letter

Your web site

Your email campaign

Your flyer

Your sales process

… can cost you a lot of money if there’s a block you can’t see.

And you could be missing out on a stream of money, just like my
friend was missing out on his hot showers. Are you prepared to unblock profits in your business?

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Price Discounting $ Price Shoppers Suck

Price Discounting & Price Shoppers Suck

After buying a new home a few months ago, we’re in the process of getting our pool fence and stairs all sorted.

It started out as a small job.

We’re thinking a few thousand dollars.

But gradually, that budget is getting larger.


(Tip:…forget looking for businesses that try to attract you with price discounting)

Because of a pool guy who’s opened up our mind to the possibilities.

And shown us that with a bit of creativity, and a few extra dollars, we could get much, much, more.

A better design.

More comfort.

More value added to our home.

He’s not the cheapest.

Not by a long shot.

But you get confidence from this guy.

Plus, he adds value.

So now we’re considering spending more – because he helped us…

ENVISION A BETTER FUTURE (…without resorting to price discounting!)

Guess what?

Your customers will too.

Almost everyone I know ends up spending more on their home than their initial budget.


Coz they see something they love.

Their emotions take over.

And that emotion has more power than logic.

All human beings are the same.

Yes, even your customers.

And if your customers are only price oriented, that tells you something doesn’t it?

Your positioning sucks.

You appear as if you’re no different to your competitors.

And if that’s the case, there’s something wrong with your entire

Of course, if you’re selling a can of coke for $2, and your competitor
is sending a can of coke for $1 right next to you…

Most people are going to opt for the $1 can of Coke.

That’s a given.

They’d be stupid not to.

And that’s why you’ve got to give your customers something different
with your product or service and not just go with a price discounting strategy that may business who go broke resort to.

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