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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been tutoring my son in math…

It’s been an interesting process, as math has always been a strong point for me (even though I lost confidence in the last couple of years of school after moving, and dropped to basic math)…

But I’ve never thought about it really deeply.

About the core elements of what it actually is.

Think about it…

You get this question like:

If John is travelling at 120km / hour, how far will he travel in twenty minutes.

And the secret to working it out is to stop…

And think…

And break it down to something simple.

Like how far does he travel in ten minutes.

Well ten is 1/6th of sixty.

So it must be 1/6th of 120km…

Which means he’d travel 20km/hr every 10 minutes.

And that means, in twenty minutes… he’d travel 40km/hr.

Of course, we work this out quickly in our heads.

But as a kid, when you’re trying to grasp it… it doesn’t come as easily to start with.

It’s the same with building email marketing funnels.

You’ve got a problem.

How do I get people to buy?

And you’ve got to break it down…

I am not building trust.

How do I build trust?

I need to communicate with people regularly.

How do I communicate with people regularly?

I need to get them to join my email list.

How do I get them to join my email list.

I offer them a lead magnet they really, really want?

What is that?

Ask them, by doing a survey?

Ok, now I’ve got them subscribing… how do I get them to buy?

You’ve got to provide them with interesting information they want.

What do they want?

Ask them.

Ok, I’m sending them stuff they want, but they’re still not buying.

You’ve got to make them an affordable offer.

I made an offer but they’re still not buying.

How much is it?


Try splintering it.

Offer them something cheaper to make it easier for them to get buy in.

Ok, I did that and they bought. What next?

Sell the next level of product or service.

What’s that?

What did they tell you they wanted?

And so on…

Building an email marketing funnel is like solving a math problem.

You’ve got to break down the problem…

And you’ve got to have patience…

And you’ve got to solve each problem, piece by piece until

you arrive at the right answer…

Which is ultimately a system which generates more than $1 back for every $1 you spend on advertising… as quickly as possible.

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Next week I’ll be creating sales copy for a client who targets business owners with 50 to 500 staff.

They were advertising on Google.

I told them to stop.


Coz think about it…

If you’ve got a generic keyword, what percentage of business owners
with 50-500 staff are likely to click on your ad?




One things for sure, it’s not going to be many – because only a very small percentage of businesses have that many staff in the first place.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s say it’s 1%, and it’s costing you $1 a click.

That means, to get your ideal prospect to click on that ad… it’s costing you $100.00 a pop.

A better solution, in this case, is direct mail – where you can get in front of a pair of the right eyeballs for as little as $1 or $2.

It’s not a hot topic.

But it works like a treat when you’ve got a very specific target market.

Just have a listen to what Peter Johnson had to say about his results

You’ve got to admit, a 3000% return on investment is hard to argue with 😉

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Almost everyone hates speed cameras, but it’s hard to argue with
stats like this…
speed camera
Rather than saying “speed cameras save lives”…

By saying 43%, it makes it real because of the

Of course, it would make it far more real if they
backed it up with how they actually collected
the statistics.

But you get the point.

You’ve got to prove everything you say.


“Speed cameras save lives”

And you’ll get a “yeah, sure” response.

Say “I can help you get more customers” and
you’ll get a “yeah sure” response.

But if you can prove it with undeniable facts like this
… it’s pretty hard to have doubt.

What are your customers sceptical about?

One of the best ways to overcome those objections
is with a strong email marketing funnel that addresses
your prospects major objections directly.

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