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I know that’s a big statement, but over the years I’ve heard
so many people say…

“I just don’t have time to read.”

I get it. I really do. After all, we’re all super busy.

But here’s a fact you might want to consider, from Grant Cardone’s
10x book…

No time to read

Hmm, interesting isn’t it?

Remember, everyone has the time.

Even as a last resort, if you simply don’t want to read…

Check out Audible.

You can listen to stuff at 3x speed on there, I virtually listened
to an entire book the other day on my way back from Sydney.

Reading builds up your skills. It gives you ideas. And it makes
you money.

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I’ve seen this image from the great Dalai Lama floating around the internet lately…
Dalai Lama
And I agree with it.

The world does need more love, more people who care, etc.

There are far too many “successful” people and companies out there – like Big Ag and the junk food industry for instance –who have achieved success financially, but if the meeting with the man at the gates is true are going to get…


On the other hand, I also think the above quote can be a copout.
I’ve seen some people referencing it under success quotes, as if to say success doesn’t matter.

I disagree.

You see, even if you look at the late Wayne Dyer.

I was reading one of his books the other day, where he was talking about how he first got his book to be a best-seller.

He did it via persistence.

He bought all his books from the publisher, and stuck them in the garage to force another run of them…

He did radio interviews.

He did all the things he needed to do to be successful…

So that he could live out his mission…

To help the world.

Likewise with Mother Teresa…

I read somewhere, I’m not sure where, that when she was in the hospital she convinced, through the force of her will and determination…

A heap of the doctors to donate money to a nearby medical facility that needed the help.

I’m seeing a few trends here…

Taking a risk

All things that are key to success, on any level.

Truth is, we all have different unique abilities.

Our intuition tells us to do different things.

And we have a moral obligation to be successful in living out our mission.

If that means building a company… feeding the poor… telling stories… writing books, etc.

You have a moral obligation to yourself… to your family… to the world… and to the big guy upstairs, to follow the principles of success and make it happen…

Without compromising your integrity.

The Dalai Lama is right…

But we can’t use it as a copout.

No matter what we do – we’ll be able to serve the world BETTER if we are successful.

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