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This “lost customer letter” makes it almost impossible for your customers to say no. Listen to me read it out word for word…

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I tried _________________ and it didn’t work. I’ve heard this 100 times.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Facebook advertising – it can be…

Facebook Advertising
Google Adwords
Direct Mail
Flyer distribution
Content marketing

But it definitely applies to Facebook advertising – this advertising
strategy works, but it usually depends on a) your targeting
b) your sales copy and offer.

And if you run them the way most people do, they’ll probably fail.

You’ll end up saying: Facebook Advertising doesn’t work.

Which is nonsense.

Facebook Advertising is working for lots and lots of people.

If it doesn’t work, it’s because YOU don’t work.

The key to success lies in two things:
• The ad itself
• The targeting
Yes, with the right targeting, you can double your results.

And with the right ad you can also double your results.

That means, with the right ad and right targeting you can
quadruple your results – or more.

Probably 8 or 10x if you do the right tests.

The problem is most people will just run one ad
and hope for the best.

Kind of like having one raffle ticket in the box at
a hundred person party.

Your odds are NOT good.

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