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My wife bought this thing called a Thermomix recently.

It’s like some $2,000 machine that does all of these pretty
remarkable things…

And makes cooking easier.

Anyway, a lot of her friends have one, and they’re all raving
about it too.

It’s got a cult following.

So what’s the secret to it’s success.


Product simplification.

They’ve simplified cooking, made it easier.

You can literally put a chip inside some of the latest ones
and it will tell you the exact ingredients to add and even tell
you when you’ve added enough.

Anyway, the secret is…


Whatever you’re selling, ask how can I simplify it for the

Uber did it with taxis.

IKEA did it with furniture.

ALDI did it with supermarkets.

Apple did it with phones and computers (iphone and ipad).

Xero did it with accounting software.

When you get this right… the product virtually sells itself.

Is it possible to do it in your industry?

Ask yourself, what do people hate? How can I take something
out and lower the price? What would people be willing to pay
more for if it could take away their pain?

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One of the biggest things to be aware of whenever you
put pen to paper (or fingers to a keyboard) is your prospects
level of awareness…

Has he hardly heard of what you’re offering?

Or is he super aware?

For instance, let’s say you’re trying to sell beauty products.

It’s a very different game than it was twenty or thirty years ago.


Because your prospect has seen all the claims.

You can’t just run a promo that says… “look 20 years younger”

So how do you stand out? How do you be different?

It’s simple.

You find the unique mechanism.

Perhaps it’s a unique ingredient.

Or a unique process.

Just make sure it’s new and will make people say “wow.”

And that constantly changes.

For instance, if you told somebody about this new advertising platform
called Google Adwords when it first opened, you’d be considered
in the know.

But do that today, and see what reaction you get.

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Forward pacing is a powerful tool to use in your ads and sales letters.

And this is a handy line you can use:

“By this time, next week you’ll have…”

Of course, this can also be changed to…

“By the time you’ve completed my webinar you’ll have…”


“By the time you walk out of the seminar you’ll have discovered…”


“By the time you’ve finished training with me for 6 weeks, you’ll

Basically, what you’re doing is stepping your prospect into the
future, and giving them a taste of it.

So let’s apply this to a real world scenario.

Say for someone selling security cameras…

“Once you’ve installed these cameras in your home, you’ll have the
peace of mind of knowing your house will be the last one to ever
get burgled. Won’t that feel great?”

Or for a real estate agent…

“If you’re like 92% of our clients, by this time in 6 weeks your home will
be sold at 14% above market rate, putting thousands of dollars in your

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