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Persistence is critical to business success, and one of the best
things you can do it be like water.
Persistence is Critical to Business Success

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Think about it…

Water is a very humble substance.

Nobody says…

“Oh wow, there’s a pail of water”

And yet it’s one of the most indestructible
substances on earth…

Try and smash it, and it will simply move.

Try and freeze it, and it will simply freeze…
& then melt when it is ready.

Try and dam up a stream, and you will stop
it… but over time it will build up and get past.

As business owners, we can learn a lot
from this.

When life tries to freeze you and stop you
from moving forward… be like water.

When someone tries to smash you down…
be like water.

When you run a losing marketing campaign,
just say next…

And move onto the next one.

Be humble, yet indestructible.

Don’t let anything stop you.

And keep trying new things.

Because if you’re like water…

Nothing can crush you.

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Don’t Just Blindly Follow Your To-Do List

Don’t Just Blindly Follow Your To-Do List

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I’m in the process of creating a team at the moment
for a motza content marketing campaign.

And yesterday, I was sitting there with a to do list in
my hand about looking for writers, an SEO person,
etc. when I said…


I don’t know what I’m doing.

I’m out of my league.

I don’t have time to learn this.


And that’s when I called an expert for coaching.

Somebody who has been there, done that, and
can help me avoid the snags along the way.

It’s called learning “best practice.”

Why bash around in the bush trying to work
out how to cut down a tree… when somebody
else is already doing it.

Find that person.

Learn what they do.

And model their approach.

My question to you:

Is there something on your to do list, which
if you really thought about what your outcome
is… could be streamlined to get it done faster,
easier, and with less stress by getting
someone to help you?

You see, there is where you are now.

And there is where you want to go.

And in between that, there is a GAP.

If you don’t fill up the gaps with the right
knowledge, support and advice, you
aren’t going anywhere…

But if you do, magic can happen.

So it’s Saturday…

Wouldn’t now be a good time to kick back
and make a list of your gaps…

And think about how you can fill them?

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