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Remember this…

People will pay big money to solve big problems.
How big is the problem you’re solving for people?

If it’s not that big, perhaps you should change
the game…

Do something different…

Stop flogging a dead horse.

Heart surgeons solve a big problem… they get paid
a lot more than shoe-shiners.

Sometimes industries change…

And while you used to solve a big problem for people…

Like web design…

Now people are getting template web sites like lead

Or a million competitors have entered the niche.

If that’s the case, like nature you must adapt.

Otherwise you’ll die.

Something to think about for today.

What BIG PROBLEM can you solve?

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The most valuable asset we have is actually intangible.


Because with it, we can get whatever we need.

If we have it, people will lend us money.

If we have it, we’ll win jobs over others.

If we have it, we’ll get referrals to people’s friends and families.

If we have it, people will do joint ventures with us.

If we have it, suppliers will work on better terms with us.

If we have it, others will spread word of mouth about us.

If we have it, customers will buy from us over and over and over

And without it, they won’t.

I’m talking about one very powerful, but underestimated


And you get it by doing what you say you will.

Delivering on deadlines.

Paying on time.

Doing a good job.

Doing the right thing.

It’s a simple concept, but probably more valuable than any of the
latest hacks out there today.

How can you develop more trust with more people… next week?

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When writing a headline, consider these 3 things:

  1. The mass desire of your market
  2. Your markets state of awareness of your product
  3. How sophisticated your market is. i.e. how many other products or services they’ve seen prior to yours.

Points 2 & 3 point to the fact that while a headline along the lines of “how to lose weight easily” might have worked well many decades ago…

Today you would need something more edgy and unique to stand out from the crowd.

Same goes with internet marketing – a headline like “internet marketing secrets” might have worked just over a decade ago,
whereas today it would be glossed over and you’d need to be far more specific.

That’s why copying old winning headlines and using a cookie-cutter approach is rarely the best choice.

The sophistication levels of the market change, and we have to change along with them.

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