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Can you remember when Google Ads were cheap?

In the early days, I could get clicks for about 9c a pop.

Oh, those were the days – I wish I knew now what I knew then 😉

Well, guess what…

Those days are back.

Facebook ads are taking off right now.

I’m getting leads for as little as $4 a pop.

And registrants to webinars for as little as $8 a pop.

But this won’t last for long.

My bet is there’s probably a 3 year time period where you can
capitalise on it before Facebook ads go through the roof as well.

Don’t make the same mistake you made with Google.

Jump on this now.

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I was going for a coffee yesterday afternoon, when it hit me.

All of my income is a result of relationship.

Hardly anybody buys right off the bat.

My big clients were either referred to me, or I did some
work for them and won their trust.

My newsletter subscribers purchased from me after I built
a relationship via email.

My Gold coaching clients have often come on board after
being clients.

You want more sales?

Then build more relationships.

It’s that simple.

The problem is how do you get in the door in the first place?

That’s the BIG question nobody talks about.

I do.

In fact, I’ve created a 6 minute recording about it.

Just go to and check out
SMT 120 and I’ll show you how.

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