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I was chatting with a client the other day who offered a free trial
for his software…

And then had an email series which went out to convert people
who took advantage of the free trial and turn them into buyers.

I refused to write any emails for him.



He already had emails.

And simply replacing those emails without finding out how the
Current emails were working would be crazy – we wouldn’t
know if it was getting better results… or worse results.

We needed a snapshot in time. A strategy.

And we needed to get to the bottom of the data.

Now when I suggested a strategy he said, “it’s not going to just
be some cookie cutter strategy like you learn at the seminars is it…
because I already know that.”

I assured him it wouldn’t be.

And it’s far from it…

Since then we’ve dug into the data…

Looked at when emails are sent and when sales are generated.

Looked at the cut off rate of when the trial ends.

And taken a cohort of buyers and looked into how each of these
impacts them.

Truth is, most people with an email list are guilty of this.

They have lots of data.

But they never dig into it.

So this “big data” is like straw…

It’s virtually useless.

The key to turning that straw into gold is digging into the data,
and lots and lots of thinking.

Billy Bean did this in baseball, and turned the industry on its head…

Taking a nobody team with a limited budget and almost winning the
Major League (as featured in the movie and book Moneyball).

And you can do it too, with your marketing.

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Over the years, I’ve written thousands of emails, literally one every week day for myself alone for almost a decade.

But there’s no point writing the best emails if they don’t get delivered.

And that’s why I was happy to come across this tool recently, which I’ll be testing
out with some of my clients.

It allows you to see exactly how your email will look in different inboxes, so you can check it before you hit send.

Don’t worry, it’s not an affiliate link.

Just a tool I thought you might find handy.

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Next time you finish writing an ad, try this…

Put it aside for an hour or two.

Then go back and look at it with the CUB principle in

And ask yourself… is it Confusing?

Is it Unbelievable?

Is it Boring?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes… change
it… because each of these factors kills sales.

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