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My gut told me Pixar’s Inside Out was going to be awesome and I
wasn’t disappointed when I watched it at the movies last week…
inside out
Every business owner who wants to write ads should watch it
in order to visually be able to “see” the emotions going on inside
their customers head…

Every parent should watch it in order to get a visual representation
of how their decisions can affect their child…

And every human being should watch it in order to increase their
emotional intelligence…

While getting a good laugh at the same time.

I swear, I could watch that movie 3 or 4 times and pull a different
message out of it each time. Highly recommended.

And an important lesson…

I think they were trying to get a message out to society with this
movie… but they wrapped it in entertainment.

You should do the same, when you’re trying to get an important
message out to your prospects.

Do whatever you can to make it entertaining, that’s how you keep
people engaged. It’s 21st century marketing.

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You couldn’t resist opening this out of curiosity, could ya?

Well, here name is Minnie Mouse, and she hails from
Disneyland (shhhh… don’t tell my wife 😉

Ha ha…

Yes, while there were many incredible things about Disney…

One of the most remarkable things about Disneyland was
the swimming pool at the Disneyland hotel.

Not that the pool itself was anything miraculous, but the
safety was.

In fact, it’s perhaps the only pool where my wife felt safe
to just relax and let my son run about.


Because they had entered the #1 conversation running through
parent’s minds…


And they had about 4 lifeguards standing around each small
pool… paying military like attention.

It was really quite remarkable.

It gave them another USP. What do parents want to do around
the pool?


What do they need to relax?

They need to know their kids are safe.

Where are they more likely to go for holidays?

Somewhere that allows them to do that.

The same goes when creating your email marketing funnels.

Step into your customers mind before creating the funnel.

Ask lots of questions. Then base your funnels around your
prospects top frustrations, needs and desires.

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One of the toughest things about getting clients is getting them to take notice in the first place

But there’s an easy way to do it.

Take this tub of pearls that were in a jewellery shop in my recent visit to Hawaii.


You could pick one for $14.95.

That would draw you in.

Then they ask you…

“What will you put it on”

And continue to sell you a piece of $1000 jewellery.

This is a brilliant marketing technique anyone could adapt to their funnels.

Graphic designers could offer a logo.

Mens clothing shops could offer cufflinks

Candle makers could offer wicks

You get the idea.

For instance, I write headlines better than most.

And that’s because I’ve been split testing about 450 a year with one client for over seven years.

Which makes me VERY good at working out what copy on a squeeze page offering a special report will convert best.

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