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It’s easy to get impressed when somebody tells you about their
super-sized email list…

But are they all they are cracked up to be?

Or are they overrated?

Well, it depends…

You see, I recently did a JV with someone who has an email
list of over 231,000…

But just 454 clicked.

Truth is, someone with a WAY smaller list that was HOT and
QUALITY would have done way better.

One of the keys here is keeping your list qualified…

And not damaging your good subscribers with bad ones.

What do I mean by that?


When someone first joins your email list they are at their
most qualified.

But over time, their interest naturally wanes.

Until they stop opening.

And if they stop opening, they sabotage all the rest of
your subscribers because if your open and click rate is


Gmail and co. look at you and say “this guy is no good”

So how do you overcome this?

I show you what to do on page 13 of this month’s More
Time at the Beach Newsletter.

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Have you ever met someone who likes football or something.

And they just won’t stop talking about it.

It’s like every conversation is about football, football, football.

Or fishing, fishing, fishing.

Or the Desperate housewives, housewives, housewives.

Pretty soon you get bored of it, right.

They drive you crazy.

And you don’t want to hang out with them anymore.

Well, guess what?

A LOT of people are doing this with their email lists.

And it’s costing them in a major way.

Because when you BORE people, they stop listening.

So how do you change this?

It’s simple.

You learn to “put your feelers” out…

So you might talk about football for a bit, and see if
the person you’re chatting to “bites.”

If they do…

If you’re on the same wavelength…

You continue down that alley-way.

But if they don’t.

You shift gears.

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As soon as someone joins your email list, what do you do?

Do you just send them the same emails as everyone else, after that first initial email where they get the special report or whatever you used to hook them in?

Then continue on with your other emails?

Well, that’s a mistake…

What you should be doing instead is sending a few emails out to introduce yourself…

Build rapport…

Give the reader an insight into your world…

Bounce them around onto your Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin profiles… etc.

There’s an art to it.

And you shouldn’t do it to people who are already subscribers and are resubscribing.

But if you get this right, it will help to cement a relationship which could be worth tens of thousands of dollars down the track.

Would you like to see an example of this?

Well, you’ll find one in the latest edition of my More Time at the Beach Newsletter which you can trial here for just $1:

Here’s some of the other goodies you’ll find inside…

Have I done a U-turn on my opinion on Facebook as a marketing source? Here are the facts…

Facebook ads failing? Here’s how to turn it around using a ‘machine’ Four real examples of actual emails you can use in your follow-up series

Why you MUST get rid of people who aren’t opening your emails (and how to go about it)

Why a small list can be WAY more valuable than a big one

And much, much more.

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