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The two biggest traps that hold people back when it comes to writing emails
to their database are:

1. Coming up with ideas
2. Not knowing what to write

Well, guess what?

Once you have the ideas about what to write about, writing the emails is brain-dead

If you can talk it, you can write it.

Especially since it’s YOUR business.

You see, when I write emails for clients they can take a while.

I’ve got to research their market.

Understand their clients.

Understand their voice.

Identify the objectives, etc.

But when I write for myself… I know all that.

The job is 99% done.

So I just sit down, look at what I need to write today from the plethora of ideas there are
to choose from…

And punch an email out in less than 15 minutes.

Think it’s difficult to come up with ideas?

It’s not.

Once you start committing to write emails on a regular basis, what’s known as your
Reticular Activating System will go into overdrive…

And you’ll get ideas coming at you faster than Usain Bolt can run the 100 metre sprint.

Well, maybe not as fast as that.

But pretty fast.

Then you just sit down and write like you talk…

And you’ll bang them out faster than you ever dreamed possible

And you won’t be a sloppy marketer

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