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Just before Xmas I went down to Murramarang, a little holiday spot on the south coast of Sydney.

And we went fishing…

Haven’t been fishing for years.

But I loved it…

We even caught a few fish…

And I got to thinking, while I was fishing… that the more lines which were in the water, the more fish were caught.

It’s kind of like business isn’t it?

You want more fish…

You need to cast out more lines…

Coz the fish aren’t biting if the hook is sitting on the sand.

Something to think about going into New Years… coz this is probably the best way to make your cashflow based NY resolutions come true 😉

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Hey, what are you doing checking your email right now?

Personally, I’m off technology.

I prescheduled this before I went away on holidays.

And I’m not checking emails over the Xmas break.


Because the brain comes up with better ideas when you’re at rest.

It’s a hard addiction to break…

But I believe it will make your 2016 SO much more productive.

By the way, if you have any doubt about this, read the book Brain
Chains by Theo Compernolle…

And discover the science behind how the reflective brain works.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re working over this period all power to
you. Work in a focused way.

But if you’re just “checking” your email several times a day, you’re doing
yourself a disservice.

Anyway, enough of the lecture.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays 😉

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Saw this really awesome quote by Seth Godin the other day
which read…

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for
your customers”…

And I couldn’t agree more.

So ask yourself this question…

“How can I make my product more magnetic?”

Practically, the way to do this is to simply ask questions and look
for problems.

For instance, when Dominos did their famous “30 minutes or its free”
USP they were essentially tweaking their product so it suited their

How can you do this in 2016?

What can you do to make your product more magnetic?

How can you change things?

Perhaps you’re a mechanic, and you talk to your customers and they
hate catching taxis to and from your garage.

Well, maybe you could offer them a loaner car or something?

That’s right… you don’t have to find completely new products.

You can, of course…

Like Uber did and revolutionised the industry.

Or Apple did with the iphone or ipad.
But it might be just a tweak to your product offering so it better suits your customer’s needs.

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