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Saw this quote the other day…

“Have you ever just stopped and realized that if you
hadn’t met a certain person, your entire life would
be completely different?

Heard someone else saying the other day…

The only difference between you and your dreams could


That person you met who changed your life was once
a stranger.

With that in mind, a good question to ask is…

How can I meet more strangers today?

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Yesterday I talked about “the weakest link”

Today I want to apply it directly to your funnel…

Because let’s say you have a squeeze page, a sales
page, and three upsell pages…

Squeeze page converts at: 40%
Sales Page Converts at 2.5%
Upsell #1 converts at 10%
Upsell #2 converts at 20%
Upsell #3 converts at 20%

From those numbers, it’s very easy to see the weak link in
the chain.

It’s the sales page after the squeeze page.

If we can get that converting at just 5%, we would literally
double the results of the funnel.

But if we make upsell 3 convert a bit higher… it won’t make a
huge impact.

Always focus on the weakest link.

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I was listening to the audio-book, Good Strategy-Bad Strategy
the other day and I heard the “chain is only as strong as its
weakest link” analogy…

So if you look at your business as a chain…

If you make a link that’s already strong, stronger…

It will make virtually zero difference if there’s a weak link there.

Your business bike won’t go any faster.

Maybe your weakest link is HR (nobody to do the work)

Maybe it’s sales (not selling enough)

Maybe it’s marketing (not good leads coming through)

Whatever it is, until you fix it, your business is going to run slower
than it should, no matter what else you do.

So let me ask you…

What’s your weakest link?

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