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I’ve been getting a lot of emails from business owners recently talking
about the issue of not having enough time.

It seems to be a universal problem.

I suffer from it.

You suffer from it.

We all do.

So the question remains, how can we create more time in our day.

One way is to…

Take shorter showers.

Now I love my showers and can often spend 20 minutes or so in there.

But yesterday I was thinking, and crunched some numbers…

20 minutes a day is 140 minutes a week.

140 minutes x 52 = 7280 minutes a year.

That’s over 121 hours.

Or 3 work weeks.

… that you’re spending in the shower.

Now if you cut that down to just 2 hours a day, you’d only be spending 10%
of your time in the shower…

Which means you’d be saving over 108 hours a year… almost
3 work weeks.

You can do a LOT in 3 work weeks.

And if you have a shower twice a day, that could be 6 work weeks.


Little things count.

And you can waste time in a whole myriad of ways.

Useless phone calls.

The list goes on.

So don’t complain about not having enough time.

Dissect how you spend your day.

And look for all the ways you can get 3 extra weeks of productivity
a year… that most people don’t spot.

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dry cleaning machine
The other day I went to pick up some dry-cleaning, and when I arrived
I was told…

“Sorry, we don’t have Eftpos.”

I was annoyed…


I didn’t say it of course.

I didn’t look at the lady and say…

“You tax dodging cheapskate, this has been a big waste of my time and in this day and age you should have a big fat sign up on your store saying “WE DON’T TAKE EFTPOS”

Can you imagine what would happen if, as humans we spoke our minds
all the time?

It would be chaos…

A disaster…

Just watch a coupla’ 2 year olds playing for ½ an hour and you’ll get what aya mean.

Anyway, I digress.

What’s my point?

Am I simply venting my “Eftpos Fury” onto you because nobody else is
crazy enough to listen to crazy ol’ Bywater?


There’s a lesson in here.

And that lesson is…

“I’m not going back.”

I’m going to the other company up the road who has EFTPOS.

How about you?

Is there anything you are doing that is annoying the heck out
of your customers…

That you don’t know about…

That’s going to make them NOT want to come back…

… even if they don’t tell you, because they can’t control their
emotions and don’t want to end up in a two-year-old-tiffy?
Something to ponder on, isn’t it?

And the best way to do this, is to put yourself in your customers

What would piss you off about the way you operate?

For instance, if you operate a café…

Do you take too long to serve people?
Is the coffee cold?
The waiters or waitresses sloppy?

What’s really going on?

Fixing these “little things” can make a BIG difference to your bottom line.

What are these things in your business, and when would today be a
good day to fix them?

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There are a bundle of ways to generate leads.

But most of them will fail in the end.

And there’s a number of reasons why.

Firstly, if you’re targeting the wrong type of prospect you really don’t stand a chance.

Sounds like common sense, but you’d be amazed at how many business owners don’t understand who their ideal target market is and how to get in front of them (no, Google aint the solution to everything).

Secondly, most business owners don’t have the right process for nurturing leads.

They’re not willing to create a special report for people who respond to their ads.

They’re not willing to have someone jump on the phone and chat with their leads.

They’re not willing to understand the true needs of new leads.

They’re not willing to create 7, 20, 50 or 100 or more follow up emails to build a solid relationship.

And finally, most business owners suck at measurement…

They’re not willing to dig in and measure the exact ROI on the leads, and separate the different lead sources in order to identify what’s working and what’s failing.

They’re not willing to crunch the 80/20 numbers on those leads in order to identify and leverage the 20% of leads which are generating 80% of the results.

That’s why lead generation fails.

It takes effort to pull it off.

The question is…

Are you willing to put in the effort?

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